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  1. This would make my day, week, month and our season if "we" could persuade him.
  2. Exactly right. Now we appear to have some pace out wide we can play to his strengths.
  3. Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that. Bill Shankly
  4. I agree with all of that SiJ. I cannot help feeling that Bruce is making a big mistake. As someone posted on Twitter, Bruce left a club 6 months ago where the fans hated him to join a club where the fans had started to love him and now some are starting to hate him only to leave to join a club where the fans already hate him before he has arrived. If he does go there, he will be tarred as the guy propping up a regime which the fans detest. It runs so deep that even if he does keep them up with no real prospect of signing anyone (the usual rumours about a well established defender and a striker form overseas which are circulated every year to sell season tickets should be seen as just that - rumours), then he might earn a decent wage. The fans will never forgive and forget regardless of what he does as it will be perceived as doing it for Mike rather than fo them. Also, he will see Mike once every blue moon and simply be passed pieces of paper with decisions on them. Compare that to DC providing him everything he has asked for and there is simply no comparison. Let's never forget that one individual is nowhere near as big as the club. If we need to get back to the sort of basics where it is not only an honour to pull on the shirt but it is a real honour to manage/coach our team, then count me in. I want more than anything to get back to watching Premier `League football and seeing us on MOTD every week, but more importantly I want to see the soul of the club again. I do not want success at any price.
  5. I have found so many things daft in recent past that I thought it would be too long a thread to post
  6. But does Semedo's ferrett have any experience over and above being an owlstalker ?
  7. I would settle for that although I would prefer Nigel Pearson.
  8. It may be that existing players who sign and new signing are viewed differently (?)
  9. I was going to post a " players we haven't signed but have signed " thread but wanted to avoid duplication. Which players have we 1. Signed as they are training with us but have not yet announced (due to soft embargo) ? 2. Not signed but done a handshake that they will join us once we get the EFL green light ? 3. Not signed and buggered off elsewhere due to the soft embargo kerfuffle ? Genuinely difficult to navigate the nuances in the press - help required.
  10. This. Plus Buffon played until he was 39 at Champ League/International level (and only retired as Italy failed to make WC) so I cannot understand this only 1 year mullarky due to his age. Keep him. He instills confidence into our defence. The stats don't lie.
  11. Also rife in the 70's and early 80's
  12. They can gloat all they like but they secretly all wish they were Wednesdayites
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