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  1. Great result to end a great season. Well done to all.
  2. Good points. He took JT and it worked, sort of (?)
  3. I love the high moral ground approach
  4. Sign him up. Chelsea not bothered and with his experience (CL winner) would solidify our back line. Believe!
  5. I had a monkey (toy not real) and it was named Jacko. Never realised the significance. My dad told me he had to be called Jacko but never explained why.
  6. As pwr the title. My son cannot make it. Travelling up from London, arriving 1248. Face value no tears. PM me
  7. Thanks all. I might try Longton Rugby club which is 10 minutes from ground and serves good grub. Arriving from London on train so will have plenty of time.
  8. I have to say the increase in violence around football is worrying. Just as well we didn't have any pitch invasions at S6 against that other lot. Had it been a unitedite, he could have got man of the match
  9. Just had time to catch up with the news on the new signings and the most striking fact for me is the positivity from Bruce about not just new but existing players which we had not heard for a while. A long, long while. It's obviously early days but Bruce ranks high for me as a genuine guy who likes his players to play and is creating a positive atmosphere and a feel good factor which I cannot remember since the early Carlos days. That was funded with plenty of DC cash whereas this is just - well - natural.
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