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  1. I have W40 BDM. Which for me is Wednesday 4-0, Boxing Day Massacre.
  2. Boerner, take a bow! That was outstanding. Ausgezeichnet!! So glad you came along when you did. You bring a smile to my face when I watch you play. Well done that lad !!
  3. Completely agree. Get a Tammy Abraham lookalike from Chelsea or academy youngsters from the big six before they break through and you revitalise the squad. Instead money was spent on bench-warmers.
  4. It was definitely inside. 100%. As the photo shows. Other angles shown were more suspect as the force of the foul tackle takes Murphy outside the box. The foul is committed inside the box so a clear penalty. VAR would have given penalty. Daylight robbery - just at night-time
  5. and the one after that...rinse and repeat until the end of the season.
  6. I would go with OP team but move FF forward to play in the hole and feed Rhodes.
  7. I agree - I do not believe in aliens anyway
  8. Exactly. let's not confuse the club and the player. Chelsea stuck at £5m whilst letting David Luis go to Arsenal for £8m
  9. I have to agree. If David Luis is £8m then £5m for Hector looks excessive bordering on wee wee take.
  10. I'll drive up to Newcastle to collect him and I'm not even in UK
  11. Remind me how many strikers we have. Hardly a benchmark.
  12. I am hoping he comes. Regardless of formation, having his stability at the back, particularly in the big games would be huge.
  13. If pushed, I might add Palmer but Lee is required in the role he plays as was so sorely missed when out injured. Joey is a good lad but not sure about him longer term. He was a Jos recruit and was tI old at the time that Jos wanted to introduce some positivity in to the dressing room (!) - not a big reason for buying someone tbh. I do think the Blueprint theory / conspiracy is a sound one though. Anyone coming in now as a manager will be desperate to stamp their in-print on the team so taking the time to find the right person whilst leaving us in the capable hands of Lee is the rig
  14. TBF only Iorfa (in addition to Penney and Odubajo ) make that list for me. Never know they could be targeting a wing-back in addition to Hector as an in-coming addition (albeit unlikely )
  15. I would take that but that is at the top end of my range. No less than £12m
  16. Exactly. And once a coach/manager/gaffer is appointed I hope we will all accept the decision and rally around whoever is appointed and give them our full support rather than extending the debate into their umpteenth month of management and playing "i told you so" if we slip up occasionally (which we invariably will).
  17. I will leave the response to the OP as he may have more detail. What I will say is if they net off the payments (amount received by us in respect of Joao reduced by amount Reading would have derived through sell-on clause for Hector) thereby facilitating transfer of our Player of the Year last year, it's a winner from my perspective and I'm struggling to see the short-sightedness to which you refer.
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