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  1. I have W40 BDM. Which for me is Wednesday 4-0, Boxing Day Massacre.
  2. Boerner, take a bow! That was outstanding. Ausgezeichnet!! So glad you came along when you did. You bring a smile to my face when I watch you play. Well done that lad !!
  3. Completely agree. Get a Tammy Abraham lookalike from Chelsea or academy youngsters from the big six before they break through and you revitalise the squad. Instead money was spent on bench-warmers.
  4. It was definitely inside. 100%. As the photo shows. Other angles shown were more suspect as the force of the foul tackle takes Murphy outside the box. The foul is committed inside the box so a clear penalty. VAR would have given penalty. Daylight robbery - just at night-time
  5. and the one after that...rinse and repeat until the end of the season.
  6. I would go with OP team but move FF forward to play in the hole and feed Rhodes.
  7. I agree - I do not believe in aliens anyway
  8. Exactly. let's not confuse the club and the player. Chelsea stuck at £5m whilst letting David Luis go to Arsenal for £8m
  9. I have to agree. If David Luis is £8m then £5m for Hector looks excessive bordering on wee wee take.
  10. I'll drive up to Newcastle to collect him and I'm not even in UK
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