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  1. Disgusting abuse of the fans, in my eyes. Unfortunately, Chansiri is all about the money and seems to have forgotten the importance of keeping the supporters on-side. No way will I be buying this kit. #boycottthekit
  2. I bought the new shirt. I personally like it a lot, and so does the little Albanian.
  3. Wolves will make it to the play offs. They will spend very big in January. Owls will finish 8th or 9th.
  4. No, but he's on a very slippery slope at the moment. He just doesn't know his best 11. Let's just hope that we can kick on from today's point. We desperately need a win and 3 points, else the moaning Minnies will start to drown out the voices of reason. Give Carlos until the new year, and then reappraise his position then.
  5. We're only a couple of wins off the play-offs places. Still a long way to go yet, but if we go on a good run, momentum and confidence can take you a long, long way.
  6. The midfield seems to me to be the problem this season, that and Forestieri losing the plot before the Norwich game. The latter is having a major detrimental effect on team moral.
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