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  1. Looks like he has signed for us (Leicester), been poo for Leuven so don’t get the signing.
  2. Rob Dorsett has just said the guy (preki) as he is liked to be known,has just accepted a top job in the UK.
  3. Thank you and according to a few on foxes talk it's you lot
  4. Hi all it might mean nothing but there has been a big gamble on this guy becoming the new Leicester boss. It's now looking like its rubbish,though some Leicester fans are now saying he maybe going you as assistant manager.
  5. Takes over Leicester job after Sven has made a right mess,gets rid off all the bad eggs,Danns,Beckford,Mills etc and replaces them with players like Mahrez,Knockaert,James,Drinkwater... Gets us promoted with over 100 points and you wouldn't want him,very surprised.
  6. When Milan took over Leicester.we splashed the cash on players like Stephen Clemence,DJ Campbell,Bruno N'Gotty, etc,i think Martin Allen bought something like 10 players pre- season could have even be more. It was the biggest mistake he made at the club,Allen got sacked after about 6 games,and we were left with huge Squad. Since that spree,Mandaric was very conservative with his cash,but he did say when he leaves us,he wouldn't leave us in the poo poo and would get a buyer who would do the club well,he definitely kept his word,as our owners now are the best we have ever had by a long shot. So if Milan has said the same then trust the guy,he won't let you down.
  7. Chris Wood is not fast..far from it,his first touch is poor and for a big man is not the bestvin the air....he best attribute is that he can finish,ask any Leicester fan and they will tell you he is the best finisher at the club. If he can improve his all round came then £2,000,000 that has been banded around will look a bargain.
  8. According to the Telegraph Leicester are going to offer Sunderland £5 million for him.
  9. As a Leicester fan I felt for you guys yesterday,I truly think we did not want to win yesterday,I've heard of the old pals act before,and I think the way we approached the game we did not want to score,shame it came down to a penalty to decide the game.
  10. I would not take much notice of Nige's comments,he called some Leicester fans deluded last season ,you have to remember straight after a game ,you get a microphone shoved in your face ,and to be fair he would probably not of said that if he had time to gather his thoughts. As for the game I thought it was a good one,we looked lethargic,no surprise really given that it was our third game in six days ,and the ref had a shocker...... you looked an improving side,compared to last season ,very impressed with Antonio and Palmer and with a couple of additions should be competing for a play off spot next year.
  11. The Local Hero is Home fans only,the Counting House is for away fans...also the Half time orange (which is between the old filbert st and the new ground)is now called the symphony hall,it gets busy in there but there is never any trouble in there,and you get plenty of away fans in there,hope that helps
  12. To be fair to Ian Holloway he took over at a bad time and when results went against him he panicked and started playing players out of position,the final straw for me was against yourselves at the king power,that defeat more or less condemned us to relegation to league one for the first time in our history. Milan being Milan felt it was the right time to sack him,at the time it did seem the right thing to do because Holloway in his own words was so gutted and drained that he could not think straight anymore. But fair play to the guy he went abroad learned different tactics,came back and took Blackpool up with this we are going to score more goals than you approach,he is good manager at this level ,but whether he would be the right choice at this present time i am not sure.
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