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  1. dinno

    Middlewood Road

    Liverpool are in the process of building their new first team training ground at the back of their current academy
  2. Im not sure where this myth is that Swfc only recruit from within the city in the 12/13/14 age group there’s kids from Bradford . chesterfield Leeds Derby Hull Huddersfield any further afield is not really practical for most parents Swfc are a cat two academy but so are most of the bigger local teams sufc barnsley forest Leeds only Derby are cat 1 i think the only real issue at middlewood is there’s not enough pitches which the academy now uses Thorncliffe and Hillsborough college Has for lads coming from other academies what’s the problem with that didn’t David Brooks just earn united £15m after getting released at city at 16
  3. I think it was Neil Thompson he’s been helping Bullen he’s our u23’s manager
  4. dinno

    Matthew Le Tissier

    I remember opening my Sunday paper with a full page black and White photo wihich at first glance looked like the Wednesday kit my heart skipped a beat only to realise Sanderson were now sponsoring Southampton as well gutted
  5. dinno

    Just seen this on FB

    It said they were investigating it He got a slap on the wrist and warned about about his choice of discriptions of player type
  6. dinno

    Just seen this on FB

    If your referring to Dean Ramsdale he didn’t get sacked
  7. dinno

    Just seen this on FB

    Spencer was already a part time coach at Wednesday with our u13’s From what I’ve seen his coaching methods will stand him in good stead to coach older lads
  8. Interest free credit on membership over 11 months just a £30 set up fee
  9. dinno

    #SWFC to lose a top coach

    Ben is a big loss to our academy great coach and a top bloke i don’t take him leaving as a insult to Wednesday though city are a top set up and Ben already lived in Manchester
  10. dinno

    EFL Kids Cup Final

    Didn’t a team from Greenhill school win it two years ago representing the other lot ? Well done one boys great achievement
  11. My son only went to wednesday Man City and Derby so no not them all But I have seen him play against the majority of the northern teams and watched how other teams coaches coach their lads over the last 5 years im by no means a expert just my opinion
  12. My son as been at the academy since he was 5 year old and it had improved more than any other academy in the country The coaching is on parr or better than most academies in the country Unfortunately the club as out grown the facilities now to move to the next level it needs a big investment but I think this will only come when we get back in the premier league
  13. dinno

    Todays red cards

    My son stands right on the corner of the leppins Lane /north every game im not really bothered if you believe me or not
  14. dinno

    Todays red cards

    My son was a ballboy he said the ref went over to the lineman The ref said I saw a attempted headbutt and a push I'm not having that on my pitch The Lino said I totally agree
  15. Swansea offered their fans free coach travel to Notts county