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  1. Hiya, is it still ok to get those tickets for Reading and Swansea matches?
  2. I was in home end for that one also ! Sat right next to the away end tho felt weirdly safe but extremely exposed at the same time. Had a scan around and noticed a few sheepish lads on their own looking around nervously. There was a Wednesday fan right in front of me and one sat right next to me! We communicated thru whispers and nudges. I think they missed a penalty right on stroke of half-time and me and this guy ran into concourse with big grins on. Some stewards clocked us and asked my mate where he lived - he lived in Leicester and showed him his driving licence! What a hero. However, in my excitement and panic I decided to also join in the convo - “what are there Wednesday fans in here..!?,” I said. ”where are you from,” came the response ”err Leicester..” ”whereabouts?” ”errrrrrr...” As I was marched out the steward told all the Leicester fans munching pies I was a Wednesday fan and I had to block punches and kicks as they fumbled with the keys to let me out one of the big doors. I shouted at a policeman for no reason, disappointed and bruised they dumped me outside =( Thank god I wasn’t in there for Clarke’s chip tho I would hav been murdered haha
  3. Are you looking to sell all 4 games to one person? Can i please take her tickets for the Reading game and the Swansea game ? That would be amazing. I’m doing my best to try and keep costs down and go to as many games as poss as cudnt afford to renew season ticket in the Summer. This wud massively help! I can meet you somewhere or transfer money over on PayPal whatever’s easier for you.
  4. Hiya, I was wondering if anyone’s got a decent amount of points on their profile and not planning on going to forest away. Can we use your ID to get tickets? It’s my birthday and has become tradition to go to an away game. Last year managed to go to Cardiff away and year before we did it a bit later and I got tickets for Fulham. I had season ticket last year but cudnt afford it this year so I’ve got Silver Membership. It’s a shame that TPP doesnt take into account previous support as I had a ST from 1999 to 2005 - not the most glorious of eras ! =/ If we could use someone’s ID it’d be much appreciated so me and my bro can buy a ticket. My bro splits his time between London and Manc so doesn’t have ST either. Our other mates got STs so should be OK buying em. Please let me know by PM’ing me or replying to this post. Cheers! WAWAW
  5. Hiya, weve bought a few few last minute tickets but my mates lass has ended up with one in lower tier wen we're all in upper. Would anyone prefer to be in lower and wanna swap? Or does anyone know if we can swap it at villa ticket office?
  6. V disappointed with the opposition for our home friendly in 150th year. Will still go to the game, if only for opportunity to wear this. Not a secret Celtic fan at all. Would have much preferred my 2nd favourite team but at least we can take wee wee about Progres Niederkorn! We ready to rip wee wee? Or we just gonna take it in turns to sing again?
  7. heyhey any wednesdayites in Toronto or surrounding area? there must be at least one.. I'm on a university exchange here til May.. If there's any about we should meet up to watch the Birmingham game on 31st. Alex
  8. my ticket came yesterday! it says I'm in block N...I assume thats N1, right next to the away end! what's that foxes1884 character on about, wannabe copper..?
  9. just bought my ticket in their family stand...I was putting out a call on facebook to try and get as many mates down as possible but someone said the whole ground was about to sell out so I've bought one.. by the looks of this there'll be loads of us there! we should probably keep shtum until the second half...don't want to be ejected at half-time any winning goal from 50' onwards tho and its gonna be hard not to go mental
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