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  1. thatladfromchap

    Is the forum tonight jusy a waste of time?

    2 Minutes Hate. Will help to vent. Save a lot of wives getting slapped up over christmas.
  2. thatladfromchap


    He came on and was constantly fouled. Dont think it was lack of interest, just struggled to get into the game.
  3. thatladfromchap

    Wednesday - West Brom (Knock off OMDT)

    Onomah has been brilliant. A more than adequate stand in for Barry. If we're judging on tonight alone he might even be a better player.
  4. thatladfromchap

    Hector report

    Laziest player since Onomah /sarc
  5. thatladfromchap

    Big win that highlights a big weakness....

    Only weakness is our fans waiting for the manager to fail
  6. What are you on about. First 25 mins we've been on top. Fxck off to t'lane.
  8. Omg you're a moron
  9. thatladfromchap

    Give the bloke a chance......

    Horrendous from a lot of owls fans over the last few days. Embarrassing, in fact.
  10. thatladfromchap

    Monstrosity of a starting line up

    Ok tell me when you want me to stop..
  11. thatladfromchap

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    What on earth was he thinking playing these young, hungry, fearless young academy products??!!! Jos out
  12. thatladfromchap

    Monstrosity of a starting line up

    Jesus christ ppl have been begging for youth like Penney to be given a go, now youre all whinging before theyve kicked a ball. Maybe he's noticed the seniors just arent cutting it (they arent). Hope we batter them tonight.