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  1. ...that we are now the same amount of points off of the playoffs that DEM BLADES are off 1st place.
  2. No kid should have to witness a few pushes and a 'snokw bomb'. Heads should roll!
  3. He'll be ready...i just dont like this new habit of closing the opposition goalkeeper down that he's picked up. It leaves a gaping hole in our midfield that im sure pigs will easily be able to take advantage of.
  4. FINALLY a little black winger. We've needed one for ages.
  5. 2 Minutes Hate. Will help to vent. Save a lot of wives getting slapped up over christmas.
  6. He came on and was constantly fouled. Dont think it was lack of interest, just struggled to get into the game.
  7. Onomah has been brilliant. A more than adequate stand in for Barry. If we're judging on tonight alone he might even be a better player.
  8. What are you on about. First 25 mins we've been on top. Fxck off to t'lane.
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