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  1. Wayne Rooney spat it onto everyone within a mile radius
  2. Should be trying to get Alex Mowatt on a free in summer. Good age plenty of experience and getting better.
  3. I think it did do him good too, just think he could have done even better here and so could we. Fox was consistently poor for us and by the time most of the other players around him had dropped to a similar level to him it made it look like he’d improved. He hadn’t he just didn’t stand out as a weak link anymore because we had 11 weak links. Never shirked a tackle though and always gave 100 percent so we’ve had much worse. Stoke are over the moon they have signed a proper left back so they are in for a shock.
  4. Should have been used instead of Fox most of last season. Let him develop In the team like we should have all along. Proper footballer in there and he’s easily going to outperform the likes of Urhoghide or Stobbs and other players that people were desperate for us to give chances to over their respective careers.
  5. Lee is better than Pelupessy at what Lee does best. Lee is also better than Pelupessy at what Pelupessy does best. I’m just of the view that if it’s cheap enough, on a short term deal and we are down to the bare bones for a game or 2, theoretically speaking u only have Lee or Pelupessy both fit to play, to choose from for centre mid, who is it you choose? Because I believe any football fan with eyes goes for Lee
  6. Lee or Pelupessy? Nuhiu or Rhodes? At the moment with the poo we are in there is a possibility we may not have better options in the short term, whilst I agree that it’s time to move on inject new blood etc, it’s not football manager, our hands are tied somewhat, people need to wake up, be realistic and Live in the real world. We aren’t attractive anymore at the best of times even less so on minus 12.
  7. Pelupessy is staying so will get some game time, 9 games from December 3rd to January 2nd means that you need some major luck with injuries to avoid using lots of squad players. I agree with regards to Hunt and others but at some point Pelupessy will get some game time and I’d choose Lee every time over him.
  8. Anyone saying Lee is past his best/ we need to move on etc isn’t looking at the bigger picture. Lee or Pelupessy off the bench or to start the occasional game as cover? its Lee everytime, even the current version of Lee.
  9. Love Westwood been brilliant for us, but you only have to look at his Ireland career and comments from Martin O'Neill to realise that he does what he wants when he wants. Ruled himself out over xmas didn't he and Monk made sure he got those exact words into his press conference that day "ruled himself out". Monk didn't have to say that, he wanted it to be clear to the fans. So brilliant for us, but I dont get the whole "why are people making stuff up just to slag him off", they aren't, all the evidence is there and has been for years.
  10. Also, there’s not a chance Westwood won’t be in the net. Not even debatable.
  11. Yeah I tend to agree, didn’t say it’s what I’d do, just what I think we will do. Promoted teams are often the ones that use the least amount of players over a season so hopefully this year injuries are kind and we can get through the season using 23/25 players then we’ll be right up there.
  12. I'd imagine we wont use both speed options in Harris and Murphy at Millwall so that we have one of them fresh for Luton on Tuesday. Which means we might see Reach out wide again. Doubt we'll see Lee and Hutch in both either so plenty of chance for others to step in. Nice problems to have for a change
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