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  1. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Can't see Wednesday selling to a rival in this division. Can't see a foreign club paying what we'd want. Can't see anyone in premier League being interested. Stick your money on him staying right where he is and getting some more splinters in his ass. Strange really, for somebody who supposedly wants to leave so badly, his lack of application recently coupled with his off pitch issues has probably hampered his chances of leaving more than anything else, if he'd have started this season on fire then there probably would have been a queue of suitors for him and Wednesday would have got an acceptable fee for him so would have been more inclined to let him leave. In short, 4-6 weeks of hard graft could have seen him get his wish of a move (if that's what he wants) instead he's stuck here for another season.
  2. Boyd

    Been to all pre season games except one and Boyd added absolutely nothing. Same again at Preston so no real surprise is it if wallace offers more currently.
  3. Next season kit

    Looks like the Naughty Dog gaming manufacturer logo to me.
  4. Who would you sell?

    So we get an England cap for every 4 games he plays for them...... Where do I sign
  5. Next season kit

    All I can take from that is why can't they say socks?
  6. Who would you sell?

    So do I pal, I think he's the best finisher we've had for a long time I just can't see it happening for him here for many reasons, early pre season signs were good, lots of crosses into the box, quicker build up play, as pre season wore on we seem to have been slowly morphing back into last seasons slow and steady, 20 touches to achieve what 3 could have kind of style which really doesn't suit him. He just doesn't touch the ball if we play like that. Thanks for the neg by the way Trev, we all know that we could sell lots of players that aren't near the 1st team but I interpreted the question as who would we sell so that we could sign a top centre back, if we sold the players on your list we'd struggle to afford Richard Stearman with the profits.
  7. Who would you sell?

    Rhodes. I just cant see it happening for him, gutted for him but he's just going to be a player that we don't supply properly and when he does get chances he's snatching at shots etc in his eagerness.
  8. Predict the 2017/18 Table

    A bit of optimism would be nice, I'm personally hoping for a positive result on Saturday with the new kit on and hopefully we can kick on and the negative poo on here can subside for a while. I think we've got a decent set of fixtures to kick off the season, we're more than capable of taking a good points haul from the first 5 games and I don't believe that the division is as strong as the last few years. A lot of unknown quantities in the division this year, although the money spent has been crazy I wouldn't say that its been spent particularly well and I just wish Wednesdayites could go into the season full of optimism instead of the doom and gloom that seems to have descended after our 2 best seasons in 20 years. Yes there are things that need addressing behind the scenes but there is no magic wand and the fans are in danger of letting negativity regarding trivial things seep into the stands. The team is good, the squad is good, the management has proven itself and the chairman on the whole has been quality (particularly when you look at some foreign owners) but the fans sense of entitlement is killing all hope before a ball is kicked. 1. Boro 2. Wednesday or Derby 3. Derby or Wednesday 4. Fulham 5. Villa 6. Norwich 22. Barnsley 23. Millwall 24. Bolton Pigs and Leeds mid table, Wolves implode, 4 managers, refusals to play etc....
  9. Pigs and Leeds games on Sky

    Yeah SYP run Sky football now
  10. Boros bid for westy

    Did you mean tw@?
  11. Lucas joao

    Could get relegated and promoted in same season.
  12. Championship Manager 01/02

    I downloaded this just before Xmas and the wife bought me 2017 for xmas. 2017 is still in the wrapper.
  13. George Hirst

    I'm all for him staying and turning into a legend but I just feel that if the price is right then it might be best for all parties that he moves on rather than us paying silly wages to an unproven 18 old who we all adore already because he carries his fathers name.
  14. George Hirst

    Anyone else think he could be worth more now as an outstanding prospect than he might be after a mediocre stint in league one if he only scored a couple of goals and found himself on the bench most games? There are hundreds of top prospects at u18 level that never make it.