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  1. Love Westwood been brilliant for us, but you only have to look at his Ireland career and comments from Martin O'Neill to realise that he does what he wants when he wants. Ruled himself out over xmas didn't he and Monk made sure he got those exact words into his press conference that day "ruled himself out". Monk didn't have to say that, he wanted it to be clear to the fans. So brilliant for us, but I dont get the whole "why are people making stuff up just to slag him off", they aren't, all the evidence is there and has been for years.
  2. Also, there’s not a chance Westwood won’t be in the net. Not even debatable.
  3. Yeah I tend to agree, didn’t say it’s what I’d do, just what I think we will do. Promoted teams are often the ones that use the least amount of players over a season so hopefully this year injuries are kind and we can get through the season using 23/25 players then we’ll be right up there.
  4. I'd imagine we wont use both speed options in Harris and Murphy at Millwall so that we have one of them fresh for Luton on Tuesday. Which means we might see Reach out wide again. Doubt we'll see Lee and Hutch in both either so plenty of chance for others to step in. Nice problems to have for a change
  5. Such a shame we haven’t got Bury on Tuesday, imagine the side we could put out even though we rest a lot.
  6. I like Hector but I'd find it really annoying if Chelsea make profit on a player that's never played for them, 4 years after signing and with only 12 months left on his contract. A player that other than 8 months at Wednesday hasn't really stood out anywhere enough for anyone else to try and purchase him. Surely around £2 million is a fair price.
  7. If he can play for now then based on the timescale FA work to it's a year until he's banned anyway (unless we get to a play off or cup semi final, prob announce it 2 days b4 that)
  8. Imagine that, Watson comes in does a great job, Gets to end of December and Newcastle sack Bruce.................
  9. Meant to be a separate line sorry, as in imagine what the wife would say too. Her divorcing him I imagine wouldn’t be great for FFP
  10. Anyone with a problem with this needs to get a life. Take into account the fact this trip will have been planned way in advance, when we had Bruce and all the important plans were done. Imagine saying to the kids, sorry summats come up, there’s always next year. And don’t even mention the wife.
  11. Might just mean bullens in charge for Reading. If a manager joins in the meantime, then Bullen still takes charge at Reading. That way everyone knows what's going off, new man gets more time to look at squad
  12. Dont think Merkel is much use anymore, maybe fizzing up pop that's about it
  13. There wasnt any. It was aimed at the second part not the first. No sarcasm in that
  14. Was aimed at ur second comment on the post not the first
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