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  1. La concha de tu madre is gonna make a good song at stoke
  2. Just for balance and not sure if mentioned already but a fair amount of our overpriced boxes are "sold out" each home game. If you catch my drift. Not as daft as he seems. Still waiting for my D-Taxi home from new years eve tho.
  3. It would point to there being no Westwood is what I meant.
  4. Hope I'm wrong but did anyone think that Dan Wallis not playing for u23s last night means he's travelled wiv squad today as cover for Dawson and Wildsmith. Unless he's injured of course.
  5. I’m sure someone with less to do than me will be along any minute
  6. Don’t start another owlstalk myth about us playin crap in front of big crowds. Whats the stats for games that we get over 30000 for?
  7. Maybe not all of us then, but booing, fighting/arguing in the stands, moaning constantly, expecting too much in a game that has no guarantees, putting up with Carlos for to long . That's just a few examples to mention and is a matter of opinion as to whether they are wrong but that kind of thing is what I mean. 1 persons wrong isn't necessarily another's. Same applies to chansiris wrongs/rights. So he paid for a dream and it didn't end how he'd like so he wants a refund? He didn't pay for football? Rip off ticket prices? Is it every week? Are we the highest every week? I genuinely have no idea. But surely if your willing to pay it you pay it and if u aren't you don't? Most understanding fans? That one is to far, give me a break pal. Maybe 5 years ago I would agree we had a lot of bobbar. But we've just had 2 consecutive seasons of near promotion and the toys are well and truly out of the pram and have been for most of this season because we've been mid table, crying about stripes, and now whinging about a woman who we don't even know what her roll is or what impact it's going to have. It's been crap i've hated most games this season and we desperately need a change of direction but pushing and pushing against Chansiri could end up being a massive mistake. Likewise Chansiri having these mad hissy fits. It's crying out for a middle man, a Howard Wilkinson type figure. Someone who can filter all of ours/chansiris bobbar before it reaches the other. Otherwise we're going to get a messy divorce.
  8. OP was sold a ticket to 23 games of football between 22 men on a field. Is that not what he has received? The sense of entitlement this season is overwhelming. Imagine the smiles on our faces if this was pigmad. Makes me ashamed A flat, crap, dissapointing season that is quickly becoming a farce due to a large portion of the fanbase whinging and a chairman who reportedly won't accept help so gets criticised, sets on a CEO to help, then gets criticised. All of us have done things wrong this season I have no doubt but the endless bickering is only going to cause more problems. It's happened before but we're too stupid or to blind to see it.
  9. Can't see Wednesday selling to a rival in this division. Can't see a foreign club paying what we'd want. Can't see anyone in premier League being interested. Stick your money on him staying right where he is and getting some more splinters in his ass. Strange really, for somebody who supposedly wants to leave so badly, his lack of application recently coupled with his off pitch issues has probably hampered his chances of leaving more than anything else, if he'd have started this season on fire then there probably would have been a queue of suitors for him and Wednesday would have got an acceptable fee for him so would have been more inclined to let him leave. In short, 4-6 weeks of hard graft could have seen him get his wish of a move (if that's what he wants) instead he's stuck here for another season.
  10. Been to all pre season games except one and Boyd added absolutely nothing. Same again at Preston so no real surprise is it if wallace offers more currently.
  11. Looks like the Naughty Dog gaming manufacturer logo to me.
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