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  1. This is transport from Sheffield not Skegness just in case anyone was wondering
  2. Anyone who is going to the Ipswich game that can't be bothered to drive head over to the Wednesday sing page on Facebook and contact James Cawthorne only £20 a seat for a coach
  3. Thanks mate, I can collect anytime, hopefully the ticket office is open in the am for upgrades.
  4. Has that spare ticket gone? If not can I buy it? Can collect asap
  5. Westwood Hunt Sasso Loovens Pudil Bannan Abdi Jones FF Reach Rhodes Imo playing 4-3-3
  6. It's probably on here or the website somewhere but I'm old and lazy so does anyone on here know if the megastore is open today or tomorrow? Don't fancy driving up from sunny skeg to find its shut.
  7. Would be good if the club could update the fans on how many have been sold
  8. He goes to loads of matches home and away
  9. Dam it's finished and only £65900 bargain
  10. For that price i want free p&p 😂😂😂😂
  11. I'm glad I started this thread this morning, well done Fernando
  12. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11672/10285395/vote-pfa-fans-championship-player-of-the-season Get voting guys lets make it happen.
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