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  1. I’ve upgraded mine to a seat in the bogs. Better for my blood pressure.
  2. Nice to see that Wigan have the egg chasing lines on the pitch.
  3. Maybe we should ask United if Fleck is available.
  4. I think that there is a huge difference between a one off abusive comment as a young man and a series of comments. Anyone making isolated comments should be dealt with carefully and proportionately. A carefully worded apology and a bit of appropriate voluntary work should be enough. If the comments form part of a pattern of concerning behaviour, then, by all means throw the book at them.
  5. Someone needs to remind him where City were 25 years ago. What an entitled knob.
  6. They can’t. The printer is broken.
  7. No idea. But the penalty for being unable to hit a barn door from 12 yards, is that you don’t get awarded a goal.
  8. I’d love to tell you mate, but I’m off to the shop for a Green Un. Im sure that Hull will have sorted it those Blades.
  9. It’s fair to say that the linesman wasn’t off side once all afternoon. Couldn’t keep up with play.
  10. Yes, but if we beat Shrewsbury this weekend, we will have a section of our fans contemplating Champions League football in three years time.
  11. They’ve awarded themselves an 11 point deduction. Must be jealous.
  12. I thought this was a thread about the Amazon delivery man and an unidentified blue bin.
  13. I … erm… he already has one. According to my well placed source at the club, who I can’t name.
  14. That was just team of the day. Get with the programme
  15. Do you think that Liverpool will activate that buy-back clause in Brewster’s contract ?
  16. His bookshop on Division Street closed ages ago. Plenty of time on his hands.
  17. He was a nice lad when he was at school. Better at football than he was at Chemistry, despite my best efforts.
  18. Latex gloves. Mask. Hazmat Suit (or cagoule if unavailable)
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