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  1. We can usually only sell 22000 tickets. I'd rather we improved the facilities for those people first.
  2. Look on the bright side. It's your chance to turn vegan
  3. The 2k figure benefits us. Home in leg 2 with a crowd almost entirely of home fans. If we can wake the South Stand up, we should be able to be the difference
  4. Did you speak proper? Haway the Owls.
  5. At 60 minutes, I'd have taken 2-0, we were getting such a battering. We've been dreadful away all season and excellent at home. I'd be surprised if we don't score on Monday. Neil has a tricky decision too. Do they set up to protect a narrow lead, or do they try to finish the tie by scoring again. Looking forward to Monday. This is why you watch football.
  6. Flushing toilets. What a time to be alive.
  7. Yes, but we match those with moments of complete brilliance. It has been a long time since a Wednesday side had me on the edge of my seat like this. I'm loving it.
  8. Big George just messaged me to say that Harlee Dean's back pocket is fluffy and lovely.
  9. He should have saved that shot. Not excusing the nonsense in front of him though.
  10. I'm in Whitby if we finish 6th. Not changing that for the world. I am also in France for the final, but I might nip out for some viandes et vin and get lost en route. I'm sure she will see the funny side. Eventually.
  11. It did. But our shithousery meant that the ball was only in play for about 12 seconds of that time. We "managed" added time magnificently.
  12. Win the home games and one of the away games, preferably Bolton.
  13. Definite deflection. Shot looked on target though, so not an own goal.
  14. He's always in the right place at the right time. I watched the highlights of Saturday's game last night. It was great to see him following in on shots, taking up intelligent positions in the box and just generally doing proper striker stuff.
  15. We should let them sit in that end of the North if they wish. I can't see any potential problems.
  16. Johnnie Jackson is massive too. (Insert punchline here)
  17. West Brom were woeful tonight. Couldn't string three passes together.
  18. I had a much better dream last night
  19. Momentum, pah. Knowing bloody Darren Moore, he'll be playing Jeremy Corbyn on the right wing. *stomps off*
  20. That"s how I read it. A proper "come and get me" interview.
  21. If it had been trying to survive on the offerings of the South Stand catering crew, it would be; A) Dead from starvation. B) Dead from food poisoning And C) Dead from starvation
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