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  1. We can’t go down, for the same reason that we can’t make the playoffs. There are too many teams between us and relegation. Just as all the teams between us and sixth can’t lose every game, all the teams below us can’t win every game. Oh. Ipswich and Bolton are poo too. Proper poo .
  2. sibon

    Forestieri Red Card

    Careful what you wish for. If you get sent off for looking despondent, we’d be down to nine men every week.
  3. sibon

    Training Photo's

    Do you work for Bielsa?
  4. I've made my contribution. Only 35 000 to go.
  5. Wait till we sign Tom Huddlestone.
  6. sibon

    Still can’t see

    Oi, less of the “walking” please. More of a hobble for most of us. Those boards are bright though, especially the ads with the white backgrounds. I’m fairly sure that the club will have editorial control over its own ads, maybe they could try a blue background with white writing. I’m sure they have a hotline to BK balloons too. Maybe they could ask them nicely.
  7. sibon

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    Agreed. Hutch did do something similar. He didn’t get booked either. Nice to see a ref keeping his cards in his pocket, imo. Usually makes for a better game
  8. Have you been to The Emirates? Or The City of Manchester stadium? Jeez.
  9. sibon

    Chelsea fixtures

    They might rest Hector and Hutch. Then what do we do? Play Jones ffs.
  10. sibon

    Chelsea Away

    I’m not going. You can’t make me.
  11. sibon

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    Van Aken is fit and ready
  12. sibon

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    He’s way too old now. Hazard would mince him.