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  1. Play at Hillsborough

    Doyen need their cut too.
  2. Snodgrass tweet

    Hope his ear infection clears up.
  3. Which game would you choose? Villa or Swansea? i think we are safe enough. With that in mind, I’d prefer to beat Swansea and get a quarter final payday against Spurs. I do love a cup run though
  4. What are our striker options?

    Paul Warhurst.
  5. Inept TV research

    I asked him, but he just waved his arms around a lot and then went missing
  6. BBC stats

    The best stat of all is missing: 2 shots straight down the Leppings Lane tunnel. Reach’s had the most class about it.
  7. You can see most of them in the executive boxes on match days. They are easy to spot because they are the only people in there.
  8. What would you do?

    I’d attack. For plan B l, I’d also attack. One win in three will see us safe. I’d rather get those points by being positive and giving the opposites something to fear. Attack. Play 433.
  9. Team for Saturday?

    If not, we can play Loovens
  10. A song for Carlos

    Carlos is a tvvat He doesn’t wear a hat ... needs a bit of work
  11. I feel sorry for Jos

    It was one of those days. Two bad individual mistakes in crucial parts of the pitch. A wee pipe for a ref. We didn’t play so badly once we went to 433. 432 worked ok too, I’m not so sure about 431 though. Them Dingles need to watch out for the backlash.
  12. I’ve watched that interview three times now. All I can think is, “He looks like he’s watching a game at Wimbledon”. Someone please tell me I’m wrong
  13. A positive

    Lucas is coming along nicely too. Looked well up for it today.
  14. Contracts

    George Hirst