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  1. sibon

    This is hell.

    But Costello is a Liverpool fan, so Wednesday might not sit well with him. His drummer, Pete Thomas is from Hillsborough though. Here’s a football related Costello story, if you haven’t already heard it: http://www.nme.com/news/music/elvis-costello-28-1353125
  2. At a glance, there are nine or ten teams who could sell all 7000 seats if the games were at the right times and if the price was right. Last year, DC was offering Club 1867 membership to us, whilst restricting away numbers to about 3000. Total madness.
  3. We throw away a few million each year with our policy on away fans. Charge them £30 a game, give them the entire Leppjngs Lane if they can fill it. Our policy of restricting their allocations and charging them a fortune do us no favours, especially with that vast, underused stand. The result would be increased revenue for the club and a better atmosphere at games. There’s nothing better than a big away following to get the Kop going. A couple of million extra in the bank would be good news too.
  4. sibon

    This is hell.

    Or some Elvis Costello live gigs to attend.
  5. sibon

    Please mr chansiri

    I'd like us to sell either, Lee or Forestieri. Then I won't keep on getting them mixed up
  6. Good points. Maybe the club need to look at different forms of ticketing. For example a book of ten tickets at a discount for those who can't afford the time or money to buy a full ST. By "book", I mean "card", obviously. Trebor might like to know that if he gets an Owls Mastercard, he could do what I do and buy his season ticket interest free.
  7. sibon

    Odds Tonight

    I’ve put a tenner on City getting through. only got 4-1 for that
  8. sibon

    Harthill Owls

    They own a sandpaper factory. Plenty of call for that down under
  9. sibon

    Play at Hillsborough

    Doyen need their cut too.
  10. sibon

    Snodgrass tweet

    Hope his ear infection clears up.
  11. Which game would you choose? Villa or Swansea? i think we are safe enough. With that in mind, I’d prefer to beat Swansea and get a quarter final payday against Spurs. I do love a cup run though
  12. sibon

    What are our striker options?

    Paul Warhurst.
  13. sibon

    Inept TV research

    I asked him, but he just waved his arms around a lot and then went missing
  14. sibon

    BBC stats

    The best stat of all is missing: 2 shots straight down the Leppings Lane tunnel. Reach’s had the most class about it.
  15. You can see most of them in the executive boxes on match days. They are easy to spot because they are the only people in there.