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  1. I’d forgotten that he even existed. Is he injured or just out of form?
  2. I’m TEMPTED to say that it’s been going on for much too long. Fun fact: Elvis Costello produced TEMPTED by Squeeze. He persuaded Glen Tilbrook to give Paul C the lead vocal. Result, a mega hit.
  3. We need Gloria ******** Gaynor. That’s the only way we’re going to survive.
  4. And I wonder, but I doubt If they will ever bring back the Watney Cup.
  5. I’m enjoying the patronising commentary from Keown. The sort of thing you’d expect if Shrewsbury were playing Chelsea. Them plucky Blades
  6. Now, I know that we are desperate. But surely we aren’t Ravel Morrison desperate. That would be the final final straw.
  7. Give the director some slack. He’s probably suffering from eye bleeds and narcolepsy after watching that lot “play football”.
  8. We’ve had 75 000 managers this season. None of them have managed to transform us into Ajax 1973. Give the bloke a chance. Give the players pelters if you like. They are all overpaid and underwhelming. But let’s give a manager a year or two to turn this poo heap into something beautiful
  9. My eyes are bleeding. I’ve been watching for 15 mins. We’ve had one shot, it went out for a throw in. They’ve had one shot which Westwood caught with him eyes shut. Oh. And Windass tried to knock Rhodes out
  10. it seems that having millionaires as players isn’t working. Maybe we need a different model. REALLY!!
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