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  1. sibon

    Red Button Coverage

  2. sibon

    Barry Baninio

    Barry Brian Murphy
  3. sibon


    Yes. They know that we aren’t going to win the league.
  4. sibon

    What’s up with Atdhe?

    Off to get Dawson's sheets out of the tumble drier.
  5. Fifteen fouls in one game. That’s fifteen times more fouls than they committed at Hillsborough last season. Big Steve must have told them to stick the boot in
  6. Disagree. You should always start with your best team. That doesn’t automatically include your best player.
  7. sibon

    Hammoud, Borukov, Lonchar

    McIntyre, Treadmore, Davitt.
  8. I’ve been throwing the ball for the dog and swimming in my pool
  9. The Carlton Palmer Crow’s Nest
  10. sibon

    Michael Hector...

    Terry Henfleet
  11. sibon

    Michael Hector...

    Lloyd Owusu
  12. sibon

    Lloyd Owusu

    Rishab Pant was hit by the ball and threw up on the test match pitch today. My first thought was Lloyd Owusu
  13. Okey and Cokey in. And out. And in. And out. No shaking it though, we can leave that to others.
  14. sibon

    Top 10, say the beeb

    Just before Christmas too. Who’d have thought that Paulo would miss the Christmas fixtures and have to go home for a trivial sending off like that.
  15. sibon

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    I thought Fox had a good first half. He gave Traore some right stick whenever he got the chance. He lookef worse in the second half, but the whole team did. That’s what happens when you play so many kids. They tire too soon. Fox could completely boss a game, knock in a worldy from half way, promote world peace and eradicate hunger. There would still be moans about him on here.