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  1. Mateus Bogusz doesn’t sound like a real player
  2. Their forum is an absolute hoot tonight. They are all trying to work out why an industrial hoofball team beat their sophisticated players of the beautiful game. If any Bees are reading, the answer is simple. We scored more goals than you. We made more proper chances than you. We didn’t wee wee around with the ball. That is all
  3. This, absolutely. In any case, we’ve only got three, or four players who would get into the Barca side,
  4. You’d love me. I can make balloon animals and do karaoke.
  5. We should aspire to be more like Brentford and stop pretending that we are a pound shop Man City. They produce amazing players, season after season. They play great football. They are well run off the pitch. A good club. We’ll try to beat them into submission with Atdhe and Fletch as the battering rams. I’m expecting a scoreless bore draw.
  6. Pump it up, when you don’t really need it.
  7. We looked much better with Murphy on anyway. Let him go
  8. Forestieri has been discounted to free. Offer only available to overseas customers
  9. He played well, but he’s a proper mardy arse. Wouldn’t come onto the pitch. Didn’t even celebrate the equaliser. First off at the end. Something is wrong and that’s a shame, as he changed the game tonight. Either he’s leaving, in which case, drop him from the squad. Or, he’s staying, in which case start him. Let’s have a bit of honest communication though
  10. It might be the making of us. We can go out and play without any pressure. We won’t go down, we can’t go up with a points deduction. Just go out there and play.
  11. I was surprised by the lukewarm reception that he got from the crowd. I stood up to applaud him off after such a good game. I was on my own though, so I sat back down. He’s definitely got something, we just don’t see it every week.
  12. Take the lids off. Then you shouldn’t have a problem
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