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  1. Can’t be arsed to read the whole dotty thread. Has anyone mentioned Edwin Starr yet? At least you get a decent tune to soothe the relentless, familiar tedium of another ITK thread.
  2. No chance of fitting it in. Game on Tuesday will take until Thursday to clear the North. Fans, players and management will then be kept in Preston for three weeks to avoid any possible crowd issues. So, we might as well forfeit
  3. I was on the South yesterday. There was more of a Saga mentality on there.
  4. I checked after about 30 mins. We were on 27% possession at the time.
  5. Maybe. But I’ll bet that FF will be more influential that Joey over the season. To me, it would have made sense to bring him on to improve his confidence. Same goes for Rhodes. His run out will have helped.
  6. I thought we could have used him instead of Pelupessy.
  7. So that’s zero then.
  8. The ref went straight to the linesman too. It was the lino who said no. I was in line with it on the South. It looked a definite handball to me.
  9. Plenty left on the North
  10. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Anyway, I know a bloke called ... who says it is all rounduns
  11. Fantastic beer. Lovely pub, inside and out. Cant vouch for the burger van outside, but it does smell good.
  12. Get Uber to New Barrack Tavern. Stay in New Barrack Tav till 2:30. Go to ground.
  13. Joao is currently trending on twitter. Joao Cancelo, that is. I was very disappointed
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