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  1. I thought he looked pretty good, then got injured and never really got going again. Wasn’t he on loan at Villa before us? So Bruce must know plenty about him.
  2. He was fantastic that day, wasn’t he. Which makes what happened next all the more amazing.
  3. I think that the English bit is the stumbling block. I chose him because of that Everton game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better individual performance than that. If only he was English
  4. Loads of his family in the South Stand today. It was hilarious when he grabbed the ball for the pen, he was filmed by a whole row of Hector family phones.
  5. The ticket availability thingy on the website looks promising
  6. Thats right. And don’t forget that next Monday is s bank holiday, so that makes Sunday like Saturday. No chance of red button on a Saturday Sunday. Next week, I shall be explaining FFP.
  7. We had Michael Hector But he’s gone home now Because he was on loan And we couldn’t afford to sign him (To the tune of Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor)
  8. His mum went bonkers when that goal went in last week. Woke up half of the South stand. Hope she’s doing the same today
  9. To be fair, Hinchcliffe didn’t seem to give a throw about us when we were paying him massive wages to hobble around. I can’t see why you’d expect him to be any different now.
  10. Kick Grealish. Give it to Reach. Shoooot. Rinse and repeat.
  11. I worked hard on that thread title
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