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  1. All of this conjecture is pointless anyway. Our current goat embargo prevents us from signing any cloven hoofed animals.
  2. Yes, but the class of 91 employed some specialist rehydration techniques that would be frowned upon these days.
  3. sibon


    I saw it. Lots of fat men pointing and shouting at each other. Didn’t see a copper get hit, but did see a fair few punches thrown and a couple of arrests. No horses were hurt.
  4. sibon


    Server crash due to demand for Silver Memberships
  5. sibon

    Big opportunity

    Take your boxing gloves
  6. sibon

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Top marks for listening. Now let’s get some sold and get the team some proper backing.
  7. The sensible thing to do is to hold steady for now. We can afford to hold onto Bannan and FF until the Christmas window. If, against the odds, we are still in with a chance of promotion, we should keep them. If not, sell them to a club that does. They’d grace any promotion chasing side and we’d get a better price during the panic buying that characterises the Christmas window.
  8. Jack Woodward is a Wednesday fan. Worked for Villa for years but was a victim of their cost cutting following relegation. And he can pronounce Joao.
  9. sibon


    Thinking is a rather grand term for it. Something is certainly afoot. We’ve gone through pre-season and offloaded two forgettable players, brought nobody in and explained nothing to the fans. We are clearly not panicking about FFP, or p and s, or one of the big players would be gone by now. The only possible explanation is that DC has had enough and sold us. Let’s see what the new chapter brings. Hopefully less chaos, better tactics and a more sustainable transfer policy.
  10. sibon

    Almen Abdi

    Some of us are well hung.
  11. Rhodes has just scored for Norwich (I have no idea if this is true, just wanted to increase the positivity on the thread)
  12. Keeps the riff riff out and makes it easy for me to get my half time pint
  13. I didn’t take much time convincing her Baby, I’m from the Wirral peninsula
  14. sibon

    This is hell.

    But Costello is a Liverpool fan, so Wednesday might not sit well with him. His drummer, Pete Thomas is from Hillsborough though. Here’s a football related Costello story, if you haven’t already heard it: http://www.nme.com/news/music/elvis-costello-28-1353125