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  1. We are definitely a dirty team at the moment. Not nasty, threatening fouls, but lots of cynical ones. It must be a tactic and it is probably working. But it did cost us two points last night.
  2. The same thing happened to me last year. The club were great at sorting it out, but I do check the little machine carefully before tapping these days. Some of those kids really shouldn’t be working with money.
  3. It’s alright for you lot, taking the wee wee. I’ve been stuck in an Alcatraz, miles from anywhere for the last 40 years. Does anyone have a spare chisel?
  4. Got mine in 30 seconds. It cost £4:30 and was an inch from the top of the plastic pot. But it was quick.
  5. I need binoculars to see the players.
  6. Any game under Jos. Closely followed by any game under Irvine. Closely followed by any game under Eustace. But mostly Jos
  7. Bully has had several goes at managing us. Every time, he’s proved that he’s not up to the job. Move on Quickly.
  8. I think you’ve been had there mate. I’ve got some liquid gold if you want to buy it
  9. I have drunk Lavazza. However, I’ve never tried dog puke. So your comparison is lost on me.
  10. Is the official coffee of Arsenal. Why haven’t we got an official coffee? Yet another example of our amateurish commercial department. Sort it out Chansiri. There must be hundreds of potential official things of Sheffield Wednesday, Missing out big time on this one.
  11. I agree completely. I’m lumping on Jostein Luckyman, the current manager of Partizan Bielefeld. He’s the imaginative choice, not someone who’s done it at this level and wants to manage us. Remember the name.
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