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  1. A pint of whatever he’s been drinking please, landlord.
  2. Reach and Bannan were back in there just after half time.
  3. I’m just wondering when the BT Sports commentator is going to mention the Blackburn game.
  4. Gary Taylor-Fletcher incoming, along with Mamady Sidibé.
  5. We’d need to buy Nuhiu a Segway if we want him to race from halfway to the opposition box. Would probably breach FFP.
  6. I want a half season ticket. So that I can turn up at 3:45 every week. Seems more painless that way
  7. The Terry Henfleet West Stand.
  8. They’ll replay their disallowed goal three times and claim the win
  9. He’s my old next door neighbour from Woodsetts. Great to see him so happy. He’s poo at singing tho. And he hates rabbits.
  10. If we get Wickham, we don’t need to change tactics. That’s a big plus. I’m enjoying Monk’s reincarnation of us as a slightly more skilful version of the Wimbledon Crazy Gang.
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