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  1. Thought this might be a thread about a new striker
  2. Get your early bird Championship Return Season Ticket. Only £1000.
  3. I’m going to tune my pad into BT Sport and watch United smash the Blades. I’ll be pretending that we aren’t playing. Just like the owner is pretending that we don’t need a manager or a striker.
  4. We had two shots against Everton yesterday. Everton. Playing the kids. The Kids. Don’t give up.
  5. That Kanchelskis performance at Hillsborough is the greatest performance I’ve ever seen from an opposition player. Also add on Ferguson, Cottee and Watson. Also an honourable mention for Barry Horne.
  6. Cheese pie, chips and beans. Manchester Tart and custard. I think we have a catering option open for Stevie.
  7. Dear Carlos I am not a member of the associative mass. I am a customer. Thank you.
  8. Can’t go bust if you don’t have any accounts
  9. This is horrible news. The first of many, I suspect. I can’t see how football survives this without losing at least some professional clubs. Quite possibly some big clubs. I genuinely hope that Derby sort themselves out... and that we don’t end up in the same state
  10. Maybe not. But being a serial fool who walks out on clubs is probably morally dubious
  11. Meanwhile, over on Grunterstalk, they are arguing for the season to be voided. https://www.s24su.com/forum/index.php?threads/another-40-positive-covid-cases-in-pl.84242/ Which is marginally more embarrassing that being the shitest Premier League team ever. Official.
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