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  1. Too many new commentators and pundits all at once. Trying too hard to make an impression as they know they won’t all be there in the long term. When things settle down, and job security allows them to relax, they will improve dramatically. Good luck to all.
  2. Man City manager Les McDowall employed a sports psychologist in the early sixties. Peter Dobing ( Man City player) recalled that after a week with him, they lost the first game 6-0. The dressing room was very sombre after the game, when the psychologist burst in telling everyone not to worry, that was the result he expected that day! McDowall sacked him on the spot. If this happens today, we’ll extend his contract saying he needs more time.
  3. Pretty sure it was the supporters club office/ shop. You could book coaches to away games and buy programmes. Alf Hewitt and John Green used to run it, with a little help from Fred Stones and the legendary Nora.
  4. Feel sorry for DC. Done everything that’s been asked of him on the pitch and still got a load of absolute s**te.
  5. So thankful I can’t go anymore. What a palaver!
  6. Many saying “ I don’t see where he fits”. Many saying “ He can play anywhere”. He plays wherever he’s asked to by the manager, and never lets us down. What do fans want/ expect of him? As a fan base we’ve always loved a trier, why does he get so much criticism?
  7. I’m sure the EFL, won’t let us sign players for longer than two years.
  8. They 100% made the right decision. Then and now.
  9. Have I dreamt it, or did the guy who got Hirsty sent off, later play for us briefly?
  10. Managed to subscribe. Grandaughter had to create me a google/utube account!
  11. I’m not sure where to look, or who to look for. If some kind person would put a link to him on here, I will definitely subscribe to him. Thanks in advance.
  12. First time I’ve seen him. Really enjoyed that. Will someone link him on here please, every time he does one. Great confident orator.
  13. Any offer for him, was one “we couldn’t refuse”.
  14. Why do some supporters get emotionally attached to shocking players?
  15. Really surprised at a Slovakian club scouting 3rd tier here.
  16. Think you need better players, to have the confidence to do it.
  17. I thought Charlton left a foot in, and went through players on several occasions yesterday. Morgan, Dobson and Stockley in particular got a nasty side to them.
  18. How well do we want Moore to do? If he does too well, some club will have him away.
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