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  1. Why, after several years of awful recruitment, does anyone think all of a sudden, we can sign a team full of talented driven players? Anyone that does is totally deluded. All we will sign is more of the same.
  2. Do you get to bring yourselves home after the games, or are you left out in the rain till the end of the season?
  3. I know you are allowed 5 substitutes, but I thought they had to be used in a maximum of 3 substitutions. Today we made 4. No doubt the EFL will declare the match null and void.
  4. After all the fuss Gary Teale’s Bentley caused, the last thing we need is Danny Simpson turning up in his Lamborghini.
  5. The longer it goes on, the less I miss it. I can’t see myself attending much when it starts up again. All football organisations,have left me feeling really disillusioned with the whole sport.
  6. Apparently if you test positive, you’ll always test positive in further testing.
  7. It’s going to be difficult to keep the fan base, and the powers that be onside at the same time. DC has his way of doing things, and keeping the supporters informed isn’t on his agenda. This conflicts hugely with what you’re hoping to achieve. My best guess is you’ll have to water down, what you want to say, or you’ll get frozen out by DC. Good luck, you’re going to need it!
  8. On the team coach in those days, I remember the side panels running the length of the bus, had an illuminated sign “ Sheffield Wednesday FC”. Made our day when we saw it on the way home from away games. Don’t remember how long it lasted for, but I saw it after the game at Coventry, when Roy Barry broke his leg. 1969?
  9. I went with a mate. We were only 14/15 and didn’t know the bus was staying till midnight. After the game, the coach parked up at St Pancras. We didn’t have much money and stayed local to St Pancras/Kings Cross. We lived in Barnsley and hadn’t a clue how we were going to get home when the bus arrived back at Pond St at 4.00 am Sunday morning. Luckily a guy on the bus lived in Barnsley and gave us a lift. Happy days, or were they?
  10. June 1979, I was with 3 mates , in the middle of nowhere, looking over a barrier into the Grand Canyon. I had a Wednesday patch on the back of my shorts. We noticed a group of about 12 approaching us all wearing Stetsons. As they got nearer, one of them shouted “nar den, are you Wednesdayites?” The whole group were on a holiday organised by the “ Sheffield Star.
  11. There was a preliminary round between two clubs, the winner of which, went through to the semi finals with the three remaining clubs.
  12. Strangely, with only 5 teams in it, we didn’t get drawn to play at Barnsley, from the resumption of football after the war, till the competition finished.
  13. The EFL is finished. Most of the clubs will have folded, and the rest of them will have made all their players redundant, before this crisis is over. Football will never be the same. It will have to start all over again.If we ever get through this.
  14. Spent my 21st birthday travelling to Shrewsbury in 1978. Train from Barnsley to Sheffield, then on to Manchester, then onto Crewe, where they announced the game had been called off 15 minutes before we left Sheffield. Don’t remember what happened after that.
  15. Guy who sat next to me back in the day, absolutely hated him. Nigel went down injured one day and Bob stood on his seat and bellowed, “Get foo kin Blacksmith on”.
  16. Winterburn’s face when he thought Di Canio was going to tw at him in the Alcock incident.
  17. I think bottom line is a young Hugh Dowd and an older Hugh Dowd.
  18. How do you apply social distancing to a game of football? It applies to the players as well as the spectators.
  19. Any non supporter would scrap the season, and start afresh when the time is right. Anyone who supports a club, wants whatever favours their team the best. No exceptions. When it comes to football, we’re a right set of selfish two hats.
  20. It was. I have a mate whose daughter went to the school in Spennymoor, where he was the headmaster. Paul asked him about the non penalty. He told him if he had had the same view as the TV he would have given it. If only.
  21. DC’s biggest challenge by far is getting fans back down to S6: He has made it as difficult as he possibly can for fans to go down there. Either stump up £600 half way through the previous season or stay away, seems to be his way of doing things. Fans can’t POTG If they fancy going down on impulse. I had a season ticket for 45 years, but illness stopped me going regularly, the last three seasons I had one, only got to 5/6 games each season, ( made it VERY expensive). I could go occasionally now, but can’t make my mind up to go until I see how I am on the day. It’s far too much hassle. I haven’t been down to Hillsborough for nearly three years. Really miss going, even to watch this gash.
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