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  1. We’re going to win 3-0 today and spoil everybody’s weekend.
  2. It’s a bl**dy good job there’s no fans in there. Booooooooo!
  3. On a pre-season tour of Scotland, Wednesday were training at Troon. A group of us went to watch a session. Burtenshaw and the coaching staff were milling about but no players were there. We asked where they were. He hadn’t got a clue.
  4. Why do we need a new stadium? It will be YEARS before fans are allowed to attend games in any significant numbers.
  5. I feel Westwood is quite content with his situation. He’ll see his contract out and enjoy his retirement, without any financial worries. I don’t know what’s gone on between him and the club, but his last contract was a huge mistake by the club, on the same scale as Rhodes’s was. DC rewarded these two with huge contracts, and they both well and truly shafted him.
  6. Can’t believe it took you so long to get him into the thread!
  7. To suggest the club is “HAPPY” to be paying Westwood, is totally ludicrous. Why do you write stuff like that?
  8. The games over that holiday we’re ludicrous. We got Reading away the Friday before Christmas, pigs at home Boxing Day, Carlisle away Saturday after Christmas and Gillingham away New Years Day. Nearly 1,000 miles travelled. Pigs got 3 home games and us away.
  9. Only the top 25% of players have ability and desire, and we don’t shop in that market. The remaining 75% ,being professional players obviously have one or the other, but the talented ones are mainly in it for the money. That’s why they aren’t in the top 25%. I would much rather have players with desire, than players with more talent and less motivation to get better playing for my team. There is nothing worse than players receiving a fortune while taking the mick.
  10. Given the circumstances and financial problems, at the end of last season, we now appear to be in a much better position to move forward on all fronts. The end of last season was the lowest I’ve felt about SWFC, but I am slowly beginning to feel optimistic about the future. I like the squad GM is putting together, and feel DC is finally understanding what’s required to run a football club. Long may things continue in this vein. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if the chairman and manager were still here in 5 years time. Just imagine where the club will be if they are.
  11. Perish the thought Hutch might have been to blame. 100% Monks fault,without anyone on here knowing the facts.
  12. I honestly cannot think of one reason, why Bazza would want to stay here, given the choice that seems to be in front of him. If any of you guys were in his position, would you stay? If you would, please give the reasons before the Green van arrives.
  13. Maybe the manager should say, any injured player, will be out for the season. Then when said players return within the month, people will think we’ve got the best medical team in all football.
  14. Wouldn’t take a chance on Cantona, but paid £3m for Sinton. That’s my strongest memory of Francis’s management.
  15. Years ago, on Radio 2, they asked listeners, who commuted the furthest by car on a daily basis. The winner lived in Pontefract and worked In Reading!
  16. I’m sacking my financial adviser, and will just get advice from the experts on here. Much cheaper and quicker response times.
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