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  1. Couldn’t possibly expect to keep that first half tempo up for 90 minutes. Great effort though.
  2. Yes on the list, then onto the Penthouse, the only nightclub in Sheffield without a dress code and an obligatory scrap with a suited up f**kwit.
  3. The Buccaneer, The Albert and the Wapentake are from my era. Happy memories.
  4. They absolutely were. I’d even go as far as to say they threw it, because they realised they couldn’t cut it in the Premier League, and would be out of a job. A very cushy job. How else do you explain that performance in the final?
  5. The buck stops with the players and manager that lost the play- off final to Hull. DC did all he could to put them in that position, and they f***ed it up with that abject performance. If we’d won that game, none of what followed, would have happened, so why does DC get all the flack? The vitriol should be aimed at the wa**kers who really caused this situation.
  6. Clean slate needed. We can’t change what’s happened, It’s much easier to put things behind you, and make progress, if everyone around you is supportive, rather than waiting for you to fail. Staying up this season is ALL that matters, and we as a fan base all want that, surely?
  7. If we’d been drawn against Real Madrid, we’d have stuffed them big style.
  8. Don’t know how to upload them. Or the photos.
  9. Only similarity I’ve got to Jordan is my t*ts.
  10. Didn’t want this fella before the season got underway. Definitely don’t want him now. Warnock labelled him ‘lazy’. Doesn’t fit in with what GM is trying to build.
  11. Speaking with hindsight, last nights performance was right up his street. I’m sure he would have scored a few and given his confidence a massive lift. Not criticising anyone, but there have been so many games, where we have created very little in front of goal, and when we set up chances, like we did last night, he’s not on the pitch. Sod’s law.
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