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  1. In the early seventies, did we have five goalies in four successive games called Peter? Grummitt and Springett played in the first two, one got injured and Eustace went in goal. Fox played in the next game and Shilton guested for us in a testimonial. Have I imagined this or did it happen?
  2. So did I. All the bar staff were upstairs having a break, when the pub filled up an hour before they were expecting us.
  3. Congratulations on attending your first Wednesday game. You can’t possibly have been to one previously and spout drivel like that.
  4. We need a song that really intimidates the opposition and fires us up. Like greasy chip butty or Z cars.
  5. Not much thought gone into that. You make it sound so simple and (with hindsight) blame DC for everything. If only that were the case. I wonder what you would have done (with hindsight), if you’d been unfortunate enough to be in his position. It’s easy to criticise others.
  6. Hindsight’s wonderful isn’t it? 99% on here were delighted with us finally spending big money on a “STAR” when we signed him.
  7. Please stop fretting about the ref. I’m freaking out here waiting for him to give them a penalty or send one of ours off.
  8. The ONLY stat that counts for anything is goals.
  9. I know it’s only a small sample, but of all the possibilities put forward as the prospective new manager. Has any of them got a better win ratio than Bullen? I l think not. After the Bruce debacle CC doesn’t trust anybody now. If Bully makes any kind of fist of it, CC will appoint him because of his honesty and loyalty. Bullen deserves a crack at it and I am willing him to go on and make a success of it.
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