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  1. Dizzys Dad

    Need your help.

    Really hope he turns up safe and well.
  2. Dizzys Dad

    Andy McCulloch

    Wish we had signed him 5 years earlier.
  3. Dizzys Dad

    Adam Reach

    What a stupid thread. I’m going to read bladesmad, need some better intelligent football chat. This site is filling up with lunatics.
  4. Dizzys Dad

    Can Anyone Name This Player?

    Jackie Sewell.
  5. Dizzys Dad

    The Star - Were after a CB

    I think Robert Huth is a free agent. Big and nasty, good leader. If he’s fit he could do a job.
  6. Dizzys Dad

    Westwood linked with stoke

    You don’t think we could get a fee for either Dawson or Wildsmith? Two young keepers you yourself describe as very good keepers, but you think they are worthless. Bonkers logic.
  7. No NEW signings this summer. We don’t need any more players, because the ones we’ve got are better than any we can afford. Now we’ve got a proper manager, they will do far better than last season.
  8. Which players were there?
  9. I’m sure I read somewhere recently, that striped shirts have to have a plain back for player recognition on tv.
  10. Dizzys Dad

    Hirst Snr

    George is a kid. He’s been influenced by older people. I hope he goes on to have a wonderful career. David is IMO the best striker we have ever had. That’s how I will remember him. For what he did on the pitch. Rumour and speculation won’t change that.
  11. Roy Burton. Goalie for Oxford. Always looked scruffy, but played out of his skin every time he visited S6.
  12. Adam Johnson by a mile for me. Malcolm Macdonald ( Luton?) and Eric Cantona. Best team performance Man Utd League cup semi. Never seen football played with such speed and accuracy.
  13. Dizzys Dad

    Wes Hoolahan

    Never understood what that was all about. Taking bets on which other clubs fans give Liam Palmer a round of applause for his loyal service to SWFC.
  14. Dizzys Dad

    Wes Hoolahan

    Stupidest suggestion of the year. Why would a fan of any other club give a caber?
  15. Dizzys Dad

    Who to move on?

    Got to keep Rhodes. Best striker at club by far,(record proves it).Been playing in an under strength team and 95% of posters have written him off already. Let him go and he will tear it up for someone else, Then all on here will be moaning saying what pielarks we were letting him go.