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  1. All the Miss Marple’s will be out in force at Northampton. Looking forward to updates on who’s there, more than updates on the game.
  2. Good shout. I’d have him in a heartbeat before any of the others being mentioned. I really want Bruce to tell Ashley to shove it though.
  3. Most Watford fans were upset when we signed “The Professor”; and look how that turned out!
  4. Tried to read this a few years ago. It’s written in such a strange way, it might as well have been in Chinese. Gave up trying very quickly.
  5. If Rhodes is really on £40,000 a week, we will still have to pay half of his wages to whoever buys him. So keeping him here, will in real terms cost us £20,000 a week. Could we replace him with someone better for the money.?
  6. Jordan Rhodes will be next season’s surprise success. We’ve now got a manager who will set up to his strengths. The man’s already proven that if you give him the supply, he will get you the goals. HUGE mistake if we ship him out,
  7. Why do you feel the need to compare Hazard with Palmer?
  8. We don’t sell players because we are constantly threatened with, or under an embargo. In these circumstances we can’t replace them, so we hang on to them.
  9. So pleased we’re showing respect for the FA Cup. Would love it to regain the stature it had when I was a kid.
  10. Middlesbrough was in North Yorkshire until government reorganisation created Cleveland in the late 70s /early 80s. I’ve seen Yorkshire CCC play home games at Acklam park in Middlesbrough .
  11. Don Megson used to be manager of Portland Timbers.
  12. This is just the type of question that shouldn’t be asked. No interest in the state of the club, now or in the future. Only interested in his own finances. Can afford to pay for three years in advance, when some supporters can’t afford to pay for one game. Some people’s self interest never ceases to amaze me.
  13. He’s going to tell us the truth. “Two months ago the fans were saying Jos was very good” Great start DC!
  14. The forum won’t happen. What benefit can come from it? Chansiri knows how we feel. I fear for his safety if he fails to acknowledge how bad things have got.
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