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  1. Please stop fretting about the ref. I’m freaking out here waiting for him to give them a penalty or send one of ours off.
  2. The ONLY stat that counts for anything is goals.
  3. I know it’s only a small sample, but of all the possibilities put forward as the prospective new manager. Has any of them got a better win ratio than Bullen? I l think not. After the Bruce debacle CC doesn’t trust anybody now. If Bully makes any kind of fist of it, CC will appoint him because of his honesty and loyalty. Bullen deserves a crack at it and I am willing him to go on and make a success of it.
  4. Always had four sides when I went.
  5. Just reading Millers footy mad and no complaints or bitterness at all about our win. One guy even states Wednesday toyed with us. Reading comments from people on here I thought we’d played like a pub team. Why do we as a fan base expect so much? We’ve done nothing to justify our expectations for years.
  6. E And rather strangely we’ve only been drawn against Liverpool once. I think that was about 100 years ago.
  7. The dream job he’d turned down twice previously.
  8. If the Bury game had gone ahead, Bullen would almost certainly have had 5 wins in August. Has any previous Manager of ours ever managed that? ( I don’t know, just asking) , yet many are slagging him off. If a new manager had started like this, everybody would be in raptures. He’s getting results, (the most important thing), give him chance to work on the performances.
  9. Would we be in a similar position as Bolton and Bury? I would imagine any future owner, would have a devil of a job buying us off him. Am I worrying over nothing or is this a possible scenario?
  10. I agree it’s not the main reason, but it has contributed to it. I also think it happens at every club in varying degrees. It seems worse here, because we feel we should be doing better than we are. Why we should expect so much, from a club that has only won ONE trophy in over 80 years is unfathomable.
  11. So why give all the abuse to the players. Direct it at the people who made the disastrous signings, made the woeful managerial appointments and set the transfer policy. Not the players FFS.
  12. I don’t understand why any fan prefers to berate, rather than encourage players. How does that help the team?
  13. The many posters on here, who continually criticise Morgan Fox (and others), are the main reason why we are also-rans. Why not try encouraging players who aren’t having a good time, instead of joining the lynch mob. Can anyone who is a member of the lynch mob, come on here, and justify why you call yourself a SUPPORTER of Sheffield Wednesday ?
  14. Hope so. If he gets on with Bullen could be a decent partnership.
  15. Top of the league and I want to have a moan. What is wrong with me?
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