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  1. At this time, is it possible for any player to make a positive career move, by joining SWFC? Where would he be coming from, to be in a worse situation than we’re in? Serious question.
  2. If season tickets were on sale, how many of us would buy one off Chansiri?
  3. I’m finding any attempt at humour in this thread very tiring. Nothing about this situation can raise a smile for me.
  4. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but have the EFL had Chansiri up before them, to find out what his intentions are? And if he is making ANY attempt to revive the club because I don’t think he is.Surely they aren’t going to let us fold, without even asking him for some answers?
  5. Which year were these photos taken?
  6. We can’t sell Windass without him agreeing to the deal. Or sell him above his head. The club doesn’t hold any of the cards. Windass will decide what he’s doing.
  7. None would have left a contract offer on the table , if offered one, without having signed one elsewhere, thereby risking unemployment.
  8. He’s really filled me with hope now.
  9. The state we are in, it’s embarrassing beyond belief to attempt to take the ******** out of Barnsley. What we’d give to be them at the minute.
  10. Certainly won’t be any welcome surprise’s on it.
  11. We may even have to play the piglets in the Papa John’s. F**k me! Can you imagine the abuse if we lost to Utd’s reserves in a competitive match?
  12. How embarrassing will it be, getting turned over, by proper teams reserve sides in the Papa Johns?
  13. I’m finding it so hard to feel any positivity, about anything SWFC related at the minute. No hard luck stories, everything is self inflicted. So many opportunities to stay up, and all pissed into the wind. I hate what this club has done to us. I don’t think I’ll ever get the love back. I want a divorce.
  14. Two lousy teams. Stitched on 0-0, with neither team entering the others penalty area.
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