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  1. Why is Jim so revered, when he scored so few goals in his time with us? If he was playing for us now he’d be absolutely slated. I was a regular during his time here and don’t understand the adulation.
  2. Darren left a cushy number at Doncaster, to take on the worst run club in the country.That alone shows he’s made of the right stuff, and got me behind him straight away. Not too many managers these days, (in a job), would have even considered coming here. I wish him and us, every success.
  3. Still good choose what happens tomorrow.
  4. Hasn’t got the players here to work with, like he has at Cardiff.
  5. Even if we go down, I hope the performances under Moore, give us hope for next season. If this season peters out without improvement on the pitch, it’s going to be a long summer.
  6. It was all about the attitude. The players thought they had it won at halftime. Once Luton scored, every Wednesdayite knew what was going to happen This squad really are the most spineless set of players ever. Unforgivable. ,
  7. We very rarely get into the oppositions box, so chances to score are few and far between. Why then when we have a free kick that could be put in the box, do we do some useless tippy tippy f**k about that ends up with our keeper? I don’t get it.
  8. If Chansiri offered me £100m to take the club over, I’d tell him to f**k right off. The chances of getting a buyer, to agree a deal to buy the club, with this guy are ZERO.
  9. I don’t think he’s skint. But surely even he, will have realised by now what he has taken on. He hasn’t failed purposely, and probably doesn’t understand, why all he has got for his huge multi million pound investment is dogs abuse, and zero appreciation from the people who he tried to please. I feel for him.
  10. SWFCs only asset is the fanbase. With that diminishing on a daily basis, there soon will be nothing to sell. The only hope (slim), is that Chansiri gets totally f**ked off with being an owner, and bails out at a bargain basement price.
  11. I can’t believe you’re blaming Patterson, for us not functioning as an attacking unit. Words fail me!
  12. Listed as a Red button game on William Hill..
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