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  1. Roy Burton. Goalie for Oxford. Always looked scruffy, but played out of his skin every time he visited S6.
  2. Adam Johnson by a mile for me. Malcolm Macdonald ( Luton?) and Eric Cantona. Best team performance Man Utd League cup semi. Never seen football played with such speed and accuracy.
  3. Dizzys Dad

    Wes Hoolahan

    Never understood what that was all about. Taking bets on which other clubs fans give Liam Palmer a round of applause for his loyal service to SWFC.
  4. Dizzys Dad

    Wes Hoolahan

    Stupidest suggestion of the year. Why would a fan of any other club give a caber?
  5. Dizzys Dad

    Who to move on?

    Got to keep Rhodes. Best striker at club by far,(record proves it).Been playing in an under strength team and 95% of posters have written him off already. Let him go and he will tear it up for someone else, Then all on here will be moaning saying what pielarks we were letting him go.
  6. Dizzys Dad

    Who is the best player at SWFC?

    But put Fox on the list.
  7. Dizzys Dad

    Ronnie Ferguson - Remember Him?

    Sure this was the game when some York fans came dressed as the "Clockwork Orange boys", complete with Bowler Hats and make-up. Shall we just say they had their make up messed up, before they went home.
  8. Dizzys Dad

    George Hirst

    If there was no or low compensation for moving abroad, there would be no movement directly between English clubs. All the top clubs would have links with foreign clubs to use as a go between.
  9. Tony Galvin is probably the only Wednesday player ever, to be fluent in Russian.
  10. Dizzys Dad


    For me,the problem is the way clubs treat the FACup nowadays. The two games against Carlisle and Reading could easily have seen both teams putting second string elevens out, and the prices charged are expensive, to watch a reserve game, even under the FA Cup banner.
  11. Dizzys Dad

    Medical team

    Have we got an in-house medical team? If we have, can someone name them? I'm not sure we have replaced the people that were sacked.
  12. Dizzys Dad

    Why won't you resign Carlos

    I will go at some point in the future, but not until this management team are long gone.
  13. Dizzys Dad

    Why won't you resign Carlos

    So why haven't I stopped going at any point over the last 50 years? Haven't we had a bad run of results during that time?
  14. Dizzys Dad

    Why won't you resign Carlos

    It's not the foo kin results.
  15. Barry Bannan failed a fitness test just before kick off against Wolves. So he must have been close to playing, or they wouldn't have given him one. He's just had a full week with the club's medical staff, and he's out of the picture altogether now, and most likely will go into hibernation with FF. Massive improvement on last years medical staff. When will this club stop taking the wee wee out of its supporters.