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  1. He’s having to do it with Monk’s players. Monk assembled the worst squad of players imaginable and Pulis has only them to work with. It’s like expecting a surgeon to work with a joiner’s tools. When he gets some new tools, it will be fair to judge him.
  2. William Hill are offering 100/1, Wednesday to score more than one.
  3. He’ll spend the night in a daze, looking for his teeth.
  4. Been retired 17 years (Health not age). Would I remember you as “Honk” ?
  5. You remember correctly. Jenks had a mate called Sean, who he worked with, that came to the Speedway with him. Never saw him at football though.
  6. Yep, that’s me. Great times. Wish we could turn the clock back.
  7. Hi Nudge, I’m Bill, the Butcher from Barnsley. Al Whittaker, Jim Whittaker, Rob”Choca” Foulger, and Keith Dyson definitely made the trip and I think I can make out Jane Creek and Mark Evans, as well as others previously mentioned One of the best days ever. What fabulous memories. Thanks for posting.
  8. I’m on these photos. Top left in the back of the van. The van parked up outside my house in Barnsley. I actually caught the bus from Barnsley to Chapeltown that morning, then paid to go in the van back to my house!
  9. When clubs have an injured player, do they see if we’re interested, before they send for the medics? Serious question.
  10. It’s the only thing we manage to do consistently.
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