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  1. I’m across in Portsmouth - don’t get back up north too much. Tend to get to away games in the south although there aren’t too many coming up next season!
  2. Me too! No probs with logging in - clean as a whistle process. Roll on Saturday!
  3. Planning to watch the stream at the sports bar above the Spar in the Europa Centre in Puerto Rico.
  4. It's shopped. The image released by @swfc had the stripes going the other way.
  5. I'm going pal - not sure if going from Havant / Cosham yet, or going across to Eastleigh where my folks live (meeting my bro who's down from Wakey for the weekend). Def training it though and will be leaving fairly early.
  6. I will be going from Portsmouth. Haven't faired too well at St. Mary's in recent times, but due to location and not making it back up north too often, can't pass up on the opportunity to see The MASSIVE.
  7. Traveling from Portsmouth on me tod it looks like. Trying to work out where to park...
  8. Could that thing in the city centre today be something to do with this?
  9. Not sure of this has been covered elsewhere, but been thinking these last few days about how MM is going to support DJ as mentioned in the press conference. Obviously loans are the only opportunity left for us, but aren't there rules around the number of loans you can have in a season - if so, we surely must be close to this? Appreciate you can only have five loanees in the squad but unlike December we aren't really close to this. Anyone have any clearer knowledge on this?
  10. Don't know if this will be of use: http://www.freefootball.org/events/20111113_1515_Morecambe_v_Sheffield-Wednesday.html
  11. Taken from AwayGrounds.com Early arrivals can use the Supporters’ Club at the ground. This is a suite at the far end of the Main Stand, which admits away fans for a small charge. It is spacious, with 2 bars and serves food. The atmosphere is reportedly relaxed, with an amiable mix of home and away fans. The nearest pub to Adams Park is the Hourglass, in Chapel Lane, which is about a 15-minute walk. Away fans are normally okay in small groups. Several male fans have recommended the White Horse, on West Wycombe Road, about 1½ miles from the ground, predominantly because it has strippers performing at Saturday lunchtime. This pub is en route to the ground from the station. Does anyone know if they sell beer in the ground?
  12. Mooching up from Pompey in the car - meeting my bro and old man at Wycombe who are travelling down from Swinton. Where's best place for a pint before?
  13. flip me - he really is modelling himself as Jesus... My link
  14. Too be fair, on paper that's probably the first choice back four, can't comment on whether jones deserved to be dropped as living in Portsmouth is a *****... Also wonder why Buxton has seemingly been rushed back again. Sedgewick in is a mistake, particularly the way teale has been playing. I'm on the fence with the changes up top. Would like to see madine get a run in th team so we can see what he can do. Forget it now anyway. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
  15. ~Runs into garage and dusts off trestle tables earmarked for the tip.~
  16. Got a few cheeky bets on. £50 To win league @ 7s £1 on: Chelsea @ 6/4 SWFC @ 11/2 Boro @ 6/1 £2.50 on: Chelsea @ 6/4 QPR @ 12/1 Saints @ 2/1 £2.50 on: Man U @ 5/2 Bristol City @ 16/1 Huddersfield @ 7/1 May still see a little return on each...
  17. Just my opinion but i reckon megson is nailed for the next manager should AI get the bullet. Worked with MM in the past and the ex player thing may sway some fans. Can't say would be that encouraged though.
  18. Only 3 teams have scored less than us, two of which are in the bottom 3. Irvine, your tactics are a flipping joke. Time to go.
  19. Was just thinking the same. Am already starting to write off this season. With this bellend at the helm we're in for a relegation battle come three weeks time.
  20. We are 2-0 at home playing the wankiest of shuffle football and you make a like for like swap????? No consideration at changing the play and trying to get back into the game. flip off you deluded tail - go and cuddle your flipping badges.
  21. Was just thinking along the same lines as this myself. Would probably be poo-pooed by SYP though...
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