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  1. Just think about the second sentence for bit.
  2. I didn't think anyone was paying top dollar for their season ticket? DC Is almost single handedly keeping the club afloat. Buy merchandise if you fancy it And you want to help the club, Otherwise don't buy. Easy really.
  3. So we should pay less for season tickets and merchandise. Somehow Get Players a lot better than we already have And bring a lot of success to Sheffield Wednesday. It is quite easy really, I don't know why other clubs don't try it? As a business model I can't fault it.
  4. Hard to believe some people think it would be a good thing. Without him we are finished.
  5. We do this so often and to such little effect. Westy blasts the ball nearly Allways to one of their players And Far too often we want to start an attack Or sense a little pressure, we just hit it long. Patterson barely wins anything, or holds anything up either. It just gets mopped up by their defenders Time and time again. We need players who can think and are comfortable on the Ball.
  6. I heard he was being rested not he had a tweak.
  7. If he was being rested why wasn't he on the bench as a backup? How often does the sub keeper actually come on? It all seems a bit odd to me.
  8. If you wait for DC to leave, there might not be much left. He is keeping the club afloat.
  9. I never want to see him in the Wednesday shirt again. I feel the pain of every goal we concede and he should too, That is no time to smile, Whatever reason is given.
  10. Which football team is it that you "support"? It ican't be SWFC, so why post on here?
  11. Isn't that what you normally do? If someone is making a right hash out of something and I can do a whole lot better ? I show them how to do it, not just just tell them. However I don't normally tell people with multi-million pound fortunes what they are doing wrong, funny that.
  12. Hit a seat so hard it broke as he came off? He looked pretty unhappy !
  13. Just buy the club yourself and run and fund it.
  14. I am in, paying a bit to support the club. Not expecting much so might be surprised. To all IPTV "fans" when the club is gone, it's gone.
  15. He is injured or doesn't get a full game, must be a reason.
  16. Is he a footballer? I think he might even be getting paid. What does he actually add to the side, I would rather save the wages for somebody else.
  17. For me the best player ever, Second third or fourth doesn't really matter he was the best full stop. Pace, control, Cunning, dribbling And of course magic nobody else ever had.
  18. Any ideas why kick off has been moved and is it on the red button?
  19. Both are so bad it hurts. Please don't play him again. He offers absolutely nothing and just wastes the few opportunities he does get. JR is rock bottom on confidence, but give him a run of games, Marriott is like playing with 10 men.
  20. Take your pick support Wednesday, or get IPTV. You can't do both you are a supporter or not.
  21. Living in Sussex, I have nothing, paid a tenner and more issues with it, just a joke.
  22. Likewise just got a white circle going round this is crap, is there a solution, I just log out and back in and it's the same!
  23. Juddered the entire first half. Then got to see replays of what had happened as the action was going on, just brilliant!
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