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  1. It was great to be among them today and the goal so late on was a massive relief, jumping about like maniacs!!
  2. have it at Hillsborough with less people there and show it on youtube or ifollow etc. There can only be a certain number of questions we want the answers to, I am sure most of them will be covered. You can't arrange a forum And cancel it without anything to take its place, Not when people are as Worked up as they are and want answers!!!!!
  3. We need a change and now. Chance after chance and we still don't look like we can perform well enough. At the end of the day the manager carries the can. Go or DC get rid of him.
  4. Audio dropped out loads of times, just crap, how do they give such a poor service and get away with it.
  5. RIP Really sorry to hear the news. Keep strong and I hope time can help with your loss.
  6. One of them got us into the play offs twice, one won't and I fear will take us down at this rate. How can Jos keep his job.
  7. Sounds very poor to me. Look after your own first surely, people who support you, who come back time after time or people who come once and want you to lose?? Easy answer IMO. Very poor PR for the club.
  8. When I watched him walk down the tunnel he looked ok to me??
  9. Did we have a single corner? I don't remember one. We could have been buried if the keeper hadn't made a few saves.
  10. I am pissed off with it! First had intermittent commentary, second half just some crowd noise, not what I paid for eg analysis and commentary. I paid twice my usual subscription and another £10 to not hear it, I was advised to complain and ask for a refund which I am doing.
  11. Play Westwood or get rid of him,it's that easy. Why pay his wages and not cash in on him now if he doesn't figure in the plans. The players left out of the squad today must be scratching their heads!!
  12. Which club has helped him become the player he is over the time,?Which club do we support? I hope it goes boobies up for him like the one who went to Bolton, that worked out well for him didn't it!! If your Mrs left you would you wish her a lottery win or a crap future.
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