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  1. That was my wife's first ever match. She couldn't believe the surging after we scored it was alien to her, we had only been going out a month or so at the time. She saw me in a different light, driving through Ipswich shouting to the Wednesday hordes. What a day!! Went to Swindon too, I was in the front row behind the goal almost begging for drinks as people passed by selling them, no roof, just baking sun for hours..... loved it though.
  2. Very similar to me, costs a fortune from down here. I would also rather give money to the club and did every game during Covid and Would again if it was possible.
  3. What Wednesday need is loads of people with that attitude. We will get promotion, better players, ground improvements etc
  4. ig club, with tradition and a successful past, that had fallen on hard times. I wanted to support the sleeping giant when it awoke. All my mates picked big teams that won things regularly, I thought it was worth the wait. 40+ years on still really waiting. In the early days it was hard with Sheffield being 200+ miles away and limited tv/newspaper news. Once an owl always an owl, never regretted it once.
  5. As usual I would absolutely hate it if anybody sent me a link
  6. I would hate to get a pm with a link to the match Absolutely hate it.
  7. I wonder if he congratulated Prestons` goal scorer?
  8. Just sent some cash to the appeal. What a terrible time for ordinary people just wanting to live their lives.
  9. Donated. Every penny helps. Imagine it was your child who needed help.
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