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  1. In Unless you're stupid. End of thread!
  2. Very interesting, Do you intend to look for any post war graves?
  3. RIP. Thans Big Jack. He deserves a proper tribute for what he dd in su ch dark days.
  4. There are some unbelievably naïve opinions on this thread, We need DC more than he needs us. He is pumping in millions of pounds keeping the club afloat and doing his best, Start looking at the players if you want to scapegoat.
  5. Liability!! He nearly gave away another when he fell over forcing the keeper into a save.
  6. FF He was incredibly well paid, Year after year, There isn't a chance he deserve that pay in my mind. He had flashes of skill but far too infrequently.FF F off.
  7. I worry it will be £10 a game for absolute crap, Listening to I follow is dreadful at times, How this will pan out is anyone's guess.
  8. I would definitely be interested if there's a discounted pass And watch all the home and away games, But a tenner to sit in my lounge and watch matches that don`t really matter? I hope they make an offer for a bundle of them. Something is better than nothing!
  9. I thought it was good, especially with clips of players and action. I didn't score too well.
  10. RIP. It symbolises Wednesday and everything that is fantastic about Wednesday, It is the only Wednesday badge for me.
  11. Chansiri has done his best, It hasn't worked out but at least he tried. Plenty are willing to take money out of the club And moan moan moan.
  12. Truly heartbreaking I wish you all the best WAWAW
  13. Norwich, Honolulu, sang before the entire 90 mins half time and afterwards.
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