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  1. I thought it was good, especially with clips of players and action. I didn't score too well.
  2. RIP. It symbolises Wednesday and everything that is fantastic about Wednesday, It is the only Wednesday badge for me.
  3. Chansiri has done his best, It hasn't worked out but at least he tried. Plenty are willing to take money out of the club And moan moan moan.
  4. Truly heartbreaking I wish you all the best WAWAW
  5. Norwich, Honolulu, sang before the entire 90 mins half time and afterwards.
  6. That is really going to help. I wish people like you kept their thoughts to themselves.
  7. It was great to see so many Wednesday there. Looking forward to work tomorrow, Let the banter commence
  8. Very impressive, I hope he has a great future with us.
  9. nice, hope i can get it, often its just sign up etc and just get ads galore.
  10. I totally agree, It just invited derby To keep pushing forward, With no real outlet or goalscorer available for us.
  11. From my house it is 17 miles but it takes forever on match days to get there.
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