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  1. on now and really enjoying hearing updates on other matches... thought that had stopped!!
  2. Same here absolute waste of time and money.
  3. Before the league games have started, must be a record even for us!! Get a striker and we may not be too disappointed we went out and we can focus on getting out of this awful league.
  4. Are you actually joking? It has got a lot harder over time.
  5. Shall we sack every manager when you don't like the substitutions?
  6. Bye. I prefer being with genuine fans anyway.
  7. Is he fit enough to run, if so I think he would,
  8. Do any of the players share part the responsibility?
  9. About 3 months, due to the distane to Sheffield, would have been earlier. Took toys to games for him until about 5 or 6.
  10. Just think about the second sentence for bit.
  11. I didn't think anyone was paying top dollar for their season ticket? DC Is almost single handedly keeping the club afloat. Buy merchandise if you fancy it And you want to help the club, Otherwise don't buy. Easy really.
  12. So we should pay less for season tickets and merchandise. Somehow Get Players a lot better than we already have And bring a lot of success to Sheffield Wednesday. It is quite easy really, I don't know why other clubs don't try it? As a business model I can't fault it.
  13. Hard to believe some people think it would be a good thing. Without him we are finished.
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