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  1. Pone of our most underrated players. His contributions both ends of the field are massive
  2. And that ladies and gentlemen is why Jordan Rhodes is the best outside the premiership. 2 games 1 assist and a goal.
  3. It's almost like when we score we are scared to go forward. We looked like we could get a bagful against them then we score and just drop the tempo. Go go and grab the game by the scruff of th knock Wednesday we are plenty good enough and could kill these ffs
  4. Tbf he was playing in a average academy side against one of the top academies in the world certainly the top in the UK. He he was never going to get chances against Chelsea because of the gulf in class, he is our only big talent ( and I don't mean that disrespectfully ) so we were second best throughout meaning he never got a look in. He he has plenty enough to be playing even if it means dropping to league 1 or 2 to start to grow his confidence.
  5. You are not well Cornelius. Your telling people to stop discussing football on a football forum. Add to that you are also telling people to not moan and quit going if you don't think we are playing well..... if you can't see just how stupid you are with comments like those then god help you
  6. Stop talking abut football on a football forum.... ok then you bellend
  7. Yeah heaven forbid I point out we are not playing well. For sure that's a insta self ban for anyone who thinks we are not playing like Brazil. Shut up and stop going and use a football forum for what it's supposed to be for..... like ....... oh wait...... and the well lets appoint you manager then rather than just auto typing crap whilst your PROBABLY pissed just take time to actually read what people post I have never once asked for the manager to be changed nor do I want him to be but do I want him to get us back to how we played for large chunks last year ofc I flipping do. Apparently though that means I have to do something else with my time according to morons like you. i seriously wonder about some of our fans i q levels
  8. It hasn't been pretty since 10 games before the end of last season you empty head. It doesn't take a pro coach to see the same poo performances week in week out. Read my comments before spouting testicles the last thing I want is Carlos to go but he has got it bang wrong and has for a while. We have spent a fortune and we have a great squad now. At this moment we are not fulfilling its potential even he said we were bobbar tonight so is he talking testicles???? we mustered one shot on target the entire game tonight and couldn't string more than 2 passes together. If it was a one off then there wouldn't be anything to be concerned about but it's nearly every game. Slow, laboured, no cutting edge, sit back and counter, when we score try and defend with 9 men behind the ball. Im not the kind of person who expects us to go up thinking we have a god given right, I do however have common sense and can see a host of teams in and around us who are playing way better and if we continue in the same vein we will not make play offs. It really is that simple.
  9. Listen ignoring people saying sack him because yes that is stupid. Carlos really does need to have a rethink and quickly because I can say with a huge amount of confidence the way we are playing this season we I'll get caught by at least two of the chasing pack. We we need to have a look at utilising the skilful attacking players at our disposal because right now Carlos really isn't getting the most out of the team/squad. Come on Carlos lad give yourself and the team a good shake and get back to the flowing football we loved you for.
  10. We were shuffle though there is so much talent out on that field and it looks stifled to roger
  11. Not one for singling out players but Hunt really is very very poor this year
  12. For the quality of squad we have it really shouldn't feel like watching paint dry every game should it?
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