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  1. alanharper's post in December is "Stevie May" month - according to the official SWFC Calendar was marked as the answer   
    Who on earth designed that calendar and didn't put him as the player for May?
  2. alanharper's post in Average 30k in the top was marked as the answer   
    We would absolutely average 30k+ in the Premier League in the current era.
    Despite the pigs loving to bring up their 30k average at every opportunity to somehow "prove" that they did better than us, fact is that since 2000 top flight attendances have been much higher in general which they benefitted from and we missed out on. What they don't like to mention is that in the 3 seasons in the early 90s when they were in the top flight at the same time as us, we averaged 29.5k (4th highest in the country compared to their 30k in 2007 being the 11th-12th best), 27k and 27k, whilst their own average was 18,19 and 20k.
    Another factor is away fans - these days the vast majority of away ends that I've seen on MOTD/Sky have been full, or very close to being full. PL fans travel in greater numbers than in the 80s-90s despite the high prices, and I'm sure that we'd benefit from this more than most because of the size of our away end - I can't think of another ground in the current PL which accommodates 6-7k away fans for league games.
    So add several thousand more home fans attending plus a healthy away attendance week in week out, and we would easily top 30k most weeks, with 38-39k sellouts for the top 5-6 clubs.
  3. alanharper's post in Has He Gone Yet. was marked as the answer   
    It'd be the managerial equivalent of a team with a pathetic goalscoring record trying to solve the problem by loaning a striker who's never scored a professional goal in his career.
    Not that that would ever happen...
  4. alanharper's post in Ticket Outlets was marked as the answer   
    If you don't mind getting your tickets weeks after the game's been played, and printed upside down...
  5. alanharper's post in Semedo was marked as the answer   
    When Semedo's testicles tell the football that it isn't getting past him, the football does as it's told.
  6. alanharper's post in message to the band was marked as the answer   
  7. alanharper's post in Viagogo? Or similar? was marked as the answer   
    It should be done via Junior Agogo.
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