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  1. Cheers, there were still a few left in 28 and 29 when I logged on. So it looks like we've been selling some at each side but none in the middle yet. Wish we'd just release all seats at once instead of fannying about adding random blocks one at a time so it's first come first served for the best ones when we sell out almost every away allocation anyway, those with higher TPP should get first dibs on seat choice as well, plus it's also then clear how many are left in total - or are MK Dons playing silly buggers again, I think they gave Wycombe a weird allocation for their play off game and split their fans into two opposite corners instead of seating them together.
  2. Did anybody get tickets for the middle blocks this morning, 26 and 27? I didn't log on until later in the morning, and only the side blocks have been on sale since, so I'm not sure if the central ones either completely sold out quite quickly, or they haven't put those on sale yet. I've been waiting to see if they'd open them up, but obviously don't want to wait too long and miss out altogether. They're currently selling the ones right in the top corner which isn't the best view.
  3. As usual, everybody basing "he'd be a great signing" on what he did 3-4 years ago.
  4. We haven't won a league title since the 1950s, most of us fans have never seen us win one, so it'd be nice even if it's only the third tier. I'm still annoyed at missing out on goal difference in 1984 after being top of the league virtually all season, and we were easily the best team in the league in 1991 but the number of games played due to the cup runs probably cost us in the end (I wouldn't swap that cup win for the title that year, mind!)
  5. £350k, not a penny more. Although to be fair, they're both 57 now.
  6. Us getting relegated and them getting relegated would be a successful season for them. If we get promoted and they get promoted they'll be gutted. Our failures are their successes - it's all they've had to cling onto for nearly a century.
  7. 90 points despite only scoring 43 goals in 46 games? Tony Pulis would've loved that.
  8. Surely the weirdest thing there is that his wife keeps her breasts in a drawer.
  9. Think they're already claiming the record for biggest attendance at a club ground for a woman's Euros in a game that didn't include the host nation or something tenuous like that. Imagine if they actually boast about their highest attendance of the season being for a woman's game...
  10. "Where are the goals going to come from?" Not really something that should be asked of a Championship side with two £20m+ strikers...
  11. I don't know what's crazier, Forest being willing to pay that much, or the fact that Jesse Lingard is demanding, and getting, £200k pw You could say that it's in lieu of a transfer fee but over 3 years it's still the equivalent of a £20m fee plus over £70k pw. For Jesse Lingard.
  12. Bannan Byers Vaulks Fizz Adeniran Bakinson Hunt Central midfielders obsession - this year's wingers obsession
  13. "OK Norman, your instructions are to miss this penalty. But don't make it look too obvious, just put it wide of the goal or something" "FUUUUUCCKKKS SAAAAAAKE NORMAN!!!!!!!!!"
  14. Saw on SSN that Brewster scored. Another big chunk of the £23m repaid. This must mean that he's about to come good and score a hatful, ripping the league apart. They say this after every rare goal he manages.
  15. Hull have just sold a player I've barely heard of to Brentford for millions, yet they're quibbling over what I assume is a few tens of thousands? Cheapskates, they've got the 2016 play off final gate money off us as well, which other clubs have a gentleman's agreement to let the losing side keep all of. Are they still mad at us signing Brian Marwood for peanuts?
  16. John Pearson, back in the 1 sub only days
  17. 780 is the maximum possible right now, for attending (or buying ticket for anyway) every single league away match, every cup game and both play off games.
  18. No, I reckon there'd be absolutely no issue at all with a yellow and light blue kit playing against a yellow and light blue kit.
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