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  1. The more i think about it I have to plump for Hull City at Wembley..............what a chance missed , could have handled it if we had given it a right good go and got beat by a better team, but to turn up after the season we had had and deliver such a wet f*rt of a performance was crushing.
  2. F*** me this is harder than it looks Gordon Banks Roland Nilsson Alessandro Nesta Virgil Van Dijk Phillip Lahm Kevin De Bruyne Michel Platini Eusabio George Best Lionel Messi Pele Dont think i,ve ballsed up ??
  3. John Lowey fell somewhere in the middle for that mid/late 70,s era............not as good as Wylde, McCulloch, Prendergast, Tynan etc , but a cut above the likes of Fleming, Feeley, Nimmo, Proudlove, Ferguson etc.
  4. Also that really weird pub type bar under the south stand...………..it had wallpaper and everything.
  5. Remember the old guy selling The Star who used to sit behind the goal , Kop end in his white smock. When Wednesday scored he used to throw his flat cap in the air and catch it about half a dozen times accompanied by a thunderous Raaaaaaay from the Kop every time he caught it.
  6. To those that didn't see it , the challenge was so bad I remember a die hard blunt I worked with telling me that when Chester played utd not long after even the utd fans booed him.
  7. For one reason or another; Iain Hesford Patrick Collins Ian Knight Paul Warhurst Wayne Jacobs Mark Chamberlain Siggi Jonsson David Billington Owen Morrison Dalian Atkinson Simon Stainrod
  8. For effectiveness Bright and Hirst For excitement Atkinson and Hirst
  9. Not saying he is a bad player, and we certainly have worse but Is it just me that thinks he is a tad overrated.
  10. Mellor v Blackburn away Witton v Middlesbro home Wilson semi final Sheridan final Shelton v Newcastle away Antonio v Carlisle home McClean play off final Waddle wembley TC at the stain
  11. Sasso and Venancio were OK......Hector was very good.
  12. Apologies ..........might be getting mixed up with the season after
  13. WHAT A SEASON......................then came Tricky Trevs transfer dealings summer 93 , begining of the end.
  14. A lot of players mentioned on here that WERE well loved........Graham Hyde being one.
  15. excellent call............very good player who never got a proper chance here.
  16. Yeah Eustace signed him as a midfielder for £400,000 which was hefty money in those days and he was awful. Eustace had to try and justify his signing so tried to re-invent him as a right back where he was even worse.
  17. By all accounts Brannigan and Carr were abysmal but i never saw either of them play so....... Ola Tidman Darren Wood John Holsgrove Dave Cusack Peter Gilbert
  18. No loanees allowed....have to be bona fide Wednesday.
  19. Didn't they manufacture heavy machinery , bulldozers etc ?
  20. Fantastic striker for us...………...just think Wylde and Joicey were better all round footballers
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