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  1. I remember him as being quite a weak / poor centre half. But it has to be said in comparison to Dave Cusack , his central defensive partner of that era he was like Des Walker!
  2. For his last year in charge i got really sick and tired of his arrogant , stubborn attitude. It was as if his pride mattered more than the well being of the club. But looking at the overall picture he did much more good than harm and left us in a far healthier position than what he found us in. As a character i disliked him , but that matters not if he presides over a promotion run like he did and put some good foundations in place.
  3. The only way we can be seeded and avoid a tough tie is if Cov beat Cardiff tonight
  4. First up , the opposition were so awful it,s difficult to be subjective but here goes Kirkland - 6 - Nothing to do , but was hanging out the washing for the disallowed goal Palmer - 6 - Good first half , but got a little sloppy in the second Lees - 7 - Looked pretty assured , Derby will give us a more accurate idea of his abilities Loovens - 7 - Could have played in his carpet slippers Mattock - 7 - Coming on very nicely Maguire - 8 - Played really well , but a tad overselfish at times Coke - 6 - Quiet first half , better second , should have score
  5. Not my words Carol...........the words of Top Gear magazine.
  6. Nuhiu got into some good positions but his finishing was woeful , Madine did ok but to be brutally honest , for champ level they both look like back up strikers at best.
  7. Watched the first couple of episodes and was pretty underwhelmed , not helped by the fact that pretty much all the characters were unlikable , particularly the lead who struts about in an intensely annoying way like some kind of diva.
  8. Very clever men , both very clever men , but i don,t trust them. Gerry Adams looks like a deputy headmaster , and Martin McGuinness like a clown without make up!
  9. Some blue and white tinted specs here for me...................................................he was a decent striker with a good goals to games ratio , but as a midfielder he was awfully limited , offered hard work but very little else.
  10. If it was just the potatoes that were affected , at the end of the day you will pay the price if you,re a fussy eater.
  11. This chemical toilet is a Saniflo 33 , now this little babe can cope with anything........and i mean ANYTHING!
  12. That was a mistake..........................i should have said baguette
  13. YES!!! its an extender , fantastic , that is the icing on the cake!
  14. The chances of anything coming from Mars , are a million to one, BUT STILL THEY COME!!.........................classic war of the worlds
  15. Is that your beige toyota? Its actually a cream Lexus!!
  16. I take it you,re referring to your beloved Madine Neil , Wednesday fans love swagger ( Curran , Waddle , Di Canio , Wylde etc etc ) but they have to back that swagger up with goals or assist otherwise it just looks stupid . Madine still has the raw ability to be a success here , but his problems over the last few years are mainly of his own making , only he can put this right.........with deeds not words.
  17. Am i the only one that thinks some other champ club will come in at the last minute to outbid us and rotherham.
  18. Dont make the same mistake i did first time i went to Florida..............................gave the tinnies a bit of a caning during the flight , completely forgetting that i had to drive a hire car as soon as i arrived.
  19. Paul Carrack should be much higher........................regularly sells out venues that others on the list would only half fill at best.
  20. I think we actually offered more than Leeds ( £3M i think ) but utd said at the time that they couldnt possibly let it happen.
  21. Thats jolly decent of you squire just as the guy sets off on holiday....................bet you,re popular at family get togethers. Ignore him owlsman you,ll have a cracking time.
  22. Genuine question to all those saying May and Tardieu would be good signings , how often have you seen them play?
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