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  1. 10 minutes ago, parajack said:

    Not about proving anything to me,its about Wednesdayites having differing views & sharing them on a forum.(i am assuming you have gone back & cut & paste from previous posts? )

    TBH  I cant see really any critique of Monk not being able to Motivate in your examples? or spot a player?(Monks pal Beattie for example recommended Windass) Majority of them seem to be focusing on how the Teams playing & individual player performances..Monks team selection?Tactics?...


    All fair enough buts thats always going to be objective..Despite in the main(winning) isnt it? Your own reply also has Q:  I am cautiously optimistic about Monk,s tenure...  Cant have it both ways..


    I couldnt comment on him spotting a player "when we were third" as he didn`t have the chance till January.


    As for motivation , do i really have to list the performances where we looked flat as a [email protected] ?


    And yes..... i was cautiously optimistic.........unfortunately up to now it would seem my optimism was ill founded.

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  2. 56 minutes ago, parajack said:

    Maybe the first 23 matches?...3rd in The Championship?...pushing for an automatic Promotion spot? beating Leeds a side who were promoted 2-0? easily on their Home ground? Keeping us in the Championship this year?.....Cant keep having the same debate over & over.


    So far,not one person i have asked,has been able to do this,maybe you will be the first?Show me any post of yours,from before(or around Xmas) where you thought what you have just posted.when we were third,were you posting Monk doesn't know how to motivate the Players.?

    If not,why would you think now doing so,can be done with any credibility?


    Mate,what is the point of dragging Monk down? He is our Manager(until we know different) we have to get behind him & his Players now,forget about those who have left, &  just crack on.There are no 'silver bullets' here....As the season unfolds we will see if Monk is the Manager to start the Owls turnaround.(is that even possible? whilst the current structure at the Club remains?)



    Posted this when we were third ,


    Awful performance...……..couldn't believe it when we were winning.


    Iorfa and BOTH fullbacks were shocking, Bannan , Harris, and Reach all well below par, I am still far from convinced with Luongo, and Nuhiu and Rhodes were putrid.


    We stank the place out and need to shake it off very quickly.


    This in November


    Still in a decent position in the table but we seem to be overly defensive at the moment , and I have to admit the alarm bells were ringing for me yesterday when he was gushing about Pelupessy,s performance last week.

    It may have been just his way of boosting his confidence but if he REALLY thinks JP played well against Leeds then that IS a worrying sign.


    And this ...


    This in a fu***in nutshell, all he spoke about all week was how tough it was going to be against a Tony Mowbray side.


    Don't get me wrong I am cautiously optimistic about Monk,s tenure but the approach Saturday and his continual picking of Reach and Palmer despite their abject form is a worry.


    And this...


    Mmmmmmm…..That is a particularly worrying comment.....why in hell are we not attacking a side desperately low in confidence from the word go...……….our porkular neighbours showed last year what can be achieved with an attacking mindset


    Not that i HAVE to prove anything to you , it just so happens we have a different opinion.


    I was quite ambivalent about Monks appointment , could have done better , could have done worse ,  and even allowing for what a $hitshow the club is at the moment,  i haven`t been overly impressed with our style of play or his "tactics" and team selection at any stage.....even when we third.


    I am not "dragging him down" i am stating MY opinion and am happy to be proven wrong..........we shall see.



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  3. 11 hours ago, The Horse said:


    I'm not one of those internet mainstays who live and breathe for arguments on-line and i think I've plussed your posts on many an occasion but I genuinely think Monk understands the problems we have and seems driven to set the ship straight.

    When really, despite any amount of money, no one of any reputation would touch us with someone else's barge pole or take to the job to do the dirty work he has.

    For that alone, he deserves respect.

    I hate to say it but look at the tramps across the city.

    Toxic in L1.

    Lap of shame.

    Wilder comes in to mass condemnation.

    Loses his first games.

    Bottom of L1.

    Huge outcry.

    He finally gets the dressing room clicking.

    Never looked back.

    Give Monk time. He 'gets' the situation here.

    I can't think of anyone else who'd take this poo show on.


    The huge difference being , Wilder can spot a player and knows how to motivate them.


    Monk has had a year , have you seen any evidence of either of those two qualities so far?

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  4. 10 hours ago, Swiss Toni said:

    That’s the reality of it. You want the best for your kid. The option of learning your trade in the hope of improving and playing for City whilst training in the best facilities with the best youngsters around. That versus plying your trade at Wednesday who don’t have a glowing list of players recently graduated from their academy.


    Similar situation in Sheffield.....my nieces lad has been approached by both Wednesday and utd , and despite the lad being Wednesday mad she said the difference in approach was huge and they would be daft not to pick the dark side.

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    1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to?

    1967 Wednesday 0 - 1 Liverpool


    2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up?

    Tommy Craig , Rodger Wylde


    3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player?

    John Sheridan

    4) What's the best match you've ever been to?

    League cup final win

    5) What's the best away day you've ever had?
    Blackburn 1 - 2 Wednesday promotion season under Big Jack

    6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to?

    To watch Wednesday , Wembley

    7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match?

    In terms of importance I`m with Vulva......Wilson against Chelsea , for the first time in my life i was gonna see my club in a major final at Wembley


    8 )  What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced?

    The Blackburn game , see above

    9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender?

    Roland Nilsson



    10) Where's it all gone? When you experienced all of the above did you ever in your life expect to be now talking about FFP, P&S, VAR, Chairmen, Points Deductions, Hearings, Appeals, Transfer Embargoes, Court Cases, Lawyers, Barristers, QC's, Agents, Advisors and Loopholes? (not talking about just SWFC here - but football in general, as a whole.. as a sport)


    I would like nothing better than football to reboot and reset..............rapidly losing interest in all this corporate [email protected]

  6. I wanted Cook this time last year before he was "trendy" and i wanted him based on his OVERALL record in management....ie he has left every club he has managed in a better state than he found it , plays front foot football that is worth watching , has won promotions , and has an eye for a player..............in particular unearthing gems in the loan market and lower divisions.


    Now if only i could think of a team that is in dire need of qualities like that.

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  7. 1 hour ago, daveyboy66 said:

    So what do we do? Crawl into a corner and start crying...if people think this is worse than DA or stood on the court steps with a chance of getting wound up they have short memories. We have to face up to it and, when we get back in the ground, make sure the team has our 100% backing. That's how to deal with adversity...it's a fuckyou we'll show em' attitude...you know like proper Sheffielders


    I get that Davey..............as i said in another thread , the second next season kicks off we will all be behind THE TEAM.


    Can i ask what your opinion is on the way DC has managed this club ?

  8. 19 minutes ago, yeadonowl said:

    Thing with Clarke Harris he is probably earning 2k a week. He surely would be tempted by tripling his wages at least irrespective of last nights news


    Armand Gnanduillet Is available on a free and might be worth a look


    I agree.....................my fear is with this type of player that if , say , a Middlesbro or Preston also bid for him then last nightsdnews will put us behind the  8 ball

  9. 24 minutes ago, mcmigo said:

    Jonson Clarke-Harris from Bristol .  they will sell this summer as coming into final year of contract. Good unit, good finisher and 26 years old. Doesn’t mess about on the pitch and will be a good lead striker for us. 



    If we able to spend  then this , and young loanees has to be the way forward.


    I just fear that even the likes of Clarke-Harris would be tempted elsewhere after last nights news.


    Our cloth will have to be re-cut............freebies like Kieron Freeman and Tyler Blackett who people would have previously turned their noses up at will now be the market we are dealing in.

  10. The second we kick off next season everyone on here will be willing us to win so all this "man up" and "grow a pair"  nonsense is ludicrous because when push comes to shove we will all be behind them.


    Do i think Monk is the man to turn this around.....well no, I don`t but i think we are stuck with him so lets see.


    What i simply cant fathom about the posters labelling fans whingers and moaningfannies is the blind acceptance of the state that DC has got this club into , a very long list of failures and awful decisions through all aspects of the organisation is met with a shrug and anyone who dares to complain that this is all happening whilst we shell out top dollar (yes...for this $hitshow...... top dollar) is laughably told that they wouldnt be wanted in the "trenches".


    Just how far and HOW badly does this club have to be run to make them angry and demand change

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  11. 7 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    Dont' wanna ever criticise a player of ours but I just cant see Adam Reach being a player I'd want running onto a pitch in a relegation battle


    This.......................i said at the start of last season that if he didnt adopt a more aggressive side to his physical and mental approach then his career will end up being what might have been , and to be honest this has been his worst season of the lot so with just one year left on his contract , if anyone is prepared to offer money we should take it and stop making the same mistakes over and over.


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  12. 10 hours ago, Hotten Owl said:


    Burnley are probably an example of a team willing to risk the yoyo strategy, and build gradually to establish in the Prem. Apparently they were pretty close to the wind a few seasons back financially. I get that it's risky, but then splashing the cash is too. Either strategy just shows up the ridiculous financial state of football imo. 


    Wilder did an interview on talksport the other day saying that his recruitment last summer was based around building as strong a championship squad as he could just in case they were relegated straight back down.

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  13. This is a REAL problem as you dont usually see as many freebies in the striking department during close season.


    Had a quick look the other day and there was maybe a handful out of contract that we may consider .... Gestede, Dicko, Gnanduillet etc.


    Other than that its loanees or , presuming we are not embargoed , relatively low cost gambles like Laballa and Clarke-Harris.

  14. This is all getting very tiresome......"hero" "legend"....................."donkey"  "carthorse" , its like the f***ing politics section where people`s opinions get more and more polarised and anyone who disagrees with a given viewpoint is a "weapon" or "mushy".


    I have stated my own opinion on Athde`s time with us before so wont rake over it again...............suffice to say in political terms i would be classed as a fence sitting centrist.


    There are FAR more things at the moment that we as a fanbase should be losing our $hit over than this.

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  15. 7 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

    Great signing by Monk that 


    Sign of things to come 


    Bright future ahead under this manager once the clear out and transition has been completed




    Seen him play have you ?


    it was only last week you were saying that the managers at Sheffield Wednesday don`t do the recruiting     WTF:

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