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  1. I agree....absolutely....FFS.....but not to the vast majority on here wanting them gone , that was purely a football matter
  2. So many on here screaming for the "bad apple big earners" to be dumped , ................................well..........this is what our team looks like without them , great isnt it. In all seriousness the club is an absolute shambles , and until we find out our fate no decent manager will touch us with a bargepole. But in the meantime , the thought of Monk being in charge of recruitment this summer is more scary than the EFL verdict.
  3. I1ll repeat what i have said before , unless he adopts a far more aggressive physical and mental approach then his career will be reduced to what might have been.
  4. Wildsmith - 6 Did OK, no chance with goals. Palmer - 5 Defended OK , distribution abysmal. Iorfa - 8 Good game today. Borner - 6 OK. Murphy - 5 Awful first half, wasted some glorious opportunities with weak, half hearted finishing , gets an extra point for cross for goal. Bannan - 7 Some lovely through balls but set pieces again were poor. Luongo - 4 Followed up last weeks best performance with his worst today........lethargic, ineffective and weak for first goal. Lee - 7 Was playing well. Reach - 5 Pretty poor to be honest. Wickham - 5 Poor today , nothing stuck . Da Cruz - 5 Awful miss , has some pace but lets be honest he is some way below what is needed. Hunt - 5 felt a bit sorry for him , joined a second half $hit show. Nuhiu - 6 Fair play for getting his head on the cross but this guy is as much a part of our fall from grace these last 3 years as anyone. For crying out loud PLEASE don`t offer him a new contract , it is time for a mass clearout. Harris - 6 Tried to give us some drive.......would like to see him given a free reign to play off Wickham.
  5. No mate. Also played AGAINST Shutt , Sterland and Williamson regularly …….they all played for 3 Feathers on Sundays.
  6. As a player in my all time England XI As a manger , the jury is out. As a person , comes across as rather strange.
  7. I was OK with Monk`s appointment ( could have done better , equally could have done worse) , but IMHO it took him far too long to implement this shape which is quite clearly the best fit for our current personnel, ie we always look poor with just 2 central midfielders and/ or a lone striker. Pleased that he has finally seen the light and hopefully we can base recruitment around a style , rather than just haphazardly bringing players in.
  8. Once played in the same team as him during a trial for Sheffield boys.
  9. Only saw him play about 3 or 4 times but TBH he looked way off the standard required.
  10. Polders ? ......gonna use that one some more. , and no , players like Fleck , O, Connell , Stevens , Aarons , Cantwell , etc are not plodders......players like Pelupessy , Fox , Da Cruz , Palmer are ….IMHO.
  11. Its actually quite sobering seeing how far we have fallen behind these last 3 years...………………...we don't currently own a championship striker worthy of the name at the moment
  12. A lot on here may soon get their wish of a team full of "honest" plodders.
  13. Correct...………….my blunt supporting workmate told me at the time that they gave him dogs abuse. Anyone who has played football , even just at sunday morning level , can see that it was 100 % intentional and it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that this lowlife is now playing the victim card.
  14. Well...……...that balloons gone pop with a resounding "P"
  15. I have been banging on ALL season that 3-5-2 is the formation that best suits our personnel...….thankfully Monk has finally listened (Seriously , this should have been implemented much sooner). Wildsmith - 7.5 Couple of wonderful saves , but fine margins.....dropped a cross and got away with it and if Wells had got a flick to that free kick like he should have then he would have been crucified for coming for it , but overall a good display. Palmer - 7 Defended well , this position suits him better than full back , distribution poor though and shouldn't have turned his back for the goal. Iorfa - 8 Can sometimes look ungainly but defended very strongly. Borner - 7 Was playing well , hope the injury isn't too bad. Murphy - 7 Couple of careless moments but got better as the game went on. Luongo - 8 Best display for the club , combative, composed and deserved his goal. Bannan - 7.5 Taken for granted by so many but keeps us ticking , loses half a point for poor dead ball delivery. Lee - 7.5 Good , solid all round game Harris - 8 Very good today...…...would still like him to get a run playing "off" Wickham up front though. Wickham - 7.5 Improving with each game , excellent goal. Rhodes - 6.5 Worked very hard, hopefully he scores soon to boost his confidence. Fox - 6.5 Shaky first 15 mins , did ok after that Da Cruz - 6.5 A bit hit and miss but overall much better than pre-lockdown Nuhiu and Pelupessy N/A
  16. White suit , white shoes (no socks) , Magnum tache , Sinatras………….aaah the 80,s
  17. Kieron Freeman is a decent right back , probably better than what we have TBH, If Jack Rodwell`s head is right he would be very good in a back 3 if that's how we are gonna play...…..but he has dodgy history. Mark Duffy is a very good footballer but too old now.
  18. Would have loved to have seen him play in his best postion more often.
  19. Sogou Melo Kean Kelhar Vermijil Wiggins Bus
  20. Its a long list However to try and dilute ; Appointing David Pleat Appointing Alan Irvine when Warnock was practically begging for the job.
  21. Scheiderlin , Lovren , Chambers all went for big money as well.
  22. Enda Stevens...……………..the can-can man.
  23. Been saying all season that its the formation that best suits the personnel we have. Monk just needs to fine tune his selection now.
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