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  1. Just goes to show how overweight and unprofessional he was before to be honest.
  2. 3-5-2...…….which I still think is our best bet with the personnel we have Westwood Hutchinson Iorfa Borner Murphy Luongo Lee Bannan Reach Fletcher Forestieri SUBS Wildsmith Lees Fox Odubajo Windass Harris Wickham
  3. Ditto when the author asks John Sheridan his opinion on David Pleat
  4. Not a RB in a flat back 4, I think we can all agree on that. Would make a decent RWB and has enough ability to play higher up or even in a midfield 3. There was an old play off final on the other day Orient v Rotherham , admittedly a lesser standard but he played right hand side of a front three that day and played very well , which is why I was surprised that he wasn't tried there earlier in the season when Murphys form was abject. Monk seems to favour a very robotic and rigid 4-4-2 which doesn't bode well for him.
  5. The team he built in his first spell was easily the best I have watched in 50 odd years of watching us, and was a larger than life character who suited the club perfectly.
  6. Disappointed for Conor Kirby but his loan spell last year should ensure he gets himself a club...…….wouldn't be surprised to see Holloway take hin to Grimsby maybe ? What probably didn't help Conor is the fact that central midfield is the strongest area of all for our young uns with Hunt, Shaw, Waldock and Grant all looking decent prospects.
  7. Ultimately only Reach himself can unlock the potential...……...has to adopt a more aggressive physical AND mental approach to his game or his career will always be "what might have been"
  8. Despite the reservations of some, it is clearly obvious that he is a player of real potential and it would be madness not to get him tied up to a new contract.
  9. Just imagine...…………………. if you had tapped one of those guys on the shoulder and said "In 4 years time Wednesday would be mid table in the championship , shipping 5 goals at home to Blackburn Rovers , Nuhiu still trundling around up front , Forestieri, Westwood and Hutchinson in the reserves, our first choice full backs are Palmer and Fox (with some sections of Owlstalk wanting Fox to be player of the year) oh...…………..and the blunts are in the top six in the PL.
  10. As far as the show is concerned I think ITV have a lot to answer for. If they knew all along that Razor was under medical instructions not to take part then why in the name of f***wittery did they invite him along ? It was for one reason only , they knew full well what he would do and were a party to it, they set up their recording gear in a bar and watched him down pints, shots , jagerbombs etc when they KNEW healthwise he was a ticking timebomb...…...………….can you imagine just for a minute if he had keeled over in the bar ?
  11. Add Trond Egil Soltvedt, Daryl Powell and Robbie Mustoe to the throw list
  12. Still a very good squad but it was just starting to lose its edge and belief...…. and I think Wilko was getting frustrated with the board not backing him. Oh by the way...…………..WORST HOME KIT EVER.
  13. I was told by someone supposedly "ITK" that the fee we paid was £2.5M...……..which was still too much based on what I have seen so far I might add.
  14. Depends how you define homegrown...…………………..do they have to be Sheffield born or just have come through the academy / U23,s if its the latter Kevin Pressman Peter Shirtliff Ian Knight Mark Smith Mel Sterland Graham Hyde Kevin Taylor Alan Quinn Wayne Jacobs Carl Shutt Rodger Wylde SUBS Jon Newsome Wayne Jacobs Ryan Jones Matt Hamshaw Owen Morrison Carl Bradshaw John Pearson
  15. Never knew this...……………...….and I didn't think anything could make me dislike Pleat more
  16. Always been the case in this country. After 1970 we missed out on the next TWO world cups...………......and this was an era in which England boasted the likes of Rodney Marsh, Alan Hudson, Tony Currie, Frank Worthington, Stan Bowles, Peter Osgood, Duncan McKenzie, Mike Summerbee, Kevin Hector, Charlie George, Gordon Hill etc. These players all got a fraction of the caps they deserved and quite often had to miss out to players like David Johnson, Brian Greenhoff, Ray Kennedy, Trevor Cherry (RIP) , Bob Latchford, Mike Doyle, Stuart Pearson etc...……..as well as Brooking and Channon who it seems were undroppable , all fine players but not a patch ability wise on the first list. I remember the likes of Maradonna, Rummenige , Rossi etc saying they used to pi$$ themselves when England would leave Glenn Hoddle on the bench. Even allowing for the fact that a team needs a blend of players our record at getting the best out of our most gifted players is appalling. Matt Le Tissier had more column inches written about what he COULDN`T do than what he COULD do , and whilst it IS getting better you only have to look at the way Mourhino ruined Joe Cole`s career to see that it still happens. Also in todays day and age players are afraid of trying the flicks, tricks, backheels, rabonas etc for fear of being labelled "disrespectful to the opposition" FFS...…..what a load of boll***s!!!! I have seen it close hand at Wednesday , how many times have you read on here that we "Look a much better side without Brunt / Antonio / Forestieri / Bannan" etc...……...and as much as I love what Wilko did for this club he brought in Siggi Jonsson who looked a wonderfully gifted player, and he then proceeded to lock him away in the gym for 6 months and he came back looking like Dolph Lundgren...…...but was never really the same player.
  17. I agree.....as posted earlier I think that Conor Grant, Liam Shaw, Liam Waldock, Alex Hunt would all be a better bet...…..even Ben Hughes who is more of a right sided player.
  18. Yep...…………...pretty sure we wore that kit in my very first away game at Chesterfield.
  19. Well you knocked that out of the park Garry...………………......Amen to that brother.
  20. I was on holiday and thought I had timed it to perfection as I would be back for the play offs So instead I watched the results come in in Lanzarotes Bar in PDC.
  21. Shouldn't be anywhere near a new contract...……………...IMHO we have 4 central midfielders in the U23,s who are better than he is.
  22. I disagree...……….he may not make it here but there is potential...….he has been impressive and poor in equal measure on his few appearances , but at no time during his stint with us would I have called Baker impressive.
  23. There is a difference between simply not being good enough, and being good enough but overawed or lacking in commitment. Owusu, Beswetherick, weren't good enough...…….Leon Knight was, but had a pi$$ poor attitude. Michael Morrison and Jacques Maghoma seemed to freeze in a Wednesday shirt but carved out decent championship careers at Brum. Leon Clarke for the main part looked a nervous wreck for us, but came back with the blunts and looked like Jurgen f***in Klinsmann. Back in the day Larry May and Ian Cranson were highly thought of when we signed them but both looked petrified when they played.
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