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  1. This overreaction to his display last night is bordering on the bizarre. He received a few pelters first half as did Reach who was equally poor and the whole team were booed at the interval after an awful first half. Made a few really good challenges second half and did OK , then after the game we have Bullen and a load on here losing their $hit about his treatment and saying he was MOM and trying to make some kind of martyr of him...................like i say an extreme overreaction.
  2. He also needs to start utilising Forestieri IMHO.
  3. Westwood - 6 Couple of shaky early moments otherwise OK Odubajo - 6 Looks good going forward but vulnerable when attacked Lees - 8 Solid Borner - 9 Really impressive display Fox - 7 First things first the lads job is to defend and he made 2 or 3 brilliant blocks tonight which got him an extra point , however I don't join in with the general view that he was MOM material as his distribution and first touch especially first half was poor. Hutchinson - 6 Shouldn't start two games in four days IMHO...….seemed to take an age to get into it tonight, decent 2nd half Reach - 5 Awful first half, disinterested, shirking challenges , giving the ball away...………...had a mad 20 mins at start of 2nd before fading, should start on bench Saturday Bannan - 7 Got better as the night wore on Murphy - 6 Poor first half, much better second Fletcher - 7 Worked his nads off Harris - 9 Superb , just what we have been missing for the last 3 years...…...I,m scared about possible bids in January already SUBS Winnall - 5 Looks very rusty, needs 90 mins against Rotherham Luongo - 7 What a goal that nearly was !!!!! OVERALL The first half had me very worried, as bad as some of last years early displays but thankfully better in the second. I stand by the assertion that we look a top half side but maybe just shy of top 6...……….hopefully that will change.
  4. Hope it works out for the lad as i haven`t seen anything to suggest he can make the grade here.
  5. Said it before , its a bizarre trait that goes back years and years with some of our fans, as soon as a player becomes a "fan favourite" there is a section of our supporters that cant wait to hound them out, they will start on Bannan once FF has left....................in fact some have already started.
  6. The "towering" striker for me, Nuhiu ,s cameos generally come off 1 in 5 or 6 times, don't get me wrong I hope today is one of them but I would sooner have the option of Forestieri...……………...I know FF is an enigma and that there is a section on here that will be delighted that his is missing out but IMHO it is a mistake to have a genuine game changer not involved in the matchday squad.
  7. Get the distinct impression that Bullen doesn`t care for FF much.
  8. LB says Bannan has good chance of being fit, will assess today. Says he likes continuity in selection but must also consider all factors and says it will be a "physical" test tomorrow.
  9. According to one report this morning he pressured the chairman into signing a load of new players this summer even though they couldnt afford it.......touch of the Harry Redknapps ?
  10. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Reach Murphy Fletcher Harris SUBS - Dawson, Odubajo, Lee, Bannan, Rhodes, Forestieri, Nuhiu save Lee and Bannan for tusdays starting line up.
  11. Yes on both counts as hard as that is to fathom. Burtenshaw was as bad as it gets, his sides were abject , yes he managed under difficult circumstances but as Len Ashurst proved after him it was possible to improve the team. Eustace was a strange character, he begged for the job when Wilko left, and once he got it he seemed determined to pi$$ off all and sundry on a weekly basis. I remember the star backpage before his first game as confirmed manager and he spouted that even though he hadn`t figured much Colin West would start the game because he was instrumental in bringing him to the club and as he put it " I,m the gaffer now".....................bust ups with Sterland and Varadi followed, and seemed to delight in picking David Hirst for the bench against all common sense. Also remember his signing masterstroke........at a time when money was tight he spaffed £400,000 (a lot of money at that time) on Darren Wood who was absolute garbage.
  12. And the most mind boggling thing of all were the posters who backed him and said we were all living in the past.
  13. It would seem some posters wont be happy until he has left the club.......................probably the same people who said we would be better off without Antonio, Brunt etc.....................really weird trait that Wednesday fans seem to have had all down the years and if FF goes they will probably move on to Bannan..............in fact some have already started.
  14. Hope he gets his chance, and I hope he takes it because a fully firing FF on top of what we saw yesterday is an exciting thought...……...…...……..just have a nagging suspicion that LB doesn`t care for him too much.
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