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  1. Was in south stand with my dad....there was even a bit of bother in there.....a Man Utd fan in front of us kept standing on his seat meaning my dads mate Roy couldnt see. This situation was swiftly resolved by Roy giving the man Utd fan a straightener coupled with a "Fu***in sit dahn you soft tw@t". 45 YEARS.....christ where did it all go? , i love watching watching old clips like this it makes me all warm and fuzzy, and before any millennial starts whining about living in the past, let me tell you there is NOTHING wrong with a bit of nostalgia and i GUARANTEE you will feel the same one day. Proper Wednesday kit, standing on the kop, iconic opponents, the old number board scores on the north, Eric Potts, Tommo, i can almost smell the park drive and bovril from here..........aaaaah yesterday!!
  2. yes you are right mate, the usual suspects would have spouted off , and whilst you could question HOW the money was spent in the first two years I think when it was laid out in black and white the vast majority of Wednesday fans would have understood
  3. The time to act was after the Huddersfield play off defeat. Regardless of who was manager he should have released a statement saying we had gambled big time for two seasons but it hadn`t worked. We have accepted bids for Reach and Forestieri that total £22 M and whilst it is disappointing to lose players of this calibre it is a fact of life for clubs in the championship and the money we receive will ensure that we can still compete in this division without embargoes or point deductions.
  4. This galls me more than anything................he KNEW for a long time what was coming, yet still blocked any major sales and still allowed ridiculous signings like Boyd and Van Aken to go through.
  5. Dawson - 7 Little to do but did it well Odubajo - 5 Got skinned for goal and picked the wrong option too often going forward Iorfa - 7.5 Continues his good form Lees - 7 One awful back pass, pretty decent otherwise Fox - 5 Sorry Snoots I saw it completely different, awful first half, gave the ball away every time he had it, improved slightly second half Forestieri - 6.5 Shocking miss which was a shame because he was looking quite lively before getting injured Hutchinson - 7 Good solid game Bannan - 8 Back to his old self Harris - 7 Patchy first half, much better second when he switched flanks Nuhiu - 6.5 Worked hard and deserved his goal. Wish he wouldn't give so many needless fouls away....why does someone as tall as him need to bump and barge for high balls anyway? Fletcher - 7.5 Much better than wed night, good all round performance Murphy - 7 That's a bit more like it Luongo - 6.5 Did OK Reach - 6.5 Nice assist
  6. NO LOANEES ALLOWED They only make the list if they were bona fide Wednesday players BEST WORST Westwood Jameson Hunt Vermijl Iorfa Tumilty Lees Nielsen Pudil Obileye Floro Hutchinson Bannan Sedgwick Nyoni Antonio Lee Uchechi Forestieri Bus Stobbs Hooper SUBS SUBS Kirkland Price Borner Reynolds Loovens D. Jones Semedo J. Bennett Wallace Taylor Fletcher Otsemeboor Harris Sogou
  7. From what i have seen of the starting 11 Waldock, Hughes, Hunt and Grant all look like they may have a chance
  8. TBF i have seen more "hate" (or criticism for anyone over 25) in the Bannan and Forestieri threads this week
  9. Maybe..................but if his attitude is now pi$$ poor as BB is suggesting then i find it strange that Monk is including him at all.
  10. IMHO it is a sign of how far we have fallen in the last 2-3 years that Palmer and Fox, who , most on here were saying three years ago were not good enough as BACK UP full backs are now first choice. They may have improved slightly, but they aint improved THAT much.
  11. Totally at odds with Monks comments during FF,s ban when he said his attitude had been excellent.
  12. Really?...................looking at the Op i thought it was a Bannan bashing thread.
  13. Whether bannan was right to do what he did is debatable ...... but is Morgan Fox now our version of Raheem Sterling?........ie immune from criticism.
  14. Dawson - 7 Generally sound, would like to see him catch more rather than punching Odubajo - 6 Did Ok, an improvement on Palmer`s recent performances Iorfa - 8 MOM by a street, best defender AND best attacker last night, can`t play centre half my ar** Borner - 6 looked a bit uncertain last night Fox - 5 Whilst a blind man can see he has improved, he has only improved from awful to mediocre IMHO....i really dont get the love in but hey ho, i thought his crosses unerringly found the opposition and he was very lax stopping crosses coming in (the goal a point in question) Bannan - 6 Standard Bazza, never stops trying and keeps us ticking , but too many "nearly" balls Lee - 5 Hopefully his form is down to lack of game time......the worry is, is that it is down to injuries taking their toll Luongo - 5 Largely anonymous, does a disappearing act for big chunks of the game. Harris - 6 Gets an extra point for goal, pretty poor overall Fletcher - 5 Usual graft but his touch was poor and his finishing worse Raech - 3 If that was him playing for his shirt after being dropped then he was hiding it very well........distribution was appalling, he really is going backwards. SUBS Lees - 5 Looked very rusty Nuhiu - 6 Did nowt for about 15 mins then sprang to life and gave us some impetus Forestieri - 7 Its all rather sad isnt it.......the bloke is obviously leaving in January and we have wasted him for one reason or another for the past 2 and a half years. Showed enough in his short time on the pitch to suggest we have wasted him this season as well. OVERALL I have seen us play much worse but i have yet to see any identity to our attacking play under Monk and there seems to be a general air of indifference around the place which is to be expected given everything that is happening. The two main sticking points for me are 1. Formation - Monk seems determined to stick with 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 , when i think the system that best suits our current personnel is 3-5-2 2. Selection - I am finding it hard to defend some of his selection decisions TBF.
  15. As a club we have been hopeless at handling this type of player for years now, think back to our fans all saying on here how much better we will be as a TEAM once Antonio, Brunt, etc leave, and they do it now with FF and BB. I realise that this type of player can be high maintenance, but honestly i think a large section of our fans won`t be happy until we have a squad full of Buxton, Fox, Palmer, Pelupessy types..................and as soon as that happens they will be bemoaning the fact that we dont have any "X factor" i think it is obvious that he is leaving in January and plenty on here will be happy at that and whilst FF hasnt helped himself at times , i for one will be sorry to see him go.
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