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  1. He is most of the things that have been mentioned...……………………...but he is also a talented player when he puts his mind to it...…………….compare his contribution to our substitute Murphy.
  2. Dawson - 5 Gets an extra point for a very good late save, other than that, oh dear, Stayed on his line when he should have come, came out and flapped when he should have stayed and even allowing for Flints blatant interference his positioning for the goal was awful, I,m sure everyone else knew like me where he was going to PLACE it. Palmer - 3 Sorry but that was absolutely awful, On 2 or three occasions he failed to control a 5 yard pass, let his winger get a cross in every time they attacked him and seemed to be on a one man mission to get them back in the game with his stupid fouls Iorfa - 8 Continues his good form really solid Borner - 8 Smart finish and assured defending Fox - 5.5 Couple of good interventions but looked vulnerable for the main part Harris - 7 Great first half, starved of the ball in the second, should have stayed on Hutchinson - 8.5 Best game for quite some time , like the Hutch of old , busy and a threat going forward. Luongo - 6 Pedestrian for long periods, needs to get involved more than this if he wants to figure regularly Bannan - 7 Was doing pretty well, bizarre decision to take him off Reach - 4 Lots of effort but precious little else, sloppy distribution and as nesh as always Fletcher - 6 His decision making wasn`t the best tonight, worked hard as always SUBS Nuhiu - 5 Offered little Murphy - 3 I`m sorry but I have seen enough...…..disinterested, weak , and a waste of a shirt at the moment....surely he has more to offer than this. I`m already hoping there is a clause to enable him to return in January....compare his input to their substitute Tomlin OVERALL Would have taken a point at 7.45 but given how poor Cardiff were for 80 mins we only ourselves to blame that we didn't get all three...…...should have been a comfy win but our game management second half was pi$$ poor and at a time when Cardiff were getting back in the game it was a horrendous decision to take off the best player we have at looking after the ball , first black mark to Monk in what has been a very encouraging start.
  3. Disappeared into the ether i`m afraid like the the goals from the famous night at Blackburn the same year.
  4. FF is back in the mix and his attitude has been fantastic, up to him to take his chance. Lees not quite ready (seem to have been close for about a month now, what is his injury exactly?)
  5. I was away for both games on my first lads foreign holiday........2 weeks in Magaluf !!!!. when it was still quite respectable and more of a family resort. There were 7 of us , a mix of Wednesday and blunts and i remember us trying to ring home (wasn`t straightforward in those days) to get the result..............finally got through and had a lovely night taking the rise after hearing the result , particularly as this was hot on the heels of promotion and the BDM. I remember one of the blunts ringing his brother after the first game and he came back round the pool with the news that Wednesday had won 2 -0 but " utd were the better side and outsung Wednesday all day"......................some things never change eh !
  6. You could have scripted some of the responses in this thread, and most of them from posters who throw a hissy fit if someone gives Fox or Nuhiu the same treatment, still , all about opinions isn`t it , but i am sure everyone can agree that regardless of all thats gone before a fully fit and motivated FF would be a huge bonus at this stage so lets hope he is ready to make an impact.
  7. Unless he had it in mind to rest Fletcher for the Hull game all along and the "knock" was a convenient excuse.
  8. Sorry but i disagree, after last nights display Reach would be on the bench for Saturday.
  9. Surely he doesn`t start on saturday after last nights "display".
  10. Westwood - 7 No chance with goal, did well otherwise Odubajo - 7 One of our better performers tonight Borner - 7 Did Ok . a few wayward passes tonight Iorfa - 7 Loses a point for the goal Palmer - 5 Same old , same old , lacking quality once he gets over the halfway line Harris - 4 Looked very lethargic Bannan - 6 Poor set pieces, too many long hopeful balls, but still our only outlet for most of the game Hutchinson - 4 As poor as I have seen him, almost non existent Reach - 3 Appalling, lost count of the number of times he had possession in a promising position only to lose it with a half hearted flick or careless pass, should have been subbed. Winnall - 4 Offered nothing really, missed great chance and looked leaden. Nuhiu - 5 Really poor first half, awful miss, bucked up a tad second half SUBS Murphy - 6 A few good runs but brushed off ball too easily Lee - 4 never got into it , should have had longer Rhodes - 4 The woe continues OVERALL So, so f****ing disappointing that we can never seem to manage more than 3 decent games in a row, anything like our best and Hull were there for the taking. To direct and one dimensional all night, and oh...…………………………. just pray that Fletcher stays fit until January at least because without him our attacking options look pi$$ poor.
  11. Not the worst but come on now he wasn`t great,..he really wasn`t.
  12. Yep, we bottled it big time that night..............a quarter final against the blunts no less with a guaranteed live TV slot and all the money that entailed.
  13. This...……….could never understand for the life of me why he would spend all that time and money following Wednesday and spend the vast majority of the match with his back to goal or goading rival fans. I bet he has never posted in the matchday ratings threads as he wouldn't have a clue.
  14. This x 1000...……...….why do we have to have one of these stupid f***ing "haters" threads every f***ing week ?
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