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  1. Think its fair to say he divides opinion but the hypocrisy weighs very heavily........................ if Fox or Nuhiu ( also players who have had many , many chances despite performing very poorly at times) had received this kind of treatment the righteous indignation on here.would have gone into overdrive.
  2. Yeah sorry.............he may well have been, only just noticed the other threads.
  3. Wilfried Bony and Josh Sims.......................dont shoot the messenger, just a rumour from a contact at work, might be BS.
  4. Its very straightforward.....................play well and you will receive the plaudits, hopefully he will start doing that regularly. The criticism he has received has been justified because the vast majority of his displays have been very poor.
  5. Bannan.................thankfully all those who weighed in on the "how much better do we look as a team without him" dont actually get to pick the team
  6. TBF i have seen Liam Palmer be guilty of that exact thing on many occasions. Fair play to Fox for improving this year, but i still think that some of the comments about him this year are over-generous , which is probably a reaction to the amount of stick he has received in the past. Call me an old cynic Snoots but after 2 and a half years of, lets be honest, some awful to below average displays he has come on leaps and bounds..........which is very reminiscent of Nuhiu,s purple patch 2 years ago...................when he was also due to be out of contract .
  7. Maybe its an indication of the amount of slackers we have had to watch over the last few years that people are spaffing about someone sprinting 1 length of the pitch, but surely this kind of thing is the bare minimum you should expect ?
  8. Given how awful Murphy`s form has been i would have expected us to at least have tried Odubajo in a more advanced position. Nearly all the comments on here about him were along the lines of "poor defensively , decent going forward"
  9. Hopefully Murphy next who has been much worse than Odubajo.
  10. Fair do,s , but it does come across that way. Anyroads , great win and how did the young lad play ?
  11. Ah come on mate...…………"how much more of a team do we look without Bannan", followed by mentioning his faults (sitting too deep, set pieces etc)...……..is not a dig at Bannan ?
  12. Whilst I get what the OP is saying to an extent is there any other fanbase that does what we do on a regular basis?....ie as soon as a talented game changing player becomes a fan favourite (Brunt, Antonio,Forestieri, Bannan) its like there is a section that just can`t wait to start picking holes and put the knife in. Already in this thread he has been called a "luxury player" and "wee billy big Boll***s" , and whilst he is not immune to the odd bad display, looking back over the last 2 years I have lost count of the number of times we have stank the place out as a team and he has been virtually the ONLY player on the pitch wearing an owl on his chest that has looked remotely like he gives a f***. The fact of the matter is (ref the OP) we look better with a midfield 3 rather than a two, and if we are picking our best 3 midfielders and anyone is suggesting that BB isnt one of them then I despair.
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