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  1. Every single one of us will get behind any Wednesday XI that gives their all, even though the minus 12 isnt of our making. Maybe this site could take a lead as some of the threads started seem hell bent on dividing the fanbase at the moment.
  2. Too much for a player that i am still not sure about , second half of season was very good but his form in the first half was abject.
  3. You say that but if his price is £3 Million , then his value has plummeted by £9 Million since Newcastle bought him.
  4. I liked Lopez but TBF sonof I think his performance in the first half of the second leg is what did for him......................he may as well have been sat with me, .....he was hooked at half time , Hutchinson came on and played well.
  5. Loved watching him in his pomp , but rightly or wrongly his race with us is run , good luck and move on.
  6. Whilst conveniently ignoring the best part of £100 million he has spent on Berge , Robinson, Mousset, Mcbernie, Freeman, Osborn, Ramsdale, the Derby pair, etc.
  7. Dont think they will scale last seasons heights , but will unfortunately be mid table or just below.
  8. Yep....................everyone was singing "there`s only one Keith Edwards"
  9. I fully "get" your side splitting p***take , i was just wondering why you are indulging in such puerile [email protected] like this instead of just enjoying yesterdays win.
  10. Loved watching Nando, Westy and Hutch play for us........................also loved watching us win today.....................must be something wrong with me.
  11. Never get managers who change into a kit / tracksuit to stand and watch.
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