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  1. sheriwozgod

    Team for Swansea

    Wouldn`t be at all surprised to see him try a back three with wingbacks on Saturday.
  2. sheriwozgod

    Jordan Lonchar left

    Agree with this.................when i first watched this group a few years ago i thought Hirst, Clare and Penney were the ones with a chance, didnt see Thorniley doing as well as he has, but yeah 2 or 3 from each group is pretty good IMO.
  3. sheriwozgod


    Boyd was a favourite of Bruce`s when he was at Hull...………………...hopefully he will see that he aint the same player these days and not be one be one of those annoying blindspots every manager seems to have.
  4. sheriwozgod

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    Got home and found out the HMS Sheffield had been sunk...………………...memorable night for all the wrong reasons.
  5. sheriwozgod

    Hector & Thorniley...

    Careful........................they said that about Pelupessy
  6. sheriwozgod

    Hector & Thorniley...

    I wasn`t sure about Thorniley at first but i have to say he is slowly winning me over. There are still times where he can be a bit careless and rash but he seems to be steadily improving all the time and you cant ask for much more than that.
  7. sheriwozgod

    Summer Sort Out

    Limited to players i have seen play enough times to make a decision Keep - Bannan , Lees , Joao , Thorniley , Reach, Huthcinson, Iorfa , Dawson, Wildsmith , Penney, Forestieri, Winnall, Fletcher Release - Palmer, Pudil, Boyd, Abdi, Jones, Matias, Neilsen, Preston Offer new Deals - Westwood (1 year) , Lee and Hooper ( 1 year on heavily appearance based contract unless the medical prognosis rules it out) Transfer List - Stobbs, Van Aken, Nuhiu, Pelupessy, Fox, Rhodes Obviously we may need a FFP sacraficial lamb, ideally Reach as he would probably raise the largest amount.
  8. sheriwozgod

    U23s v L**ds (h)

    Always thought Ben Hughes has looked decent , and surprised O,Grady hasn`t kicked on but yeah can see most being released.
  9. sheriwozgod


    That may have got something to do with DC splashing out £30 M plus on the squad Hooper rather than Best , Bannan rather than McCabe , Forestieri rather than Bus etc etc.............i dont think the poxy £1.5 M we squeezed out of Forest for Antonio made one iota of difference...............although Stuart Gray did say at the time that it allowed us to bring in Stevie May !!! The point i am making is that Bannan aint perfect , but he is the best midfielder we have got now that Lee is crocked yet many want him to be sold , i can personally think of many more who i would sacrafice first.
  10. sheriwozgod


    It never ceases to amaze me the way our fans cant wait to put the boot in to genuinely talented players when they play below par (get rid in the summer FFS) , yet will laud the same old journeymen who raise their game from awful to average for a month or so and call for them to get new deals........sound familiar ? They are probably the same people who said we would be a better "team" without Antonio and Brunt.
  11. sheriwozgod

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    Westwood - 6 One dodgy parry aside he was solid , didn't like the slow timing in a match we should be looking to win Palmer - 6 Defended OK , nothing of note going forward Hector - 7 Defended very well , passing was poor Thorniley - 6 occasional lapses , generally OK Fox - 6 Defended OK , rabbit in the headlights in the final third Pelupessy - 3 Nothing against the lad , he is a trier but the "future captain" is a desperately limited player Hutchinson - 6 Did alright , seen him play much better Bannan - 5 And I`m a Bannan fan...……..a few decent touches mixed with far too much careless and quite frankly poor stuff for a player of his ability Reach - 4 First touch was appalling as was his decision making Joao - 4 Once again gets a start and fails to perform......was like watching a dog chase a balloon , so frustrating Fletcher - 5 No shortage of effort as per but he was like a human pinball , nothing stuck, and the last gasp effort summed up his performance SUBS Boyd - 5 Actually looked bright for 10 - 15 mins before reverting to type Forestieri - 6 gave us some zip but spoiled it with two awful dead ball efforts OVERALL An absolute dog of a game...……..so, so frustrating because we only had to raise our game from abject to plain awful and it looked like it would be enough to win, but the players lack of desire and determination to grab hold of the game and all three points was hard to stomach...…………...and as for our set pieces !!!!!!! The only positive is SB is getting to see the REAL picture.
  12. sheriwozgod

    Another owl gone

    So sad for his wife and daughter , my thoughts are with them. RIP
  13. sheriwozgod

    Roland Nilsson memories

    OK............we`ll start today...................if we win 6 - 0 this afternoon do you promise not to watch the highlights tonight ?
  14. sheriwozgod

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    How refreshing is that after dishcloth Jos. Ask a straight question on injuries and get a straight answer.............not f****n difficult is it ?
  15. sheriwozgod

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    I remember my old man (RIP) being clearly affronted by Man City trying to keep us in the old first division in the late 60,s , a man of principle you see. I remember him watching this years later as Wimbledon scored with a scuffed penalty and a deflection , only for Everton to finally win it with the aforementioned 20 yard tackle and saying "This reminds me of Wednesday , Man City"..................he then left a pause and said......."But if it means Utd get relegated then i couldnt give a f*** ""....................................seems his principles had mellowed with age !!!!!