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  1. Maybe not.......................but the class of 91 managed a FULL championship season, got to the 5th round of the FA cup....and WON the league cup (complete with replays and two legged semi final) all with pretty much the same 15 or 16 players, so 3 games a week IS doable if we are being honest .
  2. Why didnt he just say that then ?
  3. sheriwozgod

    Team for Sunderland

    Westwood (yeah I know) J. Lee Van Aken Thoniley Boyd Jones Hunt Penney Matias Nuhiu Preston Don't risk ANY of the key players from Saturday, this season is gonna be tough enough without losing a key player in the league cup.
  4. sheriwozgod

    Morgan Fox

    His lack of desire in trying to defend his own net for that Hull goal yesterday was laughable.
  5. sheriwozgod

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Spot on mate...………….I honestly think some of our "true fans" would have been happy if we had only sold 25,000 tickets for Wembley.
  6. sheriwozgod

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Absolute and utter cobblers!!!!!!!
  7. sheriwozgod

    Joey Pelupessy

    "Haters"....."scapegoating" FFS get over yourselves, he was appalling today and that is not "hating" or "scapegoating" it is saying it like it is...……..what are we supposed to do lie and say he was wonderful ?
  8. sheriwozgod

    Another pathetic manager

    The guy has inherited a bad situation and did OK last season I thought,...…..however the mantra that this year we would be well drilled and organised is looking miles wide of the mark, and his demeanour in the press conferences looks desperately weak, dull and uninspiring. I hope it is just (another) poor start and he turns it around , but I aint confident if the performances and selections (Fox ?.seriously??) so far are anything to go by, the guy just resembles a ..well...…...shrug.
  9. sheriwozgod

    Positive news soon?

    Including Westwood in the matchday squad would give the fans a feeling of positivity right when we need it.
  10. sheriwozgod

    Joost Van Aken

    I would be slightly worried if either of the young centre backs were first team fixtures ATM. Thorniley has a good attitude but is a bit rash at times, and Neilsen looks a bit cumbersome and not as dominant in the air as he should be for someone his size. Strange that O`Grady seems to have gone down the pecking order as whenever i have seen them play for the young uns he has looked the most composed.
  11. sheriwozgod

    Clare joins Swansea

    And that is the bigger picture my friends.
  12. sheriwozgod


    No.................but that is what happens when you don`t give straight answers................ the reporter is perfectly entitled to ask.
  13. sheriwozgod

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Been saying this for months...........surely one interview with the local media outlining everything would go some way to helping matters, find it really strange that this hasn`t happened.
  14. sheriwozgod


    Just imagine if we had loaned Kyle Bartley and Aaron Mooy and spent £10 M on Tom Cairney instead of Rhodes and Abdi............ah well!