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  1. Ha Ha yeah........................i thought Stevie May was good after seeing him A FEW TIMES !!
  2. If true he is the TYPE of centre half we need based on the few times i have seen him...........big, strong, no nonsense, just haven`t seen enough of him personally to make a proper judgement.
  3. You`re not kidding mate....................hopefully things will start warming up Wendesdaywise over the next few weeks.
  4. I think he means the same old argument that crops up every time England play. If you support Wednesday it is an EVERYDAY thing...........wanting your country to do well when they play is a completely different thing. I always find it a bit sad when people say they dont care about the national team but hey ho...............FWIW i will always back them
  5. sheriwozgod

    Are their any hidden gems

    Agreed..............i remember when we sold Antonio (better off without him a lot on here said ) thinking we had let him go for about half of what he was worth at that time. What made it worse was Stuart Gray rubbing salt in by saying the sale was "necessary" cause it allowed us to bring in Stevie May !!!
  6. Panama looked really poor so i would make plenty of changes to try and get the majority of the squad involved / given a chance. Walker, Maguire, Young, Henderson, Alli, Lingard, Sterling all step down Cahill, Jones, Rose, Dier, Rashford, Loftus-Cheek and Vardy to start with Alexander-Arnold, Welbeck and Delph coming off the bench.
  7. sheriwozgod

    Brum in for Bannan?

    No way Pedro !!................Hourihane is vastly overrated IMHO , BB is a MUCH better player.
  8. sheriwozgod

    One For The Ladies

    How can someone be as big a unit and as ripped as Adam Reach and be so nesh in the challenge ?
  9. We could do with getting rid of Jones, Fox, Abdi ,Boyd and Palmer THIS year not next.
  10. I have seen Stobbs on about half a dozen occasions and on that admittedly brief evidence i think he falls some way short of being good enough for the champ, and i was surprised when we gave him a new deal.........hope he proves me wrong though.
  11. sheriwozgod

    Our fire sale

    Which is part of the reason why we are maxed out on our credit cards..........................EVERY club has to sell at least now and again to help balance the books.
  12. I was thinking the same thing actually.
  13. sheriwozgod

    “Out of Leftfield” signings

    At a guess it will be a couple of continental freebies and a couple of prem U23 loans , with hopefully around another half dozen or so leaving........................a few of whom will unfortunately be players we dont want to lose.
  14. sheriwozgod

    Mark Bright Goals

    Brilliant striker for us........brave, commited, never bullied, guaranteed 20 goals a season and a perfect foil for DEH, yet all the majority of Wednesdayites can say when his name is mentioned is "what abaht that miss in replay". Definitely a what coulda been moment, but dont let it cloud what a superb signing he was.
  15. sheriwozgod

    Liam Palmer

    An honest trier but league 1 is his standard IMHO. Hopefully someone like Bradford or Barnsley will take him.