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  1. Employ a director of football..................who`s first job is to make Brentfords scouting team an offer they cant refuse.
  2. The main thing with with Cook , bearing in mind we need a major overhaul , is that he has an eye for a player. Apparently Burnley are considering him should Dyche leave.
  3. I agree....absolutely....FFS.....but not to the vast majority on here wanting them gone , that was purely a football matter
  4. So many on here screaming for the "bad apple big earners" to be dumped , ................................well..........this is what our team looks like without them , great isnt it. In all seriousness the club is an absolute shambles , and until we find out our fate no decent manager will touch us with a bargepole. But in the meantime , the thought of Monk being in charge of recruitment this summer is more scary than the EFL verdict.
  5. I1ll repeat what i have said before , unless he adopts a far more aggressive physical and mental approach then his career will be reduced to what might have been.
  6. Wildsmith - 6 Did OK, no chance with goals. Palmer - 5 Defended OK , distribution abysmal. Iorfa - 8 Good game today. Borner - 6 OK. Murphy - 5 Awful first half, wasted some glorious opportunities with weak, half hearted finishing , gets an extra point for cross for goal. Bannan - 7 Some lovely through balls but set pieces again were poor. Luongo - 4 Followed up last weeks best performance with his worst today........lethargic, ineffective and weak for first goal. Lee - 7 Was playing well. Reach - 5 Pretty poor to be honest. Wickham - 5 Poor today , nothing stuck . Da Cruz - 5 Awful miss , has some pace but lets be honest he is some way below what is needed. Hunt - 5 felt a bit sorry for him , joined a second half $hit show. Nuhiu - 6 Fair play for getting his head on the cross but this guy is as much a part of our fall from grace these last 3 years as anyone. For crying out loud PLEASE don`t offer him a new contract , it is time for a mass clearout. Harris - 6 Tried to give us some drive.......would like to see him given a free reign to play off Wickham.
  7. No mate. Also played AGAINST Shutt , Sterland and Williamson regularly …….they all played for 3 Feathers on Sundays.
  8. As a player in my all time England XI As a manger , the jury is out. As a person , comes across as rather strange.
  9. I was OK with Monk`s appointment ( could have done better , equally could have done worse) , but IMHO it took him far too long to implement this shape which is quite clearly the best fit for our current personnel, ie we always look poor with just 2 central midfielders and/ or a lone striker. Pleased that he has finally seen the light and hopefully we can base recruitment around a style , rather than just haphazardly bringing players in.
  10. Once played in the same team as him during a trial for Sheffield boys.
  11. Only saw him play about 3 or 4 times but TBH he looked way off the standard required.
  12. Polders ? ......gonna use that one some more. , and no , players like Fleck , O, Connell , Stevens , Aarons , Cantwell , etc are not plodders......players like Pelupessy , Fox , Da Cruz , Palmer are ….IMHO.
  13. Its actually quite sobering seeing how far we have fallen behind these last 3 years...………………...we don't currently own a championship striker worthy of the name at the moment
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