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  1. Back to basics 4-4-2 Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Penney Harris Bannan Brown Reach Windass Paterson Midfield is a bit open and we’re desperate from Luongo to return.
  2. He’s okay, but wildly overrated. Great range of passing, but a lot of drawbacks to his game too, most of which have probably been covered in this thread. Personally think Luongo is a vastly more effective player, if not as eye catching. No coincidence that our performances and results have tanked since he became injured. Also thought we moved the ball with more pace and purpose through midfield in the two games Bannan hasn’t featured in this season (Rochdale and, well, the first half against Fulham anyway).
  3. The defeat against Hull didn’t really come out of the blue - the pattern of play was very similar to the 0-0 draw that took place against them a couple of months earlier (in a game more famous for Forestieri getting sent off for not getting his leg broken). Both games Hull set up with a five man midfield, and in both games Wednesday created nothing. Every attack either broke down in the middle third due to being outnumber, and any attempts to go long didn’t work as the strikers had neither the pace nor aerial ability to challenge for long balls, resulting in Hull having both games
  4. Not sure I agree with this... Carlos inherited a team that had comfortably finished mid-table the previous season, with a strong spine (Westwood/Loovens/Lees/Hutchinson/Lee) that had the best clean sheet record in the division. He was then given money to spend and an increased wage budget - the likes of which no manager has had before or since - to bolster the squad. And we had plenty of squad depth that year (along with Forestieri being at his absolute best). I mean, just look at the teams who finished just outside the playoffs that year. They were really average an
  5. Hopefully Brighton will field a bunch of fringe players and we can possibly get a result Naff tie though
  6. When you consider his age, contract, and attribute (defender who is comfortable on the ball), £15m is about the going rate. Anything less and Wednesday are selling themselves short.
  7. We've been the better team. More chances will come. It's galling that they equalised right after that Forestieri miss, but I still think we'll get a second here
  8. I know we've only taken two points from the last three games, but honestly I think our performances have generally been okay and we've not been outplayed in any of these games. We've certainly played far worse this season and managed to win when we maybe didn't deserve it (home game against Wigan springs to mind, Stoke and Luton weren't much better either) The only thing I will say is that using Fletcher as a lone striker in a home game against Birmingham is far too negative. In games such as this we also need to be starting Forestieri or Nuhiu alongside him.
  9. But that's not true is it? All players decline eventually, and at 35 Westwood is getting on a bit for a goalkeeper. It could just be a rough patch of form, perhaps. But all of Westwood's errors this season seem to be the same - poor decision making when coming off his line. Like he's a fraction slower than he used to be. And I worry that this is something that is down to age/injuries/general wear-and-tear, rather than a temporary loss of form.
  10. The fact that Palmer made a poor error doesn't mean that Westwood then has to compound it with another poor error (second goal, don't think he did much wrong for the first) The mental knots people are willing to tie themselves in to absolve him of any blame are quite remarkable
  11. This is unfair on Dawson. Last season under Luhukay our defence was an absolute shambles and constantly playing itself into trouble, and Dawson was facing more shots on goal than any other team in the division. Any keeper would have struggled to have kept clean sheets under those circumstances. This season in three starts with a better defensive unit ahead of him, he's kept two clean sheets and only conceded one goal - which was the controversial one against Cardiff.
  12. The only goal Dawson has conceded in the league this season was the controversial free-kick against Cardiff, keeping two clean sheets in the process. Bizarre comment, really.
  13. Millwall also. These are just very basic errors occurring on a regular basis. Sure all keepers make mistakes every now and then, but not with this sort of regularity. I'd like to know how long you give him to get a grip on this. He's been a brilliant player for us during his time here, but his form this season has been poor. Part of me worries that age is starting to catch up with him.
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