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  1. It’s a common tactic used by Talksport. They announce that they have an exclusive interview lined up.....knowing word gets round leading to an increase in listeners.. Then they delay.....delay....then apologise for the delay and say they are expecting it before a certain time. Delay...delay.....then finally they’ll do the interview.
  2. He was interviewed on Radio Sheffield about 2 years ago... They asked him directly “you’re out of a job so would you ever consider managing Sheffield Wednesday”. He didn’t say “yes” or “no”. His reply was that he lives in the Sheffield area and he and his family are very settled in the area. He said he likes to separate his working life from his private life....and he loves that he’s free to socialise in Sheffield with no hassle. He also said he comes across Wednesday fans on a regular basis and he always receives nice feedback....and would like to keep it that
  3. Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights
  4. Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights
  5. Palin was interviewed on Radio Sheffield just a few months ago. All the above tallies up with what he said. He said his 1st love was Hallam FC and when asked the direct club which team he supports he just said as a school boy his uncle took him to Bramall Lane on a regular basis. However he wouldn’t give a direct answer saying that living in a London he still has a strong love towards his home town of Sheffield. So he genuinely wants BOTH Sheffield teams to do well....and given the opportunity he supports both.
  6. It’s also like saying the car manufacturers are corrupt. Why give cars top speeds of 130 mph when the legal speed limit is 70 mph. So instead of paying your speeding fine you blame the car manufacturers for making you do over 100mph on the motorway. It does seem perverse though that there’s such a big market and desire for fast cars...if they legally can’t be used on roads.
  7. Agree....the original PL2 plan was very radical and controversial. It was the create a financial safety net for clubs relegated from PL1 because the gap between PL1 and PL2 wouldn’t be as big, However the plan was for there to be no relegation from PL2 and to kill off the EFL. So clubs invited into PL2 wasn’t based on merit....it was based on club size, prestige to make PL1 and PL2 appear more attractive. Under the PL2 format Sunderland’s situation would never happen....they would just stay in PL2. So of course, based on size and reputation SWFC wo
  8. How can the EFL ban parachute payments? That’s like the PL wanting a £5K wage cap in league 2. The driver behind FFP isn’t about having clubs on a level playing field....there’s never been a level playing...historically bigger clubs have always had an advantage. The whole point of FFP is to prevent clubs over spending building up massive debt then going into admin. Before FFP several clubs would go into admin every year......after FFP (P&S) clubs going into admin has become rare. The only power the EFL have is to refuse entry for PL who receive parachute paymen
  9. Don’t think some people understand that a PL2 must be voted in and agreed by the PL and it’s member clubs....it’s not an EFL decision. So Championship clubs would need to do a report/ presentation explaining how the PL benefit (usually financially) from restructuring into have a PL1 and a PL2. Phil Gartside, the old Bolton Chairman saw how some PL clubs were struggling so much financially (almost going bust) upon relegation due to being contractually obliged to continue paying PL salaries even whilst in the Championship......Gartside wanted to financially protect relegated PL club
  10. At first glance...it seems natural to think SWFC guilty as charged....take it on the chin and apply the deduction this season. However if SW do appeal....then it seems weird that the timing of BCFC punishment effectively meant ZERO punishment. The timing is key and open to manipulation....but doesn’t seem right where 2 clubs commit similar misdoings...one has a 12 point deduction from the start of a new season whereas the other (Birmingham) escapes any effective punishment .
  11. Agree...there’s a big gap in standard between the PL and Championship. Most promoted clubs automatically become big favourites for relegation so they would normally struggle to attract decent players. So it’s in the PL interest to have a highly competitive league where every single club has quality players but those players will have high salaries. It was recognised that relegated clubs could go into financial meltdown....so the PL2 was muted as a solution. This would solve the financial issue for relegated clubs but it would mean the Sky billions are shared out am
  12. Agree.....I think the main driver of FFP is to act as a deterrent....not to be a punishment. Some people say SW are guilty of cheating...however it was more an admin error. If the idea to sell the ground to himself had been done 12 years earlier....then the loophole suggests this action would be OK. The timing of s punishment is massively important....natural justice says promotions/ relegations should be decided on the pitch...not in the courts, So all punishments should be pre-season so everyone knows where they stand and the punished club have a chance. The del
  13. Good post Ricky. Parachute payments were voted in and agreed by the majority of Premier League clubs. The reason is because logic suggests it makes the PL a better product and more attractive to watch when promoted clubs show a level of ambition improving their squad. Basically they don’t want promoted teams doing a Norwich...hardly spending so becoming embarrassing whipping boys. Some give the excellent point that the answer is relegation clauses in players contracts so the clubs don’t need to rely on parachute payments. However that still has problems because it mean
  14. Mel Morris (the Derby Chairman) is quite a regular guest on Talksport. A few months ago they specifically asked him about accusations that their ground was sold to himself at an inflated value. His response was calm, confident and considered. He explained that a company buying the ground might seem unethical but it’s currently not against the EFL rules. He suggested that if the EFL feel it’s wrong then they need to change their rules. Regards the valuation he explained that it’s not only a valuation of the bricks and mortar but also a valuation of how it can be use
  15. I’ve never pretended to be a Wednesday fan. Think it’s because I’m respectful and don’t hate Wednesday due to family ties and being too long in the tooth for hatred. I’m always interested in football in Sheffield. The success or non success does have a knock on effect regards United. Agree that SWFC haven’t done anything illegal, it’s all within the accounting rules....but the EFL are investigating their own rules. I think giving SW a points deduction this season resulting in relegation would be so controversial and unprecedented that it’s highly unlikely. The longer the delay
  16. I suppose it depends on the detail in the email. SWFC: Can we sell the stadium at market value to another company owned by the Chairman and put it in the accounts? EFL: Yes, it’s not against the current rules. .........weeks later the accounts are accepted by the EFL on good faith and agreed. ..............weeks after that the EFL scrutinise the accounts and find details that are concerning, 1: The sale of the stadium appears to be backdated and submitted into the incorrect accounting year. 2: No actual monies have been transferred into the SW
  17. During the Summer 2 years ago Radio Sheffield were doing a show and they bumped into Nigel Pearson..think it was at a local craft or antique fair. They had a chat and asked him about his managerial ambitions. He confirmed that he definitely wants to be a manager again but he’s loving the break spending time with his family. He said he’s fortunate because he’s not desperate to find work...so he can afford to be fussy and wait for the right club. Radio Sheffield asked him directly could he ever be a future SW manager. He said it’s very unlikely....he explained that he
  18. Very much agree, history shows that the EFL don’t like to rock the boat too much...as it can create legal challenges. Regards Birmingham last season.....it seemed that they waited to see what effect a 10 point deduction would have. Then once Birmingham fell away from the play-off race...the EFL flexed their muscles and gave them a 10 point deduction knowing it wasn’t really a punishment. Any fair minded person.....even when shown loads of evidence that SWFC might be 100% guilty...so deservIng punishment would cite the timing of delivering a punishment with 1 match to go or
  19. This idea was suggested by Steve Gibson (the Middlesboro chairman) at the EFL meeting last season. The “independent accountants” idea, similar to what they have in the German League, was unanimously rejected by the Chairmen. Remember the EFL serve the clubs so they have little power to enforce anything unilaterally. All they can do is monitor and enforce the rules agreed by the member clubs. Also the EFL have no power regards ending parachute payments as that income stream comes from the PL tv money. Therefore only the PL Chairmen could vote to stop that.
  20. Regards this issue we need to clarify what the aim of the reforms are. If it’s to ensure the survival of football clubs then salary caps for the EFL is a great solution. However if the aim is more about fairness....then it needs to address why relegated PL clubs have resources to continue paying higher salaries....ensuring relegated PL have a clear advantage. The report done by finance experts seems to be ONLY finding solutions to help clubs survive....competitive fairness isn’t in their thoughts.
  21. Wouldn’t an example of the “gig economy” be ‘zero hour contracts” Its becoming more and more common....the latest fashion. Employees are still officially employees because the employer is responsible for their tax and ni. However in reality they are treat more like someone subcontracting as self employed status and have less rights.
  22. True....you would need to approach the owners of PL clubs who currently make 120 mill a year plus about 70 million in parachute (relegation protection) payments Your business plan would need to convince the PL clubs that they will gain x, y and z if they allow the PL to increase from 20 clubs to 40 clubs, incorporating a new PL2 league. The only possibility of a PL2 is if there’s a major re-organisation forced on the PL because the big 6 leave to join a European super league....can’t see it happening though.
  23. The real problem is that PL and the EFL are 2 separate organisations that treat each other like competitors. Money is the driver behind everything. They have no interest in the bigger picture unless they have no choice.
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