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  1. Safe standing petition

    Do yourself a favour. Type in “safe standing” in the google search engine . I also went to matches in the 70’s and 80’s but safe standing is totally different. Can understand the caution but that’s why the intention is “limited trial”. So let’s trial it and if your prediction is correct regards it encouraging crowd trouble then it’ll quickly stop. Can’t lose either way but at least give it a trial.
  2. Safe standing petition

    They were talking about safe standing on Talksport last week. They had a Liverpool fan ring up saying that they’ve had a group of their fans recently visit Celtics ground and they can confirm the visit was positive and in recent polls the vast majority of Liverpool fans want safe standing at Anfield. The presenters all said they can’t see any problems with safe standing and suggested that it would be really symbolic and possibly exorcise a few ghosts if the 1st major English stadium to have safe standing was Hillsboro. Would love to see it happen and I agree it would help lift the negative association Sheffield Wednesday have with the disaster where lives were lost.
  3. Fair enough, must admit I didn’t think the high ticket strategy at Hillsboro would work but to date it’s been a success. Personally for me the cut off is £30, just sounds a lot of money for a standard football match where entertainment is not gauranteed.
  4. But you genrally get what you pay for. Wednesday prospects, ambition and spending is much much higher than Uniteds, so you would expect crowds to be higher. Also the average difference in pricing is not over £10. United use their category A for nearly half the games, much more often than Wednesday. The cat A prices at Bramall Lane are £32 on the Kop to £36 on the South stand.
  5. It depends on definition of biggest club. Can be fan base, potential fan base, biggest away support, stadium size, trophies won, seasons in the top flight, seasons in Europe, finances, biggest transfers, most supporters clubs, biggest tv audiences, biggest twitter and YouTube followers etc. Also reputation and perceived size makes a difference and of course weighting should be given towards more recent history. Leeds United were big from 1965 to 1970, then they became massive from 71 to 76. They were crap in the 80’s but big again in the 90’s and early 00’s. Agree they’ve been crap again for the last 10 years but id say reputation is based on living memory. So anything from about 1960 is still significant and meaningful. In 20 years time Leeds United great team of the 70’s won’t mean much and they’ll need to create some new history to keep their reputation.
  6. Agree, these days it’s all about reputation, glamour of the PL. Leeds have a head start, the older guys in the media know how big Leeds were, so when they get back in the PL the media will be all over them. Unfortuately Sheffield isn’t percieved to be as glamourous as Leeds, it’s certainly not as wealthy, so has to work harder to improve its reputation. Also wonder how much of a negative effect the Hillsboro disaster has had towards Wednesdays image. Wednesday really need to get back in the PL as soon as possible to make the nation show any interest.
  7. These things are often decided on reputation and that’s gained through recent memories watching matches on tv. Leeds United fell really lucky as their success started when football started appearing on mainstream television. In the 70’s In was really fashionable to support Leeds United, they ended up with fans from all around the country and they still have those (older) fans. They even had quite a few traitors in Sheffield supporting Leeds United. Agree for a one club city their home support of 25K to 30K isn’t that good but a successful Leeds United could average 60,000. Also they still have massive respect from Man Utd, Leeds and Chelsea fans as Leeds were for many years their big rivals and on a par with those clubs. This side of the war Wednesday have never had the same prestige or reputation as Man Utd and Liverpool, whereas LUFC have. Most of the big Leeds United admirers are 50+, so if they don’t get promoted in the next 20 years their reputation will gradually get smaller and smaller.
  8. Don’t think anyone outside Sheffield would ever say Wednesday were bigger than Leeds United. Leeds United had a spell in the early 70’s of being one of the best club sides in world football. Also the potential support at Leeds puts them in the top 5 biggest clubs in England. Leeds have supporters all around the country and plenty of supporters clubs in Europe. Sky viewing figures show the audience is far bigger for Leeds matches than any other Chsmpuomship club. However Leeds United were a nothing club before 1964 Before 1964 Wednesday were a much bigger club than Leeds United for many decades. 1st Leeds United 2nd Wednesday 3rd United 4th Middlesboro (United traditionally bigger but Boro are catching up) 5th Huddersfield (mainly based on winning 3 titles in the 20’s and many seasons in the top flight). 6th Barnsley 7th Hull City 8th Bradford (good potential support but spent most of their history in the bottom 2 divisions) 9th Doncaster (traditionally slightly bigger than Rotherham) 10th Rotherham
  9. Should Chansiri put an offer on?

    Sorry, tried to edit my post, it seems Coventry gave away up to 14,000 free tickets to school kids, not 10,000. Its become a bit of a trend where lower division clubs have a Community day. Notts County had a similiar “fill the stadium” offer for their league match against Crewe Alexandra. They charged an even lower £2 for adult or children tickets bought in advance This offer ensured a fantastic gate of 17,274, their biggest home crowd for 24 years. Regards Chansiri doing something similiar, he’d probably say it’s not needed. Current capacity is 32K ish and gates are 25K at high prices. Hes tried the odd cheap ticket match and gates haven’t significantly increased. However if Wednesday went in league 1 and had gates down to 17K, then the occasional really cheap “fill the stadium” ticket match would be a great idea.
  10. Should Chansiri put an offer on?

    That was designated a “Community day” match with the intention to fill their 32K stadium, the safety limit was set at 29K that day. Pricing was £5 if bought in advance for adults and children in all areas, The £10 was for tickets bought on the day. Alos in addition over 10,000 tickets were given away free to local schools. They managed to sell over 28,000 tickets in advance. The official gate was 28,343 however on the day, it seems most of those with free tickets failed to attend. The actual attendees was predicted to be 18K to 21K on the day.
  11. Depends on the manager and how he uses his resources. Best case scenario: Playoffs, especially under a new manager. Hard to tell with Jos, should be top half but could easily be mid table, the Champiomship will continue to be unpredictable.
  12. Hillsborough on Historic List

    Obviously I’ve no idea if evidence was buried. Should have explained that I wouldn’t be surprised. The Liverpool fans were the victims of a terrible disaster and I would imagine the vast majority (including members of the jury) just want them to find some peace. Just before the enquiry there was a really strong pro Liverpool fans media campaign and various documentaries naturally being very careful about any kind of criticism of the Liverpool fans, Don’t know how any person living in the UK the last few years could be neutral, cool and dispassionate regards the Hillsboro disaster. It kind of proves the power of the media, if something is inferred over and over again. It becomes the truth. If the Liverpool fans were slated for their behaviour how come that the media announcement was that they played no part in the disaster and don’t share any blame. Hillsboro has been named as a contributing factor, so why has fan behaviour never been named.? To be honest it’s quite a difficult subject to discuss rationally on a forum, loads of strands at different levels which can easily be misinterpreted.
  13. Hillsborough on Historic List

    Good post, regards blame it’s all down to which micro level you go down to. Logically there were many factors that caused the disaster, the fans behaviour obviously played a part at micro level. In the 80’s I don’t think I ever went to an away match where everyone was sober and everyone bahaved properly, no pushing etc. It was a totally different era in the 80’s, a minority of fans behaved liked animals and the police responded by treating the majority of fans like animals. The poor treatment of football fans was normal and accepted by the general public because football fans were generally seen as scum. The real blame for the disaster was the fences. The government ordered the fences due to the bad behaviour of football hooligans over many years. So at a micro micro level every football hooligan in the UK shares some of the blame. However the Hillsboro disaster gradually became political and stopped being about the truth. The independent enquiry was I believe chaired by the Major of Liverpool, how independent is that? If the government found genuine evidence of Liverpool fans bad behaviour then they would have been ordered to bury it. Theres a culture of political correctness, it’s terrible what happened to the Liverpool fans and really it’s best/ easiest for everyone if the police (easy target) are made a scapegoat to accept all the blame and the Liverpool fans are given some kind of comfort, then people can finally move on. Of course the police were ultimately responsible for safety and made mistakes, so they are primarily responsible but there were loads of other factors too, the role of Liverpool supporters was been taken out of the equation, which is inconsistent.
  14. I’m not religious either but I suppose praying is a form of positive thinking, clear thoughts and meditation. If it helps/ gives comfort to the individual then can’t see any harm.
  15. BREAKING NEWS - Stripes to return

    Obviously stripes will come back at some point. Did he give a specific timescale....like next season.