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  1. sheffsteel

    Todays attendance

    United had over 26K, Wednesday just under 25K. Similiar but slightly more away fans from a Stoke compared to what Villa took to BL. About 1,500 difference in home support, which will probably be the difference in averages over the season. Wednesdays home support can’t be knocked considering the pricing, it’s holding well, so not likely to be reduced by DC.
  2. sheffsteel


    Agree, it’s whether FF is sold now, in Jan19 or the end of the season.
  3. sheffsteel


    Agree, the other important variable is, it seems to be silly season regards transfers, so it’s realistic to expect closer to 10 million. Cant see him going this month but January19 might be different, think it depends if DC receives a silly offer.
  4. sheffsteel


    Transfer valuations depend on the circumstances of the buying and selling clubs. In January Cardiff were in a good position for promotion. They play a direct physical game and needed a decent physical player as cover for their promotion push. The potential reward of bringing in cover was over 100 million. Bolton were in relegation trouble with Madine being their main striker. They didn’t need to sell. The sale of Madine would have meant a good chance of relegation, so Bolton were prepared to turn down decent offers, it needed to be a stupid offer to tempt them. Cardiff were the only team (due to them being close to hitting the cash jackpot) prepared to make a silly offer which Bolton found too tempting. So regards Fernando you need to consider the situation of the buying and selling clubs. Wednesday need to cash so are under to pressure to sell at some point this season. Buyig clubs (do have plenty of cash) but are under no pressure to buy Fernando and might wait until his contract runs down or the end of the season.
  5. sheffsteel

    Transparency please Wednesday

    Room0035, It makes you wonder if Jos job discription is simply a coach (like they have abroad) and not a manager (like we have in England). So Jos basically just coaches and picks the team. The committee upstairs have main control over transfers, contracts, injuries and player welfare. Would imagine they consult with Jos about where he thinks there are team strengths/ weaknesses but he hasn’t much power or say regards transfers. So maybe Jos doesn’t give any detail because he genuinely doesn’t know the answers. Hes not complaining because the job was clarified as being a coach (not a manager) and he understands that hiis task is to deal with the hand he’s given. Most managers make demands on the owners but first team coach’s are more compliant and accept what they are given.
  6. sheffsteel

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    Carter-Vickers makes 1 bad error (which can result in giving away a goal) virtually EVERY match but he also makes 2 or 3 fantastic tackles/ interceptions EVERY match preventing goals being conceded. If he cuts out the errors then he’ll probably have a career in the PL. i’d say he’s a defender equivalent of Joe Hart, generally impressive/ commanding with odd moments of being terrible in the same match. Its his huge potential that keeps `championship clubs interested, He’s based in London, so would probably prefer to play down at Ipswich again before coming up north.
  7. sheffsteel

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    Highly rated young defender on a decent contract at Spurs. He’s born and bred English but has an American father, so played the odd game for the US national team. Really strong beefy player, built more like a rugby player, won’t be knocked off the ball. Generally looks surprisingly impressive (easy PL standard) BUT...... makes the occasional howlers (probably concentration issues?) and this can then affect his confidence hence why some clubs have doubts. Overall though a decent OK defender for Championship level.
  8. sheffsteel

    Wanted list....

    Steve Evans is doing a great job at Peterborough and he knows the South Yorkshire area........by the way...it’s a joke. In that list Mick McCarthy would be best followed by Megson.
  9. sheffsteel


    Heckingbottam has previously worked as a manager. Chansiri only employs coaches not managers,
  10. Agree, Don’t believe Chansiri will appoint a manager, he’s only interested in continental style coaches.
  11. sheffsteel

    Over Reactions

    Getting fed up of new threads started by people morning about people moaning. I’m not moaning but there needs to be less morning allround.
  12. sheffsteel

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    Yes, the gates vary from 500 to 2,000 for the top teams but also bear in mind that the admission prices are generally only £10. ive watcnhed plenty of womens football, the skill level is pretty high and is quite entertaining but it can be entertaining for the wrong reasons eg calaminity goal keeping and school boy defending. Also they struggle physically on the larger pitches and big regulation sized goals. The level is similar to schoolboy under top 16 school boys football. In fact wasn’t it reported a few years ago that the US Womens team (who were world champions) played a friendly match behind closed door against the England under 17 side at the Burton training facility. Apparently the under 17’s beat the world champions 6-1 but I would expect the standard to have improved since. Can’t see it ever being financially viable and it will always be subsidised by the parent club. Still think it’s a good idea to have a women’s team as it’s more inclusive encouraging more fans/ more interest. Every little helps.
  13. sheffsteel

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    Agree, reckon just over 23K, which is good all things considered.
  14. sheffsteel

    Why are our odds so low?

    It was a podcast by “Not the top 20’ Think they are Oxford fans but they study the whole of the EFL. Of course predictions don’t mean that much and in a way, if a team isn’t fancied then it takes the pressure off.
  15. sheffsteel

    Why are our odds so low?

    I recently listened to a Championship podcast new season special. They acknowledged that Wednesday still have top quality individuals that most clubs would love to have but said that all clubs, even the best, always need new blood to freshen up the squad otherwise things can go stale. They were worried about Wednesday recent injury record and their ability to buy replacements if injuries occur. Think they had Wednesday finishing in 17th.