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  1. sheffsteel

    FFP/P&S Question

    The system was set up to stop clubs building up massive debts, then going into admin. The EFL would say it’s worked because clubs going into admin is rare these days. Agree it doesn’t seem right that some clubs can ignore the rules and if they managed to gain promotion then it’s a small fine, which they can easily afford. However I believe the EFL are trying to make it more foolhardy to overspend by imposing points deductions instead of fines, will be interestestig to see how they punish Birmingham City.
  2. sheffsteel

    Chairman’s statement

    Might be wrong but I always understood that executive boxes were big money makers. These days when clubs want to build new stands, the priority seems to be more about corporate facilities than increasing capacity. im sure I read a report that Liverpools new stand had a short return on investment because they’ve included so many boxes and corporate facilities in the design. Sheffield isn’t a wealthy area, so there’s only a finite number of individuals or companies interested in boxes.
  3. sheffsteel

    Chairman’s statement

    A soft embargo is self imposed, so it’s not an official embargo. A full embargo is the official one, when the EFL have imposed a restriction.
  4. sheffsteel

    Nigel Pearson

    I heard an interview with Pearson on Radio Sheffield about 1 of 2 years ago. He admitted that he still has strong feelings towards Wednesday. Then Radio Sheffield asked him if he could ever see himself being the manager at Hillsboro. He laughed and said he couldnt even consider applying for any job at Hillsboro. He explained that he currently lives in the Sheffield area with his family life and personal happiness being a top priority. Said he enjoys the freedom of mingling with the locals and if he became SW then this would prove difficult. Basically if he became SW manager he feels he’d need to live outside South Yorkshire and he clearly doesn’t want to move house.
  5. sheffsteel

    Sheff u info

    HS, At that time the player dug-outs we’re still on John Street, where the old changing rooms were. That scene after the Curran goal is on the John street terrace, not the South stand , as you can see everyone is stood up behind the white fencing. The South stand has always been all seater with no fencing. In those days it was normal for home fans to use the home Shireham St end, away fans to use the Bramall Lane away end. and the 2 stands down the side were available for anyone to use, no tickets required, anybody could just turn up and were virtually guaranteed to get in.
  6. sheffsteel

    Composite Sheffield XI

    Also playing virtually the same system and tactics home and away for over 2 years leads to a very well drilled team where every player knows their exact role within that team. Also if you play well then you’re rewarded by staying in the team encouraging players to keep performing. Think Jos tries too many formations constantly changing the players, so it’s more difficult to be consistent as a team. Football used to be a simple game until badged up coaches came along with loads of different systems overloading playing with constantly changing tactics and instructions. No wonder some players find it difficult to take it all in.
  7. sheffsteel

    Composite Sheffield XI

    It’s too simplistic to compare individuals. A more important factor as manager is to decide your style of play (club culture) and stick to it. You also need to decide what tactics/ system you intend to use and then you choose the best players to fit that system. Its a bit like building a machine and finding the right cogs to fit that machine. It’s all about “the team”, not individual quality. Another factor to creating a good team is the character/ leadership qualities/ personality of each player. Team spirit can give you something extra. i’ll give some examples. If, as manager, you’re style is to pass out from the back, then it’s essential that every defender is comfortable on the ball. So although Chris Morgan was an excellent defender, he wouldn’t get in that team. If, as manager, you;re style is high pressing, then it’s essential that your strikers and midfielders constantly work, closing down the opposition. A few years back, England had 2 great individual midfielders, Gerrard and Lampard, so the manager always played them in the same team. However those players never performed well playing in the same team. A top manager needs to think more about building a team and coach them so they know a system that is played in every match. Initailly virtually no Wednesday player would get in United’s starting 11, altho to be fair Wilder has made it clear he rarely changes a winning team. The message is clear. “Play well and you retain your place’ even if means the more talented player is sat on the bench. however initially virtually no United player would get in Wednesdays team. They’d need to adapt and learn Jos’s style and tactics.
  8. There are 3K seats in the bottom tier but the SY Police have restricted it, so every away team is only ever allocated a max of 2,100 to 2,200 tickets.
  9. sheffsteel

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Agree with the point about if you have 2 similiar options, then a neutral will usually choose the cheaper option. However this season the Sheff Utd v Leeds fixture will be category A*, so will be £33 on the Kop not £25. The category B games are £25 on the Kop but for some reason there’s hardly any cat B’s this season, SU have made most matches cat A. for example Preston, Wigan and Stoke are all category A’s, which is £29 on the Kop. However all students get reduced admission, this seasons pricing is £17 to £23 on the Kop.
  10. sheffsteel

    Todays attendance

    United had over 26K, Wednesday just under 25K. Similiar but slightly more away fans from a Stoke compared to what Villa took to BL. About 1,500 difference in home support, which will probably be the difference in averages over the season. Wednesdays home support can’t be knocked considering the pricing, it’s holding well, so not likely to be reduced by DC.
  11. sheffsteel


    Agree, it’s whether FF is sold now, in Jan19 or the end of the season.
  12. sheffsteel


    Agree, the other important variable is, it seems to be silly season regards transfers, so it’s realistic to expect closer to 10 million. Cant see him going this month but January19 might be different, think it depends if DC receives a silly offer.
  13. sheffsteel


    Transfer valuations depend on the circumstances of the buying and selling clubs. In January Cardiff were in a good position for promotion. They play a direct physical game and needed a decent physical player as cover for their promotion push. The potential reward of bringing in cover was over 100 million. Bolton were in relegation trouble with Madine being their main striker. They didn’t need to sell. The sale of Madine would have meant a good chance of relegation, so Bolton were prepared to turn down decent offers, it needed to be a stupid offer to tempt them. Cardiff were the only team (due to them being close to hitting the cash jackpot) prepared to make a silly offer which Bolton found too tempting. So regards Fernando you need to consider the situation of the buying and selling clubs. Wednesday need to cash so are under to pressure to sell at some point this season. Buyig clubs (do have plenty of cash) but are under no pressure to buy Fernando and might wait until his contract runs down or the end of the season.
  14. sheffsteel

    Transparency please Wednesday

    Room0035, It makes you wonder if Jos job discription is simply a coach (like they have abroad) and not a manager (like we have in England). So Jos basically just coaches and picks the team. The committee upstairs have main control over transfers, contracts, injuries and player welfare. Would imagine they consult with Jos about where he thinks there are team strengths/ weaknesses but he hasn’t much power or say regards transfers. So maybe Jos doesn’t give any detail because he genuinely doesn’t know the answers. Hes not complaining because the job was clarified as being a coach (not a manager) and he understands that hiis task is to deal with the hand he’s given. Most managers make demands on the owners but first team coach’s are more compliant and accept what they are given.
  15. sheffsteel

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    Carter-Vickers makes 1 bad error (which can result in giving away a goal) virtually EVERY match but he also makes 2 or 3 fantastic tackles/ interceptions EVERY match preventing goals being conceded. If he cuts out the errors then he’ll probably have a career in the PL. i’d say he’s a defender equivalent of Joe Hart, generally impressive/ commanding with odd moments of being terrible in the same match. Its his huge potential that keeps `championship clubs interested, He’s based in London, so would probably prefer to play down at Ipswich again before coming up north.