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  1. Several errors on that list Leicester and Forest are no where near massive....both are traditionally medium sized clubs spending most of their histories in the 2nd tier. However I suppose Forest deserve special kudos for winning the European cup twice. Everton and Sunderland should be in the massive group. Everton have spent more seasons in the top flight than any other club....both have historical honours and massive crowds. West Ham arent massive....hardly won a thing in their entire history. Swansea as a big club is a joke...they are
  2. Think the rule is based on intention to play the ball. The SU player made a genuine attempt to get the ball....so can’t be sent off. Borner was adjudged to be no attempt to play the ball....so he can be sent off.
  3. The EFL aren’t a separate entity...they work for and represent the best the interest of all the EFL clubs. They have regular meetings where clubs can vote to amend the rules or create new rules,. In the end democracy wins and the rules are agreed at the start of every season. It’s not really about punishing a club...it’s more about protecting the other clubs from any club that breaks those agreed rules. It’s might be easier to think of conditions of having a council house as specified in a tenancy agreement. If an individual is anti social....plays
  4. Surely Chansiri is aware of the different culture amongst football managers in the UK compared to football managers abroad. Cooks sentiment about football managers should manage is hardly a revelation. It’s a very common viewpoint amongst British born managers...they like to have a high level of control of most things at a club. Whereas on the continent....there’s little tradition for managers.....instead they are all 1st team coaches. They are provided with a set of players and told to coach them and pick a team.
  5. I’m sure 2 years ago the break down of money from tv was PL clubs minimum 100 million a season Championship average 6 million a season League 1 clubs average 1 million a season League 2 clubs average £500K a season
  6. It’s a common tactic used by Talksport. They announce that they have an exclusive interview lined up.....knowing word gets round leading to an increase in listeners.. Then they delay.....delay....then apologise for the delay and say they are expecting it before a certain time. Delay...delay.....then finally they’ll do the interview.
  7. He was interviewed on Radio Sheffield about 2 years ago... They asked him directly “you’re out of a job so would you ever consider managing Sheffield Wednesday”. He didn’t say “yes” or “no”. His reply was that he lives in the Sheffield area and he and his family are very settled in the area. He said he likes to separate his working life from his private life....and he loves that he’s free to socialise in Sheffield with no hassle. He also said he comes across Wednesday fans on a regular basis and he always receives nice feedback....and would like to keep it that
  8. Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights
  9. Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town highlights
  10. Palin was interviewed on Radio Sheffield just a few months ago. All the above tallies up with what he said. He said his 1st love was Hallam FC and when asked the direct club which team he supports he just said as a school boy his uncle took him to Bramall Lane on a regular basis. However he wouldn’t give a direct answer saying that living in a London he still has a strong love towards his home town of Sheffield. So he genuinely wants BOTH Sheffield teams to do well....and given the opportunity he supports both.
  11. It’s also like saying the car manufacturers are corrupt. Why give cars top speeds of 130 mph when the legal speed limit is 70 mph. So instead of paying your speeding fine you blame the car manufacturers for making you do over 100mph on the motorway. It does seem perverse though that there’s such a big market and desire for fast cars...if they legally can’t be used on roads.
  12. Agree....the original PL2 plan was very radical and controversial. It was the create a financial safety net for clubs relegated from PL1 because the gap between PL1 and PL2 wouldn’t be as big, However the plan was for there to be no relegation from PL2 and to kill off the EFL. So clubs invited into PL2 wasn’t based on merit....it was based on club size, prestige to make PL1 and PL2 appear more attractive. Under the PL2 format Sunderland’s situation would never happen....they would just stay in PL2. So of course, based on size and reputation SWFC wo
  13. How can the EFL ban parachute payments? That’s like the PL wanting a £5K wage cap in league 2. The driver behind FFP isn’t about having clubs on a level playing field....there’s never been a level playing...historically bigger clubs have always had an advantage. The whole point of FFP is to prevent clubs over spending building up massive debt then going into admin. Before FFP several clubs would go into admin every year......after FFP (P&S) clubs going into admin has become rare. The only power the EFL have is to refuse entry for PL who receive parachute paymen
  14. Don’t think some people understand that a PL2 must be voted in and agreed by the PL and it’s member clubs....it’s not an EFL decision. So Championship clubs would need to do a report/ presentation explaining how the PL benefit (usually financially) from restructuring into have a PL1 and a PL2. Phil Gartside, the old Bolton Chairman saw how some PL clubs were struggling so much financially (almost going bust) upon relegation due to being contractually obliged to continue paying PL salaries even whilst in the Championship......Gartside wanted to financially protect relegated PL club
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