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  1. Statistics regards attendances can prove almost anything. However even the 1950’s attendances can be taken with a pinch of salt as many 1000’s of Sheffielders used to go to both grounds Many were general Sheffield football fans (with a preference for Owls or Blades) and attracted to the bigger match dependant on the opposition. Football changed again in the late 60’s/ early 70’s when television become popular. The successful teams of those periods received regular national coverage/ advertising. This explains why Leeds United timed their success to perfection picking up 10,000’s of extra fans all over the country. Football has changed again in the 2010’s with mass popularity of social media. Football has never been as popular. BUT it helps massively if you’re in the PL due to the world wide publicity.
  2. They’ve not released actual figures but reports suggest 24 to 25K. SU season tickets were suspended, taken off sale the day after Leeds lost to Brentford, about 2 week before the end of the season. They never went on sale again......the club said they’d already hit record numbers and under PL rules had to hold some back for general sale. Apparently PL rules states that clubs must have a cap on season ticket sales. History shows that usually whatever United do attendance wise then SW beat it by approx 10%- 15% SW would surely be averaging 35K ish in the top flight.. However of course much depends on pricing....there are options to watch matches for free....so pricing needs to be fair to entice fans.
  3. SAG might have something to say about that. Neutrals are banned from Bramall Lane. SUFC in consultation withSAG insist you must provide you address and be on the customer database, also must have a buying history of about 3 previous matches. Basically neutrals are obliged to go to cup matches first to build up loyalty points....which if they’re are not likely to do.
  4. You’ve correctly raised a point that the 30K stat is midleading but then you’ve given a misleading stat about Leeds United. In 1992 season league champions Leeds were building their big stand, so for most games capacity was just 30K, which they sold out. Whereas Hillsboro had a capacity of just over 40K in 1992.
  5. Sky did provide a 10 second summary of Wednesdays performance right at the end. Keith Andrew said “Wednesday are well drilled and organised” Then said “they are similiar to Preston NE”. Agree the post match chat was 80- 90% Leeds focussed.
  6. If he was to speak the truth, it could be interpreted badly by both Lincoln and Wednesday fans. So it’s best to say as little as possible and play dumb. The truth is probably something like “I’m very happy at Lincoln City and now live in the area but of course like most people I’m ambitious to achieve as much as possible. Unlike some people I’m not only motivated by money. I was interested in moving to Huddersfield Town, listened to them and decided it’s best to stay. Of course Sheffield Wednesday are a big club and attractive proposition, so I would go to listen to what they have to offer too but it would need to be something special to persuade me to leave Lincoln City. I believe the clubs are still in negotiations regards compensation but nothing has been agreed, so I’ve not had any talks with SWFC so far and remain committed to LCFC” Some Wednesday fans might think “sod him, if he doesn’t seem that committed to coming here” and some Lincoln fans might think “he’s admitted that he could leave the club, so he’s not exactly loyal like as all thought”.
  7. Towards the end of the report they explain why an hold back is not possible....due to the concourse area being too small. It does seem weird how they’ve chosen a worse case scenario (Steel City Derby) and applied the lessons learnt from that. Logic suggests different games have different risk categories. So basically only apply those rules to very high risk matches. For 90% of matches safety arrangements with home fans exiting through LL should continue.
  8. Thought the whole point of FFP was to prevent clubs all building up massive debt gambling on the PL dream and being forced into adminstration. Since the FFP rules, going into admin has become quite rare, so it’s achieved it’s aims but it’s stifling genuine ambition and traditional PL clubs (bigger clubs) are finding it harder to regain their natural level.
  9. A few years ago on Talksport radio there was an interview with the man that is responsible for the fixtures computer. They read out the question about “why are the long trips usually on a Tuesday night” The guy said that was a common criticism however he explained that all clubs can make requests about which fixtures they prefer. He said that most clubs wants the local derbies and geographically closer fixtures to be held at a weekend to guarantee a bigger away following, so they try to oblige to cubs wishes. Apparently the long distance clubs wouldn’t bring many away fans regardless of when the fixture is played. So many clubs request that the (on paper) least attractive and/or long distance fixtures are played Tuesday night, leaving the attractive fixtures to be played at the weekend.
  10. Those recent offers at Bramall Lane were the 1st of the season. They were £10 a match for the 4 less attractive matches of the season, all cat B’s, mainly Tuesday night games. Also they are only for the family stand and you must have at least 2 children with you in order to buy an adult ticket.
  11. At the moment the home d3mand for both derbies is pretty similar so although your suggestion of 4K/ 5K away fans seem fair. it would only be fair if the Bramall Lane capacity was increased to 35K (matching Hilsboro’s current capacity) otherwise 3,000 home fans would miss out on a ticket. Agree with the sentiment though that it would be great to go back to both clubs have both tiers of the away end.
  12. Never said home areas are selling out. i said for the SU last home game the upper tier on the Bramall Lane end was close to a sell out. The South stand is almost sold out every match, the John Street stand is for families so must have a kid. Kop is camped with poor facilities. So if you want a decent seat and don’t have a kid, then there’s no where to go in the ground apart from the Bramall Lane upper tier. Safety committee has reduced stadium capacity to 30,200., (28,000 home with 300 of those restricted view and 2,200 away) So only full view 27,800 seats for home fans, against Reading last week there was 26,000 home fans, so only 1,800 short of a home sell out. The Bramall Lane upper tier has been used by home fans every match and is usually half full but overall BL is still usually 3 or 4,000 short of a home sell out. Don’t believe Wednesday use the bottom tier for home fans, so it’s not a similiar situation. Would love both stadia to be expanded/ improved with the Satefy Commitee allowing a full 5000+ away allocation at both grounds.
  13. Well that’s Derby losing their match in hand tonight, they seem on the slide. If Bristol City have a big dip in form then the door is open for a team to put a fantastic run together, that club might be Preston though but as Greavesie used to say football is a funny old game, seemingly impossible good and bad runs can happen.
  14. That’s not exactly true. Both clubs used to give all clubs both tiers, so of course Wednesday and United had both tiers. but in recent years Uniteds home crowds have increased, so now give all clubs just 1 tier as this enables home fans to acquire tickets. On Saturday against Reading the Bramall Lane top tier was close to a sell out. United give Wednesday the maximum available tickets (2,100) that they give to all away clubs. Wednesday give all clubs 4,600 tickets apart from against United (2,300). Can understand clubs looking after their own fans but if the bottom tier is empty then that’s lost revenue and with the FFP pressure one would have thought that DC would prefer the additional revenue.
  15. The Safety Commitee allow United give ALL away clubs 2100 to 2200 tickets , every away team is treat exactly the same. So it doesn’t make sense how SW can allocate Leeds both tiers (4,600 tickets) for that derby but can’t do it for the Steel City Derby. Unless of course there’s plenty of home demand for the bottom tier, which doesn’t seem to be the case, Surely Chansiri needs as much revenue as possible to go towards FFP, whilst making sure all home fans get a ticket.
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