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  1. Cheers, I’ll have a wander down and have a look later
  2. Do they take cheque? I know its cashless in the ground but i want to make sure I’m fully prepared
  3. All seems to have gone quiet online, just wondered if this was still open as I’m getting to the ground early tonight and finally might give it a try. Tried the facebook page, club sitar and thornbridge sites and nothing posted this year it seems.
  4. To shed some light, I believe the “lids off” rule isn’t about people using them as missiles. When an empty bottle has a lid on, it doesn’t crush when it’s stood on. If the empties are on the floor, they pose as a massive trip hazard on the stairs, especially in the case of emergency evacuations. By ensuring no lids are available, whilst still a trip hazard, the bottle would crush and be less likely to roll/cause a fall. That’s what I was told when it was introduced anyway...
  5. I don’t think they have I just think it’s where the prices have fell off. You can see the stickers over some of the numbers. A pint of Wednesday used to be £3.80, now £4. Just looks like the .00 has come off the .80 bit.
  6. Could it be we’ve had some involvement from PaddyPower that hasn’t been announced yet? They’ve “unsponsored” Huddersfield (after the PR stunt), then today announced the same with Motherwell. Just a thought. They could even jump on the “Don’t worry Ashley, we’ll pay them the money you owe for stealing their manager” bandwagon. I know betting companies aren’t always people’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly possible.
  7. The strange thing is it makes perfect sense in the world of being a Wednesday fan
  8. Shitstorm Friday going to be a reyt laugh. Bruce future confirmed new kit hector signs
  9. A company with a subsidiary betting company not making stories for profit
  10. I still don’t think the free unlimited Lonsdale attire would be enough to sway him. I know loyalty isn’t recognised, but as a man of his word, we gave him the time he needed at the start of his contract when many wouldn’t, and I’m sure he wants to at least put the effort back in
  11. Following the poor weather today, I realised I need to lay off using the iPad when I’ve had a few
  12. Cheers guys... obviously these peronis have gone to my head
  13. I don’t think a pink away kit would be that bad. Not sure what people think but here’s one I threw together in about 15 minutes. Excuse the sponsor logo, couldn’t get it straight and didn’t have much time to amend.
  14. Heard that the lead designer wants a 100+ page thread so the centre stripe will be both blue and white.
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