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  1. Ill be going tonight, what’s the parking situation like for these games? Normally only go to first team games. Take it Bottom of herries road should be ok? Take it no parking near the club shop and wednesdayite isn’t open for u23’s?
  2. I reckon its more to do with the poppies on the shirt. Today’s match shirts are being auctioned off, and i doubt they have enough of the 3rd shirt to just give them away after a game, where as the home shirt is in good supply now.
  3. Ordered a medium for collection. Many said it was better to go up a size, so I ordered a large as well for Saturday collection, with the intention of returning the medium. Called in yesterday in passing. Wasn't able to collect either of my online orders even though I've paid. Not processed for 72 hours apparently. Tried one on whilst there, both too small so ended up buying an XL. They couldn't cancel my online order until it's actually ready to collect, so left with two orders still standing I can't do anything about yet. On a plus, the shirt is fantastic in my opinion.
  4. I ordered a medium and then following everything I'd read ordered a large. Plan was to cancel the medium when it's processed and pick up the large Saturday. Had some free time yesterday so popped in to try one on to double check, walked out with an XL and two online orders I can't cancel until they've processed them.
  5. Just ordered a large and will take my medium back, cheers
  6. So I've heard. I posted this in another thread f anyone can help? "I didn't want to create another kit thread, just wondering how straight forward it is to return online orders in store. All the sizing talk has me thinking I'll need to exchange for the next size up."
  7. I didn't want to create another kit thread, just wondering how straight forward it is to return online orders in store. All the sizing talk has me thinking I'll need to exchange for the next size up.
  8. I hope not... I relied on the size guide online and went with the same size I wear in other brands as it matched. Hoping it doesn't fit slightly small or I'll be waiting a few week to exchange
  9. Queue at club shop

    Yeah, so i ordered online and refused to pay £6 postage. Option to pickup in store but wouldn’t let me select a date earlier than 72 hours advance. Going to give them a call later to try and get it earlier.
  10. Queue at club shop

    Ordered, except had to wait 72 hours collection. Wasn’t an option to pickup any time sooner.
  11. Queue at club shop

    It’s online
  12. Queue at club shop

  13. Can’t get down as got a lecture so just hoping they put them online at some point. My only worry is ill order the wrong size then have to wait 6 months for an exchange.
  14. I like it, and fortunately, I'm in a position to be able to afford it. Whilst i I don't agree with pricing and understand lots won't be in the same position as me financially, I'm still willing to pay £50 for a shirt I'll wear at least 17 times (amount of remaining home games, excluding cup games). I'd also like it as a momento of the 150th anniversary, regardless of how much of a balls up it's been, so I'll be attempting to order online Monday.
  15. Whilst I respect everyone for standing up for BAME/LGBT, the way it's being pushed and promoted, in my opinion, doesn't stand for equality at all. I respect previously in history, people that identify themselves within these groups have had harder challengers to face, but it should be more about equality, and not the fact that "I'm in 'X' group so my opinion should take more priority over someone who is neither BAME/LGBMT" Be be proud of who you are, but your ability to perform a task, and even to a little extent personal attributes, should land you a job. Not because of your race/ cultural background or sexual orientation, neither should it be encouraged to employee people based on these attributes