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  1. Smog

    Club Shop

    Panini Sticker Book... easy
  2. Smog

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Hutch will welcome him to the bridge I’m sure
  3. Smog

    FFP and Wednesday

    I mentioned this in the other thread.... Part of me sees this statement as a way to let the fans know the issues caused by the idiots at the EFL. We have the funds to spend but can’t. There’s a shitestorm at Bolton and so far have been able to get away with it, and Birmingham still haven’t really been punished. Is this a subtle hint to try and get the EFL to rethink FFP Rules/regs?
  4. There is always the outside chance this statement isn’t just aimed at us... but it’s also aimed at the idiots in charge of the EFL. It appears they are causing issues for us due to FFP. From the looks of it we could have more financial input from the chairman but we aren’t allowed. On the other hand they are letting the Shitestorm at Bolton unfold with no punishment.
  5. If you’re still stuck the club put some online this morning
  6. Driving down this afternoon, wondering where folk are parking. Power court looks the cheapest/most available but its about 30 mins walk (I’m led to believe) and further away from the M1 for getting home.
  7. Anyone else that’s going where are you all parking?
  8. Smog

    I’m worried

    If, and if he is the next manager, I think he could help steady the ship and even turn us around. The clubs hes he’s been to, whilst people say he had a larger budget, I’m sure they didn’t have the depth/size of team that we have. With a fully fit squad with the right mentality, the players we have at our disposal would comfrotably challenge for a place in the top 6. It’s just getting the right leader to kick them back into shape, and motivate them back to their best.
  9. Smog

    Must read

    What i found interesting was the following Not only does it demonstrate why he is so quiet on the bench, bu it does give you some perspective into wider football. Whilst the manager can see from a different perspective, i still think the players on the pitch should be providing feedback to each other. Would be nice to actually see some players taking some intiative and ownership for their actions, not relying solely on the voice from sidelines.
  10. Smog

    Sam Winnall

    My reaction in the stand was pretty similar to his. Spectacular
  11. They had these at Wembley and it was such a good system I don’t understand why it’s not been pushed further within all clubs. They had 1 person pouting about 8-10 pints with minimal wait
  12. Smog

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Anyone know if this works with NowTV? I’ve two x 1 month passes that I was going to use over the Christmas period
  13. This isn’t an open fans forum, the steering group have set people who attend regularly (I believe) and discuss topics in a smaller capacity than the open fans forums. I could be wrong but I’m sure that’s the basis of steering group meeting
  14. Smog

    Nando car accident

    Not going to lie I was flipping terrified to open this thread.
  15. Smog


    I started a topic with not much joy... why the the lack of sponsor on the keeper kits? Paving way for extra income or just couldn’t be arsed