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  1. Smog

    Must read

    What i found interesting was the following Not only does it demonstrate why he is so quiet on the bench, bu it does give you some perspective into wider football. Whilst the manager can see from a different perspective, i still think the players on the pitch should be providing feedback to each other. Would be nice to actually see some players taking some intiative and ownership for their actions, not relying solely on the voice from sidelines.
  2. Smog

    Sam Winnall

    My reaction in the stand was pretty similar to his. Spectacular
  3. They had these at Wembley and it was such a good system I don’t understand why it’s not been pushed further within all clubs. They had 1 person pouting about 8-10 pints with minimal wait
  4. Smog

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Anyone know if this works with NowTV? I’ve two x 1 month passes that I was going to use over the Christmas period
  5. This isn’t an open fans forum, the steering group have set people who attend regularly (I believe) and discuss topics in a smaller capacity than the open fans forums. I could be wrong but I’m sure that’s the basis of steering group meeting
  6. Smog

    Nando car accident

    Not going to lie I was flipping terrified to open this thread.
  7. Smog


    I started a topic with not much joy... why the the lack of sponsor on the keeper kits? Paving way for extra income or just couldn’t be arsed
  8. Surely I’m not the only one to notice the away GK lacks a sponsor. Any ideas as to why? Last minute injection to the club or just for preference?
  9. Not always the case. I work shifts, and my pattern pretty much dictated I could make 50% of the matches. Couldnt justify the the expense of a season ticket, but by becoming a member I got £5 off/game I could attend. Went to 17 in the end as swapped shifts/TV changes so was justified. Had my season ticket back again ever since but the year I was a member was worthwhile and made sense. Convenient because I could load tickets to card, and saved me money on the day prices. just don’t see why others in my position at the time would fork out £90 upfront when they would probably be financially better off with a season ticket, even if they only made half the games. For example, call it 11 games at £30/game average with £5 discount would equal £420. A season ticket on the kop was available for £450. You’d get an extra 12 games if you were unsure on you making them for only an extra £30, along with away game priority etc. Like I said it wouldn’t surprise me if the master plan was to force more people onto season tickets who attend above 15 games/season.
  10. Membership was a god send, even at £50, when I couldn’t justify my season ticket 3 years ago. Still pricey but the 10-12 games I could definitely make justified it. This is just outragous. If you had to attend 18/23 games to make its justifiable, and knew you would be able to... you’d be so much better with a season ticket... unless that’s the master plan.
  11. Smog

    Possible player exit?

    That’s why I reckon could be unexpected departure. He always seems to be away from the club, even if he was injured. Could be wrong but wouldn’t be a massive shock. Personally I would be gutted to see hooper leave, as I agree with you
  12. Smog

    Possible player exit?

    I reckon it could be hooper/fletcher. Not featured much and Jo’s might not see one of them in his future plans based on performances without them last year.
  13. Smog


    People moaned last year when the club held back kits until enough stock was available to meet expected demented, meaning we were very unlikely to sell out. The club were labelled “idiots” for not releasing the stock they had as soon as it arrived. This year the club, yet again, listen to the fans. They take this on board and release the sizes/styles they have on the ground in time for a big FREE day out they have planed... and yet again, people are moaning. Enjoy your weekend. If you want the kit get one. If they don’t have your size order it when they do. Some folk are never happy.
  14. Smog

    Chansiri's kit review video

    It’s the “Mind” mental health charity logo. Looks like the charity has changed from prostate cancer of the last few years