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  1. How did this pan out for anyone that made it?
  2. When I went to renew yesterday, I asked about the full kit, eg. Shorts/socks and they aren’t included. The shorts are £29 alone. I’d have picked a pair of shorts up for £15 or so in a heartbeat. Could’ve wore them around the house/in the gym. Think the club missed a trick with just limiting it to shirts to be fair
  3. I actually have two in my jacket at home that I forgot about due to going to the bar after 40 minutes... I wonder
  4. Cheers, looking forward to the outcome/feedback
  5. What day is it actually on?
  6. BBC changed there schedule and it’s atill original time. Live on BBC1 Tuesday. Thread already posted.
  7. I know it’s still early, but has the date for Swansea away been confirmed? With only two replays I’m guessing it will be televised. Read somewhere (could be false) that because BT showed us and BBC showed Spurs, it’s likely our replay will be on BBC? Could this mean us switching to the Wednesday, as it’s already in the BBC lineup for a Replay but doesn’t state who.
  8. Just watching his pre match conference now. Some players may be rested as main focus is staying in the PL and that’s their main focus. Still very passionate about us. Still says it feels like home, he loved his time at the club and he’s really looking forward to it. He says he will always be part of the club and it was a special time for him with Sheffield Wednesday. Asked about Joao, who he says is a good player if he keeps his form up, and how we’re an amazing team with full fitness. He’s Expecting it it to be emotional for him, proud of what he achieved and understands the fans will be “emotional” come Saturday with his return. Reiterated the point it was the right time as discussed by him and DC to leave when he did. Despite this season, I still hope he gets the welcome reception he deserves come Saturday.
  9. I shared your video on Twitter, which I credited you for, and it’s had quite the response, the best being united fans getting their back up which is flipping marvellous. Again, we’ll done sir.
  10. Fernando

    Surprise addition to the squad Friday, maybe on the Bench* *not claiming to be ITK just hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  11. I’ll be there if all goes well, got a confirmed place too. Where will people be parking?
  12. My bad! Just had a read of your post!
  13. Youth player Sean Clare has just returned from Gillingham. Just been looking over Twitter and he’s made quite the impact. Most of the fans seem to want him back ASAP. Only played 3 games there from what I can see, but winning fans over so quick surely he’s shown he can cut it in league 1, might be worth a start or at least a feature tomorrow.
  14. Despite all the negative things I could mention, it’s not at all the worst time. I’d much rather be disappointed we didn’t get a kit on time and aren’t challenging for promotion, compared to my club possibly disappearing into thin air just 7 and a half years ago, or at best being relegated further down the leagues.
  15. 3rd Kit our tomorrow.

    The shirts are online btw, I posted it yesterday. http://www.medocmall.co.uk/cgi-bin/live/ecommerce.pl?site=theclubshop_sheffieldwednesday&state=item&dept_id=10&sub_dept_id=20&product_id=OTG011