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  1. Just on the off chance, I checked my online ticket account. It shows a date/time for the ticket refund. is this just a placeholder, or could it give more info on when to expect the call by?
  2. Oh, I’d support said Phoenix club, but I can’t see me doing a 12 hour night shift, limiting my sleep then getting a shift swap to watch the ‘Wednesday’ vs Stockbridge derby
  3. I think if this were to actually happen (which I highly doubt) then the money I throw down the drain each season on season tickets/match day spending would pay for me a few games per season in Turin to watch Juve.
  4. I was trying to keep this under my hat but I was passing KFC earlier as I turned onto Penistone road and saw a sole car in the car park. Using photoshop I was able to zoom in enough just to make it out. Believe what you will.
  5. I’ll stand by the fact that, the only thing that baffles me about this whole debate, is 373 pages without any concrete evidence of an outcome.
  6. Has anyone actually seen a gallery of all the cutouts? I paid but never spotted myself in the stand. I think I was on the original photo all clumped together but when they spread them out I could’ve been left back in the changing room for all I know now
  7. the website I quoted must seem about right then
  8. Not seen any exact figures but even at an average of 5k a week, which would be considered low, would be £1.3million edit: then again if this can be believed it could be around £5,148,000. https://sillyseason.com/salary/sheffield-wednesday-players-salaries-126820/
  9. It could be due to the fact a new home shirt was due for the release in time for the euros. Whilst I can’t help you find one, sounds a reasonable explanation. Nike probably stopped producing them to stop excess stock sat around.
  10. Cheers, I’ll have a wander down and have a look later
  11. Do they take cheque? I know its cashless in the ground but i want to make sure I’m fully prepared
  12. All seems to have gone quiet online, just wondered if this was still open as I’m getting to the ground early tonight and finally might give it a try. Tried the facebook page, club sitar and thornbridge sites and nothing posted this year it seems.
  13. To shed some light, I believe the “lids off” rule isn’t about people using them as missiles. When an empty bottle has a lid on, it doesn’t crush when it’s stood on. If the empties are on the floor, they pose as a massive trip hazard on the stairs, especially in the case of emergency evacuations. By ensuring no lids are available, whilst still a trip hazard, the bottle would crush and be less likely to roll/cause a fall. That’s what I was told when it was introduced anyway...
  14. I don’t think they have I just think it’s where the prices have fell off. You can see the stickers over some of the numbers. A pint of Wednesday used to be £3.80, now £4. Just looks like the .00 has come off the .80 bit.
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