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  1. There are a lot of threads about which player should be playing and what if ffp is stopping them playing. Everyone has an opinion and people will always argue each point as there's is different but something a fairly simple to discuss. Forgetting who plays two basic things we are missing and I hate to say his name is fergie played a formation that each week stayed the same he then bought a brought through two players for each position that could play that roll. At the moment we have neither so it wouldn't matter who was fit it won't work if you put a system in place and then built a team around it you have a chance of them geling building confidence and able to grind results out but this isn't what we have got so until that mindset from the management changes unfortunately your request for certain players to play will still fail. Time to go jos and for me bring in an English manager who has the passion and energy and enthusiasm to build a team from what we have and a few loans maybe a younger guy from a lower league. Can he be any worse?
  2. I'm not reading to much into the team performance but something's that shouldn't change is being able to do the basics. Dave Jones couldn't pass today He lost the ball six times on the trot The rest of them did ok against a good top side Plenty to work on and improve Roll on next week
  3. The guy was more positive after the meeting than before hand
  4. Wildsmith Palmer loovens pudil fox Boyd Buttercup Jones Joey Abdi Rhodes
  5. With a better pre season we might see them for more matches but need to get more points. One of the reasons for the first post was people saying Dawson and wilsmith were are good as Westwood and they are good but we need westy for another year at least still some learning to do
  6. Every team is built around a strong spine ours was Westwood Lee's Hutchinson lee Hooper.this gave us match winners in Westwood and Hooper and leaders in Hutchinson and Lee's and lee to switch defence into attack other players around these helped but could be swapped our problem is none of our spine is there. Westwood saved us so many times that's why wordsmith and Dawson are good but still a level off him Our back 3/4 are not leaders and Lee's again won so many tackles and being in the right place to stop attacks. Hutchinson broke play up and drove the team out to clear lines like that ball he charged down near the penalty area which lead to a goal Lee would be like a wasp everywhere and chipping in with countless match winners Hooper his goals and link up play got us to the play offs last year. Until we get half of these back we have no spine that's solid and dependable. I think if we can get Westwood Lee's Hutchinson back at least we will be harder to beat but the attack will be difficult as the only player near fitness is ff and on his day is a match winner but this maybe to late for him to get us those extra points so we need others to get them goals and take pressure off the defence keeping the opposition going backs wards insteads of wave after wave peppering our defence. So even though Clare thornily wildsmith are showing great promise I feel they still are a little short of what we need to dig deep to get us out of this, but next season being used in a squad we can bring them on and reap the rewards.
  7. I have to see that nobhead every now and then at work. cheeky monkey works for bae
  8. He posted a video today of him playing footballtennis abroad he was running twisting and moving quite well so it must be close now to training envoling contact if he was that close then you would expect him back to Sheffield within a week or two
  9. Check out @OSWFC_’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/OSWFC_/status/966047678948872192?s=09
  10. If only and another month and we get most of them back I'd put joao in for Fletcher and Joey for lee as he won't be back this season anyway back to what we have.
  11. Gk Wildsmith Lwb reach Rwb hunt Chr fred Ch o Grady Chl thornily Mr Clare Mc Joey Ml boyd C.f. Mathis C.f. Rhodes We need Energy in the middle Wallace hasn't got that Clare and boys have reach and hunt can get up and down them wing best Matis speed if card is recinded can stretch them hopefully giving Rhodes space to get on some crosses and through balls.
  12. Don't know why the massive over reaction from today's result two days ago we were hard to beat on the up players coming back looking like a team. 1 match later we are relegated and going bust because we can't have these players in league 1. Yes we were awful and made bad mistakes but the season isn't over and things change very quickly in football for the good or the bad let's see after Feb is over where we are.we might get 2 or 3 players back which might freshen things up. Ff Lee's Westwood hoops all could help at either end of the pitch
  13. May not be world beaters but David batty Dennis wise mascherano de jong gattusso all under 6ft
  14. I think what will be and should be done is jos starts on Monday and over the next week or two looks at the squad highlights weak areas for recruitment if urgently need we get now and if any of the youngsters are good enough they play if they are not ready then they carry on developing. Age old saying is if your good enough your old enough. Also I've seen ash baker on the bench a lot is he looking a good prospect and Connor o Grady yesterday too
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