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  1. The Referee

    I have to see that nobhead every now and then at work. cheeky monkey works for bae
  2. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    He posted a video today of him playing footballtennis abroad he was running twisting and moving quite well so it must be close now to training envoling contact if he was that close then you would expect him back to Sheffield within a week or two
  3. Check out @OSWFC_’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/OSWFC_/status/966047678948872192?s=09
  4. Team for Dingles

    If only and another month and we get most of them back I'd put joao in for Fletcher and Joey for lee as he won't be back this season anyway back to what we have.
  5. Team for Dingles

    Gk Wildsmith Lwb reach Rwb hunt Chr fred Ch o Grady Chl thornily Mr Clare Mc Joey Ml boyd C.f. Mathis C.f. Rhodes We need Energy in the middle Wallace hasn't got that Clare and boys have reach and hunt can get up and down them wing best Matis speed if card is recinded can stretch them hopefully giving Rhodes space to get on some crosses and through balls.
  6. The summer out list

    Don't know why the massive over reaction from today's result two days ago we were hard to beat on the up players coming back looking like a team. 1 match later we are relegated and going bust because we can't have these players in league 1. Yes we were awful and made bad mistakes but the season isn't over and things change very quickly in football for the good or the bad let's see after Feb is over where we are.we might get 2 or 3 players back which might freshen things up. Ff Lee's Westwood hoops all could help at either end of the pitch
  7. Joey Pelupessy

    May not be world beaters but David batty Dennis wise mascherano de jong gattusso all under 6ft
  8. Time to give youth a chance..

    I think what will be and should be done is jos starts on Monday and over the next week or two looks at the squad highlights weak areas for recruitment if urgently need we get now and if any of the youngsters are good enough they play if they are not ready then they carry on developing. Age old saying is if your good enough your old enough. Also I've seen ash baker on the bench a lot is he looking a good prospect and Connor o Grady yesterday too
  9. One of us

  10. One of us

    Check out @abi_whittaker18’s Tweet:
  11. Check out @abi_whittaker18’s Tweet:
  12. Bonus match

    Like above says gives him a match to try things and players and if it works then great if not it's not a major loss. Normally we say judge them after 10 games but that only leaves 10 left so extra matches may help get fitness and organised systems in place quicker without the pressure
  13. Jos Luhukay

    I think my cv on football manger looks better than his surely we can find someone who would suit our current situation and future plans
  14. Jos Luhukay

    I think my cv on football manger looks better than his surely we can find someone who would suit our current situation and future plans
  15. I'd like to try diamond formation with Ff the top of the diamond