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  1. don't worry mr owl i've thought the same. i also compare him with moyes at everton. Someone on another thread made the point that most of the premiership teams don't play good football, its the way football is going. defend well and do what you can at the other end.
  2. the point was proved last week. half an hour in, not playing brilliantly but passing it around ok. what happens? the booing starts. you don't see it at old trafford or anfield. i can understand why the players strugle at home.
  3. Madrid fans say Mourinho is boring and negative. Would everyone complain if he was our next manager? I think Irvine's doing a decent job, and i'm looking forward to him proving everyone wrong with a promotion
  4. i can't believe people seriously want hm to go? Yes - he is a defence first type of coach. But its working. Second best defence in league. I thought we were passing it around nicely yesterday until the boo boys got going so the players started lumping it forward. Everyone in the game seems to rate Irvine really highly and whilst i'd like a few more goals and still pretty happy. Remeber wen turner was in charge in this league. Teams came to hillsborough and put everyone behind the ball and we lost. Was it 16th that year or lower? I'd take 5th over that.
  5. ok, i know its probably been discussed before, but i don't come on here often. So, with the same players, AI has managed to win 5 out of his first 7. And we should have got something at forest. Is it simply the new managers effect? is it that he's just making the players work harder? And if it is just a case of maing the players work harder, we the hell wasn't laws doing that? Either way AI is a god in my opinion at the moment and well done LS on making the decision. If we turn into Everton i will be very happy. Always thought they were good club. Up the owls.
  6. AI has done nothing wrong so far so i trust him. Welcome back luke.
  7. i'd be surprised if he plays 2 up front, from what he's been saying about making us hard to beat. I'd guess something like. Grant Simek Purse Buxton Spurr Tudgay O'connor Potter Mcallister Johnson Jeffers Maybe sodje up front for more power and presence.
  8. Brain laws had had a year an a half to build a squad and all he has (i.e players who we own and are good) is sodje, Grant and Johnson. The rest were here before he got her. And as for him not buying players but being told which players the club are going to buy. Thats rubbish. Laws is given an amount of money and goes and finds a player he wants. the only person to blame on the transfer front is laws.
  9. I'm not a fan of big sam as a manager. the football will be worse than it is now. I agree we need a big name, but we won't get a massive name. Who is avaiable who realistically would manage us? I still say Steve Clarke all the way. Good contacts from chelsea. We might get Saha for the season. And he might get us playing better football.
  10. One of the first things i read about laws when he took over was a scunny fan saying "laws is a good manager when things go well, because he doesn't chage anything, but when his team starts losing he can't or doesn't know how to turn it round" This is very true. We went on a good run when he first got here. The we were rubbish for january and most of Feb before having a brilliant finish to the season. This year we lost of first 6 and had a nightmare, then we improved and after we beat southampton 5-0 people were stating to talk of the play offs. Then once again we were rubbish again, and now we can't stop drawing. Law doesn't appear to have the ability to change things. If we are winning, great, then confidence grows and we are find. But if we start losing, he can't motivate us to turn us round. I know he has injuries and financial issues but that makes his man management even more important.
  11. I'm new on here, but having read some of the posts i expect to get shout out for what i'm about to write but its just my opinion. Whether we stay up or not it would be in our best interest to move laws on. (by the way i think we will stay up). The normal argument not to sack a manager is that a club needs stability and a new manager would take time to build his own squad. But the truth is, Laws is going to need time to build a squad, so we may as well get a good manager to do it. At the final whistle of the norwich game, all five of our loan players will go back to there own clubs. Which means from last nights team we will have: Grant (who laws bought, good signing IMO) beevers, wood and spur (all at the club before laws) and Watson (would anyone mind losing him) jonhson (good player on his day) Burton (here before laws) then you have the injured players of which its only sodje who would be a first choice and who laws bought. My point is we do not have a team or squad at the moment. The end of this season would be a good time to start again. Particulary is we get taken over. That will be the time to pick a manager and stick with him for 3 or 4 years. And if we are in the championship still, my choice would be Steve Clarke. I know he doesn't have massive experience as a manager but he has the respect of the chelsea players who must have big ego's so would handle our squad easily. Also anyone who has worked with Jose for 3 years must have picked something up. What do you guys think?
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