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  1. Anecdotal of course, but I think you might be overestimating the excitement surrounding the Cowleys in the fanbase as a whole. Outside of OT I haven't seen anything from ST holders I speak to suggest any real clamour.
  2. Pretty sure it's a snippet of Dennis Nedry's 'Ah, Ah, Ah, you didn't say the magic word' computer message from Jurassic Park. Maybe we're linking up with the Toronto Raptors this season. If Drake has been watching us recently it would certainly explain a lot.
  3. Birmingham are supposed to be facing a disciplinary panel this month I think so it's a bit too early to be saying they've got away with barely a slap on the wrist. As I understand it the EFL can still impose a points deduction this year. Even if they don't, we shouldn't be complacent. It would be just our luck if we were the first team that the EFL really made an example of.
  4. I recall it was 5 million, potentially rising to 7 with add-ons. One of those may have been promotion I suppose which obviously never happened. Any appearance based ones he'll surely make though as he doesn't miss many games. His engine, age, that he was joint 3rd highest in the league for assists last season (I believe), and also has 7 goals this year, hopefully all go in favour of us making a profit on him should we sell, despite poor form at the moment. Carlos talked of us rejecting 9 million previously, but who knows the truth of that one.
  5. Not sure if this is a genuine screenshot. Can't see it on Rob Staton's Twitter at least.
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