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  1. Obviously a massive improvement on Monk but that's not difficult.
  2. I can live with the 12 points deduction but the thought of having Monk as manager is a step way too far.
  3. Please leave and take the useless excuse of manager with you.
  4. Possibily the worst potential manager mentioned yet.
  5. Wasn't helped by yet another poor clearance from Van Atken.
  6. I've had time to calm down and give a more measured response. OUT 100%.
  7. Leicester seem to have done well from a managerial change.
  8. Bit unusual playing a home match at 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon, wish we could do that every other week.
  9. Not against the signing of Hooper, but will he fit with our style of play?
  10. I would be happy to offload Helan. IF we can another striker in then either May or Nuhiu to go.
  11. I admired his work rate and effort, bit very rarely saw him beat an opponent and deliver a good cross. A no from me.
  12. Sorry to see Buxton and Mattock released. Would love us to try and get rid off Helan and Dielna.
  13. Never known any player make as many poor decisions as Helan, he is constantly out of position. Great athlete awful footballer.
  14. Are you blaming Gray or the people who are suppose to back him?
  15. Does that mean we can use the funds to sign Taylor-Fletcher or some other has been.
  16. Hope Westwood is not sold as most of the transfer money will not be reinvested in players.
  17. I would feel very sorry for Gray if he pays the price for the failures of Milan and Aldridge to back him.
  18. Not a particularly good player, but a least he put a shift in.
  19. Whilst Gray is not perfect, i still think he is doing a lot with a little.
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