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  1. Happy birthday Lee. A legend and a credit to our club.
  2. Didn't all these join the club whilst Monk was in charge.
  3. I doubt if there are many worse in League 1.
  4. Both names his advisors are putting forward are long term unemployed, uninspiring choices.
  5. Maybe Real Madrid are lining up a move for Cook. After all Owls Loyal has posted about Cooks managerial powers I'm sure it won't have gone unnoticed.
  6. What is this obsession with Cook and trying to get him this job? IMO he is a bang average out of work manager.
  7. Why are Ronnie Moores opinions of any interest to us?
  8. Obviously a massive improvement on Monk but that's not difficult.
  9. I can live with the 12 points deduction but the thought of having Monk as manager is a step way too far.
  10. Please leave and take the useless excuse of manager with you.
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