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  1. 12 point deduction (6 suspended) with a large fine (ironically). There will also be a transfer embargo for the next window. Monk has been asked about future transfer business and mentioned it would be freebies and loans only.
  2. Tom Lees has gone off injured in warm up. Expect a change....
  3. No wonder Fox left all that space if he is posting on here during the game.
  4. Amoebi 7 goals in 125 league games. Let that sink in a while.....
  5. Assuming of course this story is true.....there are at least two sides to every story and only the naive take as gospel one side to it.
  6. Isn't there a FIFA rule regarding how many clubs a player can be registered to in any particular transfer window? Complete non-starter on that basis alone......
  7. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but if it was so easy to design, produce and market your own kit, wouldn't everyone be doing it? Several clubs have tried (Leicester and Southampton spring to mind) but they did it for a season before going back to a brand.
  8. DC: "....I will do everything I can to get this club promoted...." Now, I'm not sure where the action 'selling our best player to a promotion rival' would appear on DC's list, but it certainly doesn't appear any where on mine! We need to wait and see for the reason why he hasn't travelled as it's very easy for us to put two and two together (especially with his agent in Newcastle right now), however I fear a meltdown of epic proportions if he is off.
  9. What he said. When will people realise that the pricing of tickets is centred around the fans who actually turn up more than a couple of times per season? I am not having a go at those fans (and yes, they are fans even if they don't go to many games) but the club could not survive mind grow if we relied on those people who didn't attend many games? The club are rewarding loyalty in attendance from its fan base, both now (season tickets), medium term (membership) and long term (priority points).
  10. I don't think there is anything to panic about at this stage. There was a Premier League manager quoted over the weekend (Big Sam?) who said that prices quoted for players have gone through the roof due to the extra TV money, which I turn will have a knock on effect to us. Yes, £300m was spent in the first week of trading but the majority of these deals would have been done weeks ago and a lot of them were for players outside of England.
  11. Spot on. I was there, and he was open so many times that we either didn't pass to him or it came a few seconds too late when his space was closed down. It was the right sub, and the best we had. Whether he is the long term solution is massively debatable. Bannan was the issue for me. He so often dictates the tempo for us and yesterday he was pedestrian and he almost always chose the wrong option.
  12. More stuff for block 545:- 100 blue balloons 100 white ballons 1 dolphin 1 killer whale 1 banana 1 football-effect beachball Going to be a good day out methinks!
  13. I can't log in either and like you, it was working fine last night. Probably doing an update or maybe something linked to transferring ID's to See tickets.
  14. I would love to think that they will hand over any unsold tickets before ours go on general sale, however I think its more to do with putting restrictions in place for those of us who don't get a ticket on Tuesday and then decide to head over to Ticketmaster to try and get tickets in the Hull end. The only doubt I have with this is that Hull's GS finishes at 12pm, and ours starts 27 hours later. No need for such a large amount of time for a simple cut off, but plenty of time to update see tickets website overnight......
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