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  1. But they didn't let him say what Piaxo said
  2. Any chance of selling all the seats on the North now?
  3. OK, didn't have nothing to do. Saw him come for several corners and dealt with everyone at ease, this gives the back 4 such reassurance. Then came for a difficult whipped in cross, start of 2nd half that he claimed about 10 yards out. At Leeds away, in a strong wind, he experimented with a half volley distribution, which he then did again against Blackburn last week. All points to a keeper who is growing and evolving with experience.
  4. Apart from one wayward clearance, ahem, was quality in commanding his box tonight, corners and crosses he was sharp off his line and dominant, also I see he has switched to half volleying when kicking from his hands which so far he seems a lot more consistent with than side volleying. Well done Cammy.
  5. Hate to say it but Leeds will be stood up on 3 sides more or less on Saturday.
  6. Anyone notice against Brentford, even at 1-0 down we had everyone back in our box and Brentford pushed every outfield player within 30 yards of our goal and the keeper near enough on the halfway line? We need an outlet, otherwise even if you clear the first ball it's coming straight back. Also if the keeper claims the corner you need a decent fast paced ball out to set up the counter, we don't have that. None of our keepers have a decent side volley (think fast, low trajectory pass into a good, threatening area)
  7. Anyone notice the bench screaming at him when he was warming up? Must have gone on for 3 minutes, he just kept turning his back to them and carried on warming up. Ball went out of play 3 times after Weaver informed 4th official of the substitution. Even sent another sub to fetch him back.
  8. Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday was sung early(as teams came out) and a couple of more times through game but yes poor atmosphere overall. Should the fans try and lift the team during a dull, dreary game ? Or do we have to wait for the team to get the crowd going?
  9. Poor by Westwood, decent ball in but if he's not going to catch it there a double fisted punch away from the danger zone would have been a far better option
  10. I could see something wasn't right. I was in the upper tier so wasn't sure what had gone off. Young lad looked really upset. Hope he's OK
  11. I remember the promotion season, the 1-0 game, stood up for the full 90 minutes, this is block s1, everyone did. Great atmosphere
  12. Anyone else think Carson's body shape is all wrong in that situation?
  13. SYP and all the other forces they have to borrow from on Derby day, clueless, not fit for purpose. Leppings Lane was an absolute joke after.
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