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  1. Shot that hit the bar early second half, BPF seemed to land awkwardly. Fingers crossed he's ok
  2. Ticket office just rang, luckily I got one from a mate this morning. Make sure your phones on if your on the list.
  3. Missed out on a ticket, I was in next allocation. I'm driving my son up who has a ticket. No other way of getting him there due to circumstances out of our control. Any suggestions of a pub to watch it in?
  4. CBA reading 31 pages but thought it was a Man Citeh thing, had them for years, is it Imre Banana connected? Google Man City Banana, no big deal, get on with it, have a bit of fun ffs
  5. Anyone else's Wycombe ticket not arrived yet? Starting to worry a bit.
  6. Such an important save at a crucial time
  7. Wouldn't let me edit. Think these last few games his been great at coming off his line and catching high balls into the box, was commanding against Accrington(could have done better with the goal), it's the balls in between the back line that worry me and many others, not the high floaty ones, it's the balls between the 6 yard box and the penalty spot.
  8. Just had a call from the ticket office, all sorted now, she said there were loads that failed.
  9. Same issue here, they (the bank) say the problem lies with SWFC and I should contact them, they need to enable "verified by visa" A bit difficult at 8.30pm on Monday night when you're trying to renew.
  10. Thought same, like an old training ball. More brown than white.
  11. There were a couple of retro shirt makers around pre-lockdown, really good quality, I think they were threatened with legal action so went to ground. Used to pop up on my twitter feed
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