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  1. Stockyowl

    Alan wheen

    Minutes applause v Blackburn Joao scores within 3 minutes. Minutes applause v Rotherham Joao scores within 4 minutes. Can we have a minutes applause every game for Wheeny? he deserves it.
  2. Stockyowl

    Alan wheen

    Great show of respect in the 59th minute today, well done all WTID
  3. Stockyowl

    Alan wheen

    Rip Weenie
  4. Stockyowl


    As I've posted in the other thread, the chaos ensued due to stewards on the inside physically locking (with a key) the automated turnstile everytime someone passed through. Completely needless and could have lead to some real serious issues.
  5. Absolute disgrace there tonight. 3 turnstiles for 500-800 Wednesday fans, all penned in and getting crushed. When I finally got to the turnstile, all were barcode enabled, but after each entrance by an owl a steward on the other side was using a key to manually, slow down/delay fans getting in. Scan ticket, green light, key turn to open then quickly locked again. Appalling. Dozens of stewards on the other side completely oblivious to it all. Shambles
  6. Cardiff wanted him, KW wanted to go, Chanisiri said 'no way' big fall out follows.
  7. Stockyowl

    Poppy badge with owl

    Loads for sale in the Megastore, picked 3 up today
  8. Away end, Row N with my son, singing our hearts out and praying for a miracle
  9. Stockyowl

    Dawson’s Starting Positioning

    I agree in some respect to the OP, but if we are talking shooting distance, say less than 25 yards then goalkeeping has changed. When I played mid 80's and through the 90's we were encouraged to get down the line of the ball and many saves were made 5-6 yards, you were also in a good starting to position to get out quick for a through ball. Now keepers are playing deeper, maybe 2 yards off their line. It gives better reaction time to balls that fly and move through the air.Think Lloris as modern expert on, he uses his speed and agility to make saves but also is fast around his box. I read a piece last week, written by the Stoke City GK coach. " For example, over recent seasons, statistics suggested goalkeepers were having more success saving shots from distance by staying closer to their line, therefore allowing more reaction time, rather than moving down the line of the ball to narrow the angles the shooter has to aim at. “Playing deeper in the goal for shots around the 18-yard box – that’s something we’ve changed a lot over the last two years,” Quy says. “We have to build up the data over a period of time and make it work to our advantage, but that’s definitely an area in which which the stats have made a difference to our methods. “It’s something Shay has looked at in the two years he’s been here and he’s altered his start position accordingly, which demonstrates that you’re never too old to learn.”
  10. Stockyowl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Choice of a prem club and championship club, the offer didn't match the club's valuation. KW wanted to go, as he has did after Wembley. Big fall out. Won't play again.
  11. Stockyowl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Won't play for Wednesday again, had moved lined up in the summer, choice of two clubs. We wouldn't sell. KW, not happy, big fall out. Nothing to do with Jos not seeing him play.
  12. Stockyowl

    Match pass on iFollow

    Mine working fine in Spain, best €6 I spent all holiday
  13. Stockyowl


    Jesus, some right fannies on owlstalk these days. Get behind the players who play for the club, don't try and second guess every situation.
  14. Whatever happened to the I.T.I ?
  15. Stockyowl

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Apart from the mesh panels seemed exactly same spec to me