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  1. http://www.louisshackshaft.com/
  2. The actions of the person was wrong but it was a smoke bomb not a flare and the two are very different.
  3. I still can't believe some idiot threw a coin at the linesman on Saturday when he was trying to get the refs attention to the offside. Idiots
  4. Don't want to sound pedantic on such a serious subject but there were no flares at Hull. About 4 blue smoke bombs. 3 of these were clearly held aloft by a young kid about 12, yes seriously 12. Someone took it off him and tried to throw it onto the pitch but it fell short and landed in the disabled section. There was also one loud air bomb set off. No flares either handheld or projectile were left off.
  5. Stockyowl

    Hull City

    Where you drinking pal? I will buy you one.
  6. Lopez was class and under used by Carlos, could dig in when needed and always looking to play forward.
  7. Stockyowl

    Kieren Westwood wears Samba

    Nope, the top man at Precision(Dave Sanderson ex uhlsport UK) left to join Samba Sports (those who make plastic goals) He started a football range as in balls and now a glove range and has taken quite a few of Precision's top keepers (not Heaton though) ironically both made by the same factory in Pakistan
  8. As the original post was 8 pages in without anyone stating was was actually said, now the thread is closed, I heard and will repeat for those that didn't Yorkshire Post will publish full details of payments to due to Westwood, Hopper, Fletcher, Hutchinson but not Forestieri, details of what the amounts are when they play a certain amount of games. The figure quoted was £7 million. Jonathan glossed over it and didn't question it. See what happens Monday
  9. Stockyowl

    Where was the wall?

    Plus, don't hand a big effing white towel high up in the side netting, great for a striker to aim for. In the 90's it was glove bags. If you take a towel on the pitch stick it in the middle of goal, preferably low down
  10. Stockyowl

    Where was the wall?

    As he shaped up to take it, I said to my lad "he's gonna beat him" Should have made an effort, no keeper ever made a save with their eyes! I normally always take the keepers side on these things, but should have made an effort
  11. Stockyowl

    Player wages

    A new contract starts July 1st, so basic wage may and June then possible increase from July 1st. Question for a man doing a normal job? How many weeks holiday do you get? Are you paid when on holiday? Unless self employed usually about 4, footballers get 6-8 weeks rest. When I played if you got released at the end of your contract and didn't find a new club and sign a contract your old club had to pay you until August, don't know if that still happens?
  12. Dawson stronger on high balls for me BUT why can't any of our top three keepers kick well from their hands? Not a negative in anyway but the side volley is a great weapon to have to set up counter attacks, all 3 are poor at this, watch how JW and CD will wait an age to drop the ball at their feet to kick off the floor, more practice needed from all 3.
  13. Stockyowl

    Swansea tickets..

    Was the grandstand closed for the Reading game? Should have done same again if it was.
  14. Stockyowl


    In my day you would insure yourself with CICA (combined insurance company of America) you'd get extra money when injured. Always used to get signed off injured through the summer to pick up extra money. This was in the late 80's/early 90' when salary's were nowhere near todays
  15. Stockyowl

    The Wednesday Tap

    £4 for a pint of Amstel, in a plastic glass stood shivering under the north stand or £4.20 for a pint of Moretti in a real glass sat inside, nice and warm watching sky, no brainer.