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  1. One thing I did notice was the line markings from when we narrowed it, why would this still be visible if we changed the dimensions before the season started.
  2. Sorry but if someone had just gone in Studs up on one of my team mates would I high five him and laugh? Would I ********
  3. Try disabling pop up blocker if using chrome, worked for me
  4. So, with 2 days before the season starts we have no idea if we can purchase away games to view on iFollow for £10 a go. Furthermore I've paid £555 for a season ticket that I can't use, plus an u17 for £150 but I can watch 23 home games on a steaming service for free with a value of 23 x £10?
  5. Not used in a song that long but the phrase has been around years, see LanzaroteOwls post above. Was used by hoolie types when entering pubs and also if any owl in owl squabbles broke out.
  6. Ticket Priority Points, accumulated from purchasing a season ticket and away match tickets and yes myself and my son(u18) have season tickets
  7. Thanks for the info, my next question would be. If I take the refund will I lose my TPP, for the refunded games?
  8. I think the club needs to be clearer about ifollow options including those for non-season ticket holders. As I see it, I can get a refund for my North Stand St and purchase the 7 ifollow games for £70, watch the other 2 on Sky, saving me money. Or do they want as many people as possible to choose option 1 before giving full ifollow details?
  9. Found the answer on Derby's website, see below, in theory can get a refund, buy 7 games for £70 and watch the other 2 on Sky The live League fixtures broadcast on Sky Sports will also be streamed on their club's streaming service, with access provided for Season Ticket Holders. This access will be determined by the club where the supporter holds a Season Ticket and may be in lieu of a refund or part of a wider package as determined by each individual club. Where applicable, clubs will send out promo codes prior to this weekends’ fixtures. Non-season Ticket holding suppor
  10. I think it's audio on for Bristol City away as its on Sky, would love to see the full list
  11. Can anyone help with this? Ifollow is £10 per game in the UK. 2 of the games are on Sky, that leaves 7 games, will the away games be available to purchase? Will the club announce this after after people have accepted option 1?
  12. Just watching the Dortmund game and it is indeed better. Also is the main camera angle a bit lower so you can't see the empty stand on the far stand?
  13. But they didn't let him say what Piaxo said
  14. Any chance of selling all the seats on the North now?
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