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  1. I could see something wasn't right. I was in the upper tier so wasn't sure what had gone off. Young lad looked really upset. Hope he's OK
  2. I remember the promotion season, the 1-0 game, stood up for the full 90 minutes, this is block s1, everyone did. Great atmosphere
  3. Anyone else think Carson's body shape is all wrong in that situation?
  4. SYP and all the other forces they have to borrow from on Derby day, clueless, not fit for purpose. Leppings Lane was an absolute joke after.
  5. Ah just remembered, Swansea now 3-1 up anyway
  6. If (big if) he gets a 2 game ban and Swansea and Brentford draw in FA Cup he will miss pigs game
  7. It's a long shot I know but if one comes available would be very grateful
  8. It's a long shot I know but if one comes available would be very grateful
  9. Many thanks, appreciate the advice. The journey down will be even more of an ordeal. My sons at Rotherham academy, they've got bloody Hartlepool away, 11am kick off. Wish me luck!!! The things you do to watch the Owls
  10. Yep, I'm booked on too. Just a bit panicky about getting delayed at tube station
  11. Any owlstalker's on this? Is it doable from Stamford Bridge with a 6pm KO?
  12. First half fans were good. Goal just before half time killed it. 2nd goal 5 minutes into second half finished us off.
  13. Anyone remember the JPT game against Chesterfield? Lower section of kop only, lower North only. Better atmosphere.
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