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  1. My 16 year old son and his mate have tickets for Cambridge but no way of getting there as of yet. Doesn't want to go on ICO, anyone know of any coaches/mini buses going from North Sheffield?
  2. Something odd happening with TPP in my opinion. A mate of my sons was given 720 points at the start of this season. All he's had is 2 season tickets and 1 away game in previous 2 seasons.
  3. 100% agree with this, really struggled to purchase Rotherham and Morecambe tickets. Finally did get them but not without stress.
  4. Had the pleasure of meeting Paul Warne several times, great guy. 100% genuine. Also met some of his staff, exactly the same.
  5. Hit the post, no touch from BPF. Ball then hit the taker. Indirect free kick to the owls as the Donny man effectivley played the ball twice. Ref raised his arm to indicate. We then get caught offside from resulting free kick(cant be offside from a goalkick)
  6. You need to remember Jack Hall is 16 years old, of course he will be lightweight
  7. Think the home kit could have been a classic with black on the collars and cuffs instead of white, it's what seperates us from Brighton, Wigan etc
  8. Collar and cuffs on home shirt should have been black instead of white and it would have been a winner. Oh and a black Macron badge.
  9. I feel really ashamed to say that I read a piece today about United and their adidas deal, how they are now shifting 40k+ shirts per season, that they have moved up the adidas network and are starting creating bespoke shirts. That they have a team of adidas designers already predicting trends for 2023 and beyond and making sure there's a full range of leisurewear for all ages and the amount of money adidas throw at the store in Meadowhall. The fact that United shirts are now in 14 stores of JD sports. But at least we've got Eleve8 eh?
  10. Wow, never thought of the cancelled game, cheers mate.
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