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  1. Got sent to Coventry, didn't he?
  2. We are really missing Emanuelson
  3. owlandished

    Late run for the play offs?

    My tail developed leprosy and I thought nothing could get worse, and then I read the title of this thread
  4. Joao says Hunt's armpit smells like team spirit
  5. owlandished

    Loovens and matias

    Hello Marco
  6. owlandished

    Player ratings

    You implying our new fella suffers from premature distribution?
  7. owlandished

    The Big Match

    ¶ Brian Moore's head looks uncannily like London¶ ¶la-di-da¶
  8. owlandished

    The aroma of Jos

    Give Jos stick I will be incensed
  9. owlandished

    Gary Hooper - back in training?

    Although it is lion training
  10. owlandished

    Owl bread

    Give us this day owl daily bread
  11. owlandished

    David Pleat

    At least Carlos never did this with his twenty pound notes
  12. owlandished

    That man

    Can't give jos stick
  13. owlandished

    Player ratings

    Boyd, Dawson, Matias, Nielsen, Nuhiu and O'Grady all completed their first full games for us this season, which was nice
  14. I thought they controlled it to start off. We looked like one of those dodgy east European nations playing at Wembley during a Euro qualifier But then we gradually got into it and for the first time in a long while I was proud of the way we put ourselves about and really we should have won Best 0-0 I can remember