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  1. owlandished

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    5-2-3 Sterland Shirtliff Lyons Madden Worthington Shelton Blair Marwood Chapman Varadi
  2. owlandished

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    And don't move players names to a different column if they play in consecutive games But strikers are doing real well
  3. owlandished

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    It was not what he said it was the way that he said it
  4. owlandished

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    True. We still have likes of Matias, Hooper and Winnall (when fit), Joao, Pudil, Reach, Bannan, Fletcher and Forestieri all brought in under Carlos. Jos has brought in just 3 - Hector, Onomah and Pelupessy Looking at those names, CC went for creative/attacking whereas Jos has built on this with more destructive/defensive players and promoted the youngsters, something CC rarely if ever did. The other contrast is when CC/the club had the chance to sign players he didn't take it (the CB fiasco) whereas Jos/the club have been under embargo pretty much since "el 'tash" has been here Also true, Jos has not amassed the same number of points as Carlos did in their respective starts, yet it can be argued our current position of 6th is punching above our weight. What's undeniable is he has steadied the ship and is proving to be a good hire thus far. There is a good chance he can make a name for himself in England with SWFC. Hopefully it's a good name
  5. owlandished

    Boro Away form

    You sure it wasn't an actual wasp?
  6. 15 teams are expected to create more goals at a higher rate than us
  7. owlandished

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    Carlos 1st 38 games squad Jos 1st 38 games squad Westwood. Westwood Palmer. Palmer Turner. O'Grady Hitchinson. Hutchinson Loovens. Hector Semedo. Pelupessy Matias. Matias Melo. Onomah Nuhiu. Nuhiu McGugan. Reach Bus. Winnall Bennett. Boyd Lavery. Van Aken Hooper. Hooper Lees. Lees Wiggins. Fox Helan. Penney Joao. Joao Lee. Lee Lopez. Abdi Lachman. Kirby Sasso. Thorniley Sougou. Fletcher Dawson. Dawson Dielna. Nielsen Da Havilland. Rice Wildsmith. Wildsmith Stobbs. Stobbs Hunt. Baker Wallace. Jones Pudil. Pudil McGeady. Preston Bannan. Bannan Forestieri. Forestieri
  8. You are right. But nobody is.
  9. Unlike high scoring games such as cricket or basketball, footy is low scoring, which means "luck" plays a more significant role. A single goal against the run of play can win a game. It's why football is the world's most popular spectator sport. It is unpredictable, but only to a certain extent. Bookies know that relying on "luck" is not a strategy, however. So, if team x is the most likely team to ship a goal as of 29th Sep 2018, and there are 15 more teams currently scoring more per game, the chances of team x winning the title at this moment of time are slim. Should those stats change for team x then the bookies will change their odds accordingly. The fact team x is 6th in the table is irrelevant because the table lies every week. Only at the end of the season does the table of results mean anything certain.
  10. I was waiting for this season's instalment. Thanks. We are currently on 19 points after 12 matches. Should we lose the next 3 games, our chances of reaching the play offs will be low. However, should we win the next 3, we will be still a little way off what other automatically promoted teams achieved after 15 games, apart from Bournemouth in the 2014-15 season
  11. Same formation as Sunday just gone
  12. Good review. Thanks. Although I realise if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle (or maybe not, in these days/times) I wonder how we would have faired had Forestieri started in place of Thorniley. City certainly had the chance to be 3-0 up within the first 30 mins, had it not been for Dawson, Lees and the post. But then, surely Diedhiou handled before having his shot saved?
  13. Every so often you see a run of games and can see where things are heading. In Carlos' 1st and 2nd season, it was nippy players like Bannan, Foresteri and Wallace swarming forwards with the ball. Pathetic as it seems, it was just having it dawn on me we weren't just going to lose possession that grew my confidence in the team. We actually had the belief on, and eventually off the field, that we could create chances and score through such relatively skilful players running at the opposition. For all the good work of CC's-predecessor, this was something we had been lacking. We didn't have the talent or the belief. We could probably afford neither, at the time. The confidence petered out in Carlos' third season, and a lot of the talent was sidelined because of injury. But against Bristol City I started to see something different to emerge. Some steel in our team, again something I had not seen for many years. This was mostly thanks to our 2 loanees Hector and Onomah really taking command of things at the back and in the centre. Not only that, both of those players distribution was decent too. And despite Hector's needless booking, their temperament was to be admired too. As much as I love Hutch, he is too often OTT. Robbie Savage-like sometimes. Jos saw this skill set lacking in the squad he inherited, His other signing to date is Pelupessy. Lee and Pudil have retained their starting places, and another tough nut, Thornilley, has been promoted to the 1st team. This, combined with the artfulness of Bannan and Joao, and the drive we see from Penney and Reach, really does make me think we have good things to come. Whereas Carlos brought flamboyance and an attack-minded philosophy to the team, he soon retreated into negativity. Strikes me that Jos has a more grittier, optimistic approach, liking to build from a position of strength at the core, knowing we still have kept under contract those players that can launch attacks and convert. It's also ironic that in Portugal there is no concept of goalkeeper "clean sheets". Yet Carlos and Westwood used to have a lot of those, whereas Jos and Dawson have zero this season.