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  1. I paid good money for these graphs! Where the heck are they?
  2. The Donald Trump of football management
  3. So despite the being robbed of 2 points by AFC Cheatingtosspotsheepshaggers , we are still on same trajectory as our most successful season (points wise) since Chansiri arrived?
  4. Quick check...satisfied there are no monstrosities...should be good
  5. Not sure it is. Otherwise PNE would be 1 instead of Leeds. Think it is based on a pundits view on where each team will finish, as predicted at start of season. We are listed as expected to have finished 10th.
  6. Kind of an interesting way to look at things, though wouldn't it make more sense to use the opposites current league position rather than some fictional one presumably assigned at the start of the season?
  7. Thought Lee was a lot taller than that
  8. Shame Joao isn't keeping up those impressive stats at Reading. Not.
  9. Beat Cardiff in the next game and we go top?
  10. finishing my walk. Sure that's not a typo?
  11. Thought this from the BBC website sums things up nicely. Not much in it and we could just have easily won as lost. "The second half saw one huge moment for either side, with the difference being Eaves' super header and Winnall's inability to convert from close range." Sheffield Wednesday manager Garry Monk thought his side should have had a penalty in the latter stages of the match when Jacob Murphy was brought down by Eric Lichaj. "Clear cut, 100 per cent, I knew that at the time. Ref's in a good position, linesman's in a good position, the fourth official's in a good position, somehow they don't get it. We have to live with that. Of course it's frustrating. It's clear cut, not even close. Of course you expect at this level to be given those decisions, but it's done now and we can't do anything about it."
  12. First they came for our manager and then they stole our thread. Next it will be our stripes.
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