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  1. LichfieldOwl

    Sam Winnall Signs - OFFICIAL

    I'm from Wolverhampton - Sam is too. A friend of mine is in his friendship group; he's confirmed the signing. Supposedly other clubs interested too. Its obviously completed now. Wonder why we are waiting to announce it ...
  2. How's that a yellow but Kayal's wasn't earlier?!
  3. LichfieldOwl

    4 or 6

    You expected us to be challenging top 2? Really?!
  4. LichfieldOwl

    Marco Matias

    Neither mate, it's a walrus.
  5. LichfieldOwl

    January Transfer Window Thread

    Wood turned down Wolves in favour of Leeds in the summer.
  6. Don't like Fulham. Would be delighted if we did them over again today! Come on Wednesday.
  7. LichfieldOwl

    January Transfer Window Thread

    Afobe leaving Wolves for 12m. Another decent club with money competing in the market for a striker (or two) now.
  8. LichfieldOwl

    Ross Wallace assists

    A great player for this level. Against Fulham, the quality of his deliveries was the difference between the two teams.
  9. LichfieldOwl

    Links for todays game

    Sports Devil on Kodi showing a few links. First row sports.
  10. 'The night Rotherham have been waiting for'
  11. Helan gets a 1 for that performance. Offered nothing all game.
  12. Working for me Used Firstrow sports through the SportsDevil app.
  13. LichfieldOwl

    Tomorrow's game live on TV in Sheffield

    I've got a Kodi link. You can go on WP and get RS commentary whilst watching Nova. If it's not in sync you can pause WP and let the game catch up.