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  1. before the spelling police get me that Sunbury on Thames.
  2. Ref was Brian Holmewood of Sunbury on Thamea, Gery Young scored to make it 2-2 but we had a bad ref day so it got ruled out. Never forgotten him or forgiven him to this day.
  3. That was a really miserable summer the start of a dreadful decade that followed . Some great players just vanished into thin air and got replaced by mediocrity. Seen it a couple of times since then as well. This summer feels just the opposite.
  4. really only one answer to this, Ron Springett 33 England caps when we didnt play teams like San Marino Etc - no disrespect to them or anyone else by the way. Was keeper in a top six top flight league when it was a much more physical game. Should have had more caps but for that unfortunate game away to France. I rated him higher than Banks but I would do wouldnt I ? Having said that Pressman was awesome in an often struggling side and we all know how good Westwood is . For my generation its a no brainer.
  5. earlier than that by a year maybe two. Without looking it up can you remember that ref's name ? In our Hall of Fame along with D'Urso, Deadman, Mariner, Swarbrick, Beeby and co. No peeping...who is going to be the first to name him correctly with a bonus of where he was from? They always said where the ref was from in those days. My money is on Buxton Gent or Adelphi knowing.
  6. This tactic drives me mental !!! what is the point? At 2 - 1 down we may as well lose 3 - 1 if only we go a bit stronger for it. FF and BB will never head corners away so leave them at least out of the box for a clearance to stick.
  7. am sure that is the point of them but supposing both Dawson and Wildsmith got crocked ..... it has happened before that clubs have had to use a third choice. Just wondering if we have a plan for that scenario. As the saying goes if you fail to plan etc etc etc
  8. sorry was counting on the fingers of one hand. The simple question was what do they do all day, it just led to a few more. thanks for the correction.
  9. a simple question...what do our "exiles" do all day if they dont get games in any of the teams? Supposing we get repeat of last year's injury crisis? was it 16 or so first teamers out? who steps up to the plate? and if its any of them how do they get match fit? and if its not one or two of them who is it?
  10. I read his autobiography hoping for a hint of an apology but was disappointed not to find one. Cant take away what a great centre half he was though. I remember him winding the crowd up at Forest every year after he had roughed up Len Julians , shorts got hitched up higher and the grin got wider. So sad how it all turned out so unnecessary and it probably did cost him at least a squad place in 66.
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