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  1. Norman Curtis whoever missed 2 at Wolves on night when Lyons got a red card
  2. me plus my other 2
  3. Hardest player ever made Norman Hunter Chopper Harris Hutch and all of those look like fairies. Great on the ball as well. If only.....
  4. sorry tomorrow not today. mind a tad boggled today.
  5. so..is Abdi getting some match fitness today? He ought to have had at least 30 minutes last night then we might find out if he is going to be any use to us or not worth thinking of. Lots of mistakes from the top last night this was just one of them. Unless they are really startling I would always leave loan players out or sub them for those we own. Not saying AA would have made any difference but .....
  6. Pointless - some of our recent signings
  7. Turning point

    cant see us getting any points from Swansea.......................until next season.

    Am I posh ? its supper not tea or dinner for me unless I make it then it could be anything.
  9. am a bit of a steam nerd... so why not? and they are also rubbish. I could have added Fort William from the Highland League and they are even worse. Makes Final Score a bit interesting if not at the match.
  10. Buxton Stenhousemuir Ballinamallard
  11. good luck to him! Never let us down, I remember one goal in particular......................
  12. 1. slightly but not much, not really a reaction to a bad defeat in previous game. 2. probably but could not tell whether flag was correct or not from behind goal. It did go up quickly though so he must have been sure in his mind. 3. you cannot tell because we would have done the normal thing when leading late in the game ie abandon attacking and circle the wagons which is foolish and has been proved many times to be so. 4. No they missed some very good chances. 5. Birmingham were poor , lacked confidence we should have gone for the jugular. 6. Two good efforts from distance one miss at the end from in the 6 yard box was difficult but fell to a centre half. 7. Not especially but they became less adventurous. In my opinion we could have released Joao to run at them with a bit of pace they were comfortable with the speed of our attcks.
  13. Advertising boards or not you cannot see if ball crosses line at Lepp from Kop , never have been able to so before these boards it was a case of " you pays your money and takes your chance." But from row 11 on Kop I now cannot not see the ball on the floor against the white SkyBet advert or the big yellow band thing whatever that was. If this was theatre or cinema they would have to sell seats as "restricted view". Also having difficulty with the font on the board (like so many people around me).
  14. On this day 1975

    nothing wrong with Eric Potts Prendo Colin Harvey or Ken Knighton but.......... it also got better than that though with the new blood......Proudlove,Feely,Hull,Watling ,Derek Bell (wink wink) am sure there were others.