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  1. was in the "neutral stand" at the other end from the Holte. with 10,000 scousers and about 50 owls.
  2. Anyone else having trouble registering team card? Whats a HTTP error 504? Keep getting the same response.
  3. My first away game 1958 Boxing Day I think Roy Shiner scored in first minute, only goal of the game. First time I had to pay to get in as I was always lifted over the turnstiles for free.
  4. I would miss them. Got over 1100 home game programmes dating back to my first game in 1957. Dont quite know what to do with them though. How much does anyone think 1100 Wednesday home match programmes are worth? Got loads of aways as well.
  5. JoeCool

    Sheffield Varsity Final

  6. Norman Curtis whoever missed 2 at Wolves on night when Lyons got a red card
  7. me plus my other 2
  8. Hardest player ever made Norman Hunter Chopper Harris Hutch and all of those look like fairies. Great on the ball as well. If only.....
  9. sorry tomorrow not today. mind a tad boggled today.
  10. so..is Abdi getting some match fitness today? He ought to have had at least 30 minutes last night then we might find out if he is going to be any use to us or not worth thinking of. Lots of mistakes from the top last night this was just one of them. Unless they are really startling I would always leave loan players out or sub them for those we own. Not saying AA would have made any difference but .....
  11. Pointless - some of our recent signings
  12. JoeCool

    Turning point

    cant see us getting any points from Swansea.......................until next season.
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    Am I posh ? its supper not tea or dinner for me unless I make it then it could be anything.