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  1. I'm waiting for two and nothing arrived yet. Tried again to call ticket office but couldn't get through .... as usual and also emailed them but no reply.
  2. Funniest post all weekend !! 1968 v. wolves, 2-2 draw.
  3. No, he's definitely a Pig, he's a mate of my brother in law
  4. I was living in Blackpool at the time and travelled over with a couple of Blackpool mates who were Man City supporters. Got to the turn stile at the away end and the bloke said "sorry lads we're full" so bunged him a tenner between us and he let us in. Absolutely unbelievable night, when the winning goal went in .... Incredible !! My MCFC mates said they'd never experienced an atmosphere like it ... Unforgettable game
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