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  1. Lawrie Madden's post in Multi match ticket offer on OS was marked as the answer   
    Best post in the whole thread
  2. Lawrie Madden's post in Soccer AM was marked as the answer   
    Not watched since Lovejoy left and it had gone well past its best before he jumped ship
  3. Lawrie Madden's post in Call me old fashioned was marked as the answer   
    Who will be our first fashion victim and turn out in one Pink Boot and one Blue Boot 
    i thought Liam Palmer but i'm leaning more towards Rhys McCabe now .......................and he wears a fooookin Alice Band
  4. Lawrie Madden's post in LEEDS THOUGH, It could've been us ! was marked as the answer   
    At Cagliari he has had 35 different coaches/managers in about 20 years
    Good luck to the scum
  5. Lawrie Madden's post in FOOTBALL FANS, SMOKE BOMBS AND FLARES – FACT SHEET was marked as the answer   
    yup cos choking noxious smoke doesn't half improve the atmosphere
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