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  1. Hi I realise it's an extremely long shot but looking for two adult WBA away tickets if anyone has 2 spare please
  2. Hi does anyone know if there is a link to any of our friendly games , I know last year one of our games was on Bein sports
  3. You got it spot on , Jeremy had a wicked sense of humour and I think he almost enjoyed his disagreements with me on players , particularly big Dave.I will miss his company and his text during games we weren't at. I almost expected a text of gerrrrrrr in ,the other night against Rotherham .
  4. Ok , thanks , I'm not a frequent posted but a very frequent reader and wasn't sure how long threads are available , cheers. When Carol feels that she is able to read this topic I'm sure it will give her great comfort in this very sad time to read all the respectful comments .
  5. I have know Jez ( Wolfmanjack ) and his wife Carol for many years . I spoke to Carol last night and although still very tearful and in a state of shock one of the things she asked me about was the tributes that had been posted on owlstalk that she had been told about , she couldn't believe that there are so many wonderful words spoken about Jez .she doesn't use owlstalk or even the internet much so I told her that when she felt up to it I would take my tablet up and let her read all the fantastic comments from you all . Just wondered how long the thread will be pinned or available for her to read .
  6. RIP Jez my friend , known to me and most in kiveton as Jez , to carol his wife as Jem and to most of you on hear as Wolfmanjack . I just wish he could read all your posts , he would be so chuffed . Our weekends away watching the owls will be sadly missed . RIP
  7. Not reyt good but still better than NUnu
  8. ,come on WOLFMAN ........Sal,s gran is faster than Sidibe .
  9. Thought that i wanted them to go up, even text a couple of blunt fans to wish them good luck tonight but really not sure that i mean it ,now its playoff time , just glad we can sit back and observe,and are not takeing part
  10. me too, totally knackered and done nowt, WHAT A DAY.
  11. feel totally wrecked after todays events,how are we all gunna stand it next week
  12. Waiting for sunday is like the night before christmas morning,not knowing if your going to get the present you want.
  13. have you got the programme for this match...........is this where the info comes from..........have been looking for the programme for personal reasons ................will still look out for it but the information is very much appreciated.
  14. Was told you would be able to help me out................i knew a fellow kivo man would come up trumps............cheers Kivo Owl...........................
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