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  1. I've got a spare ticket if anyone is interested, I can meet in Blackpool tomorrow
  2. I don't expect to get rid of it but I've possibly got a train ticket going spare tomorrow night if anyone's thinking about making a late trip down Doncaster to Kings Cross 13.17 & 23.30 £15
  3. We are not in danger, we are the danger
  4. All this yap about our best players and not 1 mention of Mr consistent, it's better to stay under the radar so so called bigger clubs don't come calling When fit He's by far the best player at the club
  5. Ordered along with the 3rd which I also missed, you deserve it Sir for the effort you put into helping less fortunate folk
  6. Was that the Saturday evening kick off where they took something like 77 fans, if it was I bet they found the money to refund them down the back of the seats on the team coach
  7. We support Sheffield Wednesday, if we bought tickets expecting us to win we'd only sell about 2 tickets
  8. Too many folk concerned by what others do
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