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  1. We got a very fair price for Joao based on his output at the time, most, including myself, thought we'd had their pants down. The fact he has pushed on and is giving more is credit to Reading doesn't mean we undercharged.
  2. The main flaw in your plan is that DC isn't going to sack Monk anytime soon, the constant suggestions of who DC should go for is a waste of everyones time as he isn't looking for a replacement.
  3. Personally I don't have confidence he is the one to get us where we need to be. However, DC is not going to fire him. We are not an attactive proposition to take on - who would come here right now to replace him? I am quite pleased with the squad we have overall though, save for a couple of positions maybe. So all in all, we have no choice but to back him as he ain't going.
  4. The fanbase need to be told that DC has a manager who he has backed heavily. DC is not looking for an option. Not saying I agree, but that's the fact. Monk will be here through very bad times.
  5. Monk has ages yet. DC stuck by previous managers when things were bad and he knows that he has to give this time to work. He’s allowed Monk to assemble almost a whole new squad and he isn’t going to suddenly turn it over to someone else, he’s shown he doesn’t work that way. He will probably even allow Monk to take us down if that’s where it ends up going.
  6. Not watching the game but can you actually blame Monk for Van Aken putting his foot into someone?
  7. Happy birthday, Kieran. Watch your shoulder lifting all those gifts.
  8. Have to wonder what it does to him psychologically though. If you’re the big man one minute and then get told you aren’t good enough to achieve your ambitions the next that could be a real blow. He might not be the same player if his confidence is shot. I would still have him back in an absolute heartbeat though ofc.
  9. Yes, we should have taken defenders off if anything.
  10. Monk would clearly like to drive Rhodes out to the middle of the woods and leave him there. I don’t think he’ll be competing for a start.
  11. I’m not a fan of Carlos but yeah I’d agree that first season was bloody exciting. The second we achieved a good place but people seem to forget how painful it was to watch and how bad we were at times, we got lucky with other teams capitulating. Some of the things we were doing were Ridsdale-esque in terms of nailing our future to the floor.
  12. Guy Whittingham is basically the man this question was made for.
  13. I think he plays for another football team at the moment doesn’t he?
  14. Indeed. Rhodes has played early on because we had nobody else. He’s only still here because his contract hadn’t run out, not because he’s valued or wanted. Now the forward line is fleshed out a bit with the players Monk does want in we won’t be seeing Jordan too much and I won’t lose too much sleep over that.
  15. It does though, we're still waiting for the arrrival of our focal point and this is still a very new team that has played very little competitive football together. I like what I've seen of the recruitment so far though, so if given some time Monk can't get them to settle into something decent then I'll drive him out into the woods myself, otherwise I'm not going to to start posting the kind of reactionary bile we've seen on here tonight, there is the makings of something good here.
  16. Got to be honest, I'm from Skipton and I've never heard that one.
  17. To be fair a free-scoring striker is the hardest position to fill in a team, not to mention the most expensive. You can’t just ‘go and get one’, even if one is available every other bugger will want him too and they aren’t on -12 points.
  18. Have you not noticed that Chansiri is backing Monk and is giving him a solid shot at this? Naming suitable alternatives is an utter waste of time, we aren’t looking. How hard is that to understand? Monk is our manager and will be for quite some time, get over it and support the team.
  19. If we don’t solve the striker situation we are in trouble. Otherwise one league loss and we all lose our minds? Sort yourselves out.
  20. Well look at your list of players, all from league winning sides, given the correct environment Di Canio could have been elevated even further. We will never know for sure just how good he could have been if he’d been surrounded by players of similar talent who could create for him and support him. As it stands we only saw him dragging bottom-half of the table sides along, he never had the chance to achieve what a Bergkamp did, although granted, that may be his own fault due to his temperament!
  21. Very much so. This is a move you would normally expect him to be making in about 4 or 5 years time. Either he’s more knackered than we realise or he simply can’t be bothered anymore. I suppose playing in empty stadiums is less fun though, you can’t get that same buzz.
  22. He’s the new Morgan Fox! Everyone loves a redemption arc.
  23. Jota off to Liverpool, haha, I remember this place thought we were in with a shout at getting him before he went to Wolves. Nevermind eh...
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