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  1. Absolute joke of a topic. Even De Gea makes some mistakes. He's the envy of most teams, look at the state of us when Jos dropped him and the impact he had coming back.
  2. Bruce left us in good shape overall, we just obviously lost our way without a defined leader. I expect the next 11 games to be better for us.
  3. The fact is we’ve had our pre-season royalty messed up by the cabbage, to be in the position we are is a superb effort. Now we have some stability to build on we can only get better in time for the bigger challenges.
  4. Given what Fletcher has done for us in the last year why on earth wouldn’t we given him a year extension?
  5. I’m not one for wearing football shirts, but if I did have a Wednesday shirt there is no doubt whose name would be on it. (Nuhiu)
  6. Fletcher is on for 20? What’s his best tally in a season? Must Wikipedia...
  7. Reach and Harris should be first choice by a long shot.
  8. Personally I’m a bit wary about getting them in, I know DC has some strange ways sometimes, but getting so deeply involved in the occult, I’m not sure if it’s the right way to get promotion ....
  9. What an absolute loathsome individual Dave Jones was.
  10. As bad as everyone felt for us as we walked away millions richer from losing Bruce...
  11. Obviously most of that time has been spent assessing Bullen. We know he tried to get Hughton straight away and was turned down. Why would you make this point?
  12. It would be completely believable and fitting for his ideals though. Hopefully he remembers the nice pile of money we got for Bruce.
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