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  1. He’d probably work out short term, but by Christmas I think we’d be looking elsewhere.
  2. Cantona owes us. Always thought he'd be a good manager.
  3. If Bruce ends up with no club that’d be worth the £4m compensation lost, absolutely hilarious.
  4. This is a very weird saga. Can’t think of many managers going through this kind of nonsense before...
  5. I signed him on a free for Wednesday on Champ Manager.
  6. Hughton is the bookies fave though, it’s not entirely baseless.
  7. Nah he’ll be waiting for the first Premier League club to start wobbling...
  8. Hughton is the only one on that list I like the look of.
  9. Tbf since the fans meeting he’s been doing us proud. Jos gone, Bruce in, new mood, contracts renewed, deadwood kicked out, promising looking squad additions, financial acrobatics and now standing up to a Premier League bully. I haven’t always in the past but yeah, in DC I Trust!
  10. Not really. If he’s made an offer, clubs have agreed terms and he declines and says he wants to stay with us then that’s absolutely fine by me, he’s done nothing wrong.
  11. Under this leadership things are looking up! I’m personally very optimistic about our direction.
  12. Just sing Fog in the Tyne fit the whole 90 minutes, and through half time as well.
  13. At this point I hope he does go and we get a big pot of money. He obviously wants the move, his heads been turned, I don’t want him here if he’s no longer motivated. Let’s make this into a positive and get some cash in, grab Hughton.
  14. I always liked Darren Bent he’s a good egg, shits all over Marcus and David.
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