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  1. Jota off to Liverpool, haha, I remember this place thought we were in with a shout at getting him before he went to Wolves. Nevermind eh...
  2. No. If we are wanging cash around on anyone it should be a striker. Murphy was great for us but a goal-scorer is harder to find on a free or a loan.
  3. Not you, Dom, taking a photo of his laptop like a neanderthal.
  4. He’ll be our player of the season and leave on a free to Stoke in the summer 😞
  5. 20 goals this year. Not one for wearing footy shirts, but if I did I’d have his name on the back. #daretonuhiu
  6. Exactly, like it or not, he’s being given a run at this and that’s been obvious for about the last six months, yet the football Einstein’s still keep pondering over who the new manager will be! I’m not a fan but I can tell we’re stuck with him for now so let’s just see what we can make of it.
  7. Very simple facts here. We NEED strikers. We are an undesirable team to join in a weird, stifled market. At the moment we don’t seem to have many options. If you think starting the season with Nuhiu and Rhodes is a worse situation than starting the season with Rhodes then you’re a reyt stubborn plum.
  8. We can sign better than him for sure, but we haven't yet and I'd rather him than Rhodes, so yes, if he wants in and won't cost much, simple fact is we need numbers up top.
  9. Not for me. He was good but not £3m good. We need to be bloody careful with our cash. Only an absolute Rolls Royce like Michael Hector would have been worth throwing a pile of money at like that anymore. There are other Jacob Murphy standard players available on loan.
  10. Like Pelupessyeye, he achieved so little I can’t fathom why we wouldn’t take a punt on an unknown quantity from League 1 instead.
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