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  1. I live near Eastleigh, gonna go see the man play one day for sure 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  2. I used to think Alan Quinn was the absolute bees knees. I would look after him like a precious flower on Football Manager and try and turn him into a word beater. Arsenal wanted him off me at one point. Turned downn £4.5m I did.
  3. No idea. Team has been too bad to tell if he’s any good or not and we don’t know who will be available or who we will be without.
  4. I always remembered his running but watching that video, his passing was absolute class at times.
  5. Di Canio is largely regarded as one of the best players of the Premier League era and it’s not his time with us that people remember. We all know he’d have done more at the higher levels of football if he wasn’t so completely mental.
  6. Who did we break the bank for who was as good as him and at the peak of his career age-wise? I’m sure if we could have got him we would have.
  7. Absolutely not. Only Fletch & Fox should be staying.
  8. He’s already suggested that they didn’t bring in who he wanted. The clubs structure is fizzed and has been for years. Obviously we’re in a rotten slump but the overall situation is nothing new. People have been saying the team Carlos built, which is still the core of the squad, is too comfortable for a long time. We’re still bringing in Bates’ and not using them. DC is at the heart of this and it’s time for him to admit the experiment has failed and move on. Whatever Monk wants to achieve in the summer he probably won’t be allowed to.
  9. It’s not Monks fault, and who would even come here? But something has to change or we could drop.
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