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  1. He’s spent half of his matches playing with 10 men so a bit harsh to hold any kind of negative judgement so far. In the face of that he’s got us looking solid and structured, we seem to have a plan, it might be a boring one and we clearly need to rebalance the squad, but I’m happy with what I’m seeing. It’s a world away from the free-fall of Monk. It’s kind of what we could have expected really. B.
  2. Sounds bloody lovely, the lifestyle will be a smidge different to South Yorkshire I imagine. The simple fact is it isn’t Sheffield Wednesday, the change has helped him.
  3. Have you all just started watching football? Yeah, he's probably much happier there, enjoying life and playing better as a result. He wouldn't be playing like that here. A move to a new club helps players sometimes, especially when it involves a change of country and culture. Remarkable that people think if Forestieri was still here that this is the player we would have in our side week in, week out.
  4. Exactly. How replacing them is THE problem to focus on is escaping me.
  5. Sounds like he was not following Pulis' instructions.
  6. You really reckon he can get who he wants in January? We won’t have a proper crack at signing anyone until summer when the penalty is gone and clubs are dealing with a clean slate, mid-season deals are always a nightmare to get done. He’ll get some loans at best.
  7. Probably just accept that it happens and do nothing about it then yeah? Cool.
  8. If this mistake is being held in the same regard as years of repeated howlers from Dawson then I agree. However I can’t really justify getting on Westwood’s back just yet, Dawson screwed up repeatedly on a large scale, we had faith and he kept on putting in horror shows. That we have set up a thread over this punch to try and draw parallels seems a bit silly to me, when I saw it I had an ‘is that it??’ reaction.
  9. I forget now, did we have a habit of buckling or going 2-0 up more often under Monk? Which was more likely to happen on a match day under him? I think it was the first option which was more likely to happen.
  10. Hard to comment on his form when he was dropped. Obviously something wasn't right behind the scenes for him to be frozen out (where the blame lies we have no idea) and you don't play your best football when you're psychologically not in a good place.
  11. Exactly. Even if he was awful it’d be flipping hilarious - bloody Balotelli playing for us for gods sake I’m game to see how that’d turn out for sure, can’t be any worse than how Rhodes panned out.
  12. Indeed, I can totally understand how we can go from a National Lockdown into attended sports events.
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