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  1. Yes, that would be my pick too, the others are stunners, especially FF's effort, but the Reach goal is unique, I don't think I've seen that before. The height, dip and bamboozle of the keeper as it comes back off the bar... it's crazy!
  2. Losing a game doesn't instantly equate to 'losing your bottle'. You can maintain composure, play well and still lose in this game.
  3. Wtf is with us scoring so many amazing goals over the past few years??
  4. No, give the money to Hector instead... younger and better.
  5. Given the money at this level now and the fact he has age on his side, I reckon we can do better than that.
  6. You will though or just won't be going to any games or buying anything from the club ever again. Stop clogging up the queues while you're rummaging through your little change purse, I'll tap my contactless card and get on with my day while you're fuming over your right to have small metallic discs in your wallet. Seems like a pointless fight to me.
  7. No he doesn't, he's gone, he doesn't get to answer, he just gets to be brought up whenever a worst managers in our history discussion starts from now until the end of time. Now THAT is something he may be able to win.
  8. You realise this nonsense is ever bit as bad as their nonsense? Why are you needlessly picking a fight?
  9. I really hate Jos Luhukay. He is a bad football manager.
  10. I have memories of him very much deserving his nickname, 'The Wall'. Was gutted when he left.
  11. The 'he's not right' explanation did make me raise an eyebrow.
  12. Would have prefered Matias.
  13. I'm so flipping glad he's gone. Everytime I realise he's gone I get a little burst of elation and happiness.
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