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  1. Jamie_W

    Fletcher's Goal

    Yeah screw that guy that just helped us win a match, I hate that guy so much.
  2. Jamie_W

    Out of Contracts

    Westwood HAS to get an extra year. Just look at our defence since he came back, his organisational qualities have obviously made a huge difference. If anyone deserves to stay it's him. Controlling that defence, he's the foundation to build the team from.
  3. Jamie_W


    He’s said everyone will get a chance, hopefully that was Joeys.
  4. He’s never had a proper run, he’s almost an unknown quantity. I remain suspicious that he’s constantly ignored for non footballing reasons, there have been plenty of rumours about his attitude.
  5. Jamie_W

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    At some point you really do have to think there is a non-footballing reason for Winnall not getting a proper chance, either a personal issue or some sort of attitude problem behind the scenes, if there's a clean slate available for everyone but he gets offered out on loan then just not even picked there has to be something in it.
  6. Jamie_W


    He’s immense, almost too good for this league, if we can keep him we absolutely must.
  7. Jamie_W

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    BBC website seemingly really interested in this match, Bruce will get us more attention than we’ve had in a long time.
  8. Jamie_W

    Why aren't we selling?

    I agree, but with so little cash being spent in this window perhaps we are seeing a shift? People don’t want to risk permanent moves at the moment it seems, hopefully in the summer we can get rid of some. It also gives Bruce a chance to see everyone for himself.
  9. Always worth remembering we made them do that. Can you imagine that being done today?
  10. Has to be a reason why he hasn't been given a sniff yet again... he says the right things in the press but perhaps there is some truth to behind the scenes issues with him.
  11. As I said in another reply, the simple fact is that we had a better chance of stopping them scoring and nabbing a set-piece goal than we would have trying to outscore them in an open game.
  12. Not as stupid as thinking that we can somehow duke it out in an end-to end match and outscore Chelsea, we can barely score more than one in Championship games ffs.... Did you not see how good Willian is?
  13. West Ham are not Chelsea.
  14. I for one certainly expected FF on his first appearance back after injury to tear up one of the best teams in Europe. Some of the opinions on here are delusional to the extreme. We are quite literally not in the same league as Chelsea, the only likely way we'd have got something here is by doing what we did and try to nick a goal somewhere. We did the same against Newcastle in the league a few years ago? If we'd have gone at them we'd have got destroyed within the first half hour, they did not field a weak team.