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  1. Hapless Hutchinson? Who are you, Donald Trump? Jesus christ... you're trying to gaslight people into believing he hasn't been one of our better players since he came back by making up a childish nickname?
  2. Its not that he has to learn though, hasn’t anyone talked to him about what has and hasn’t worked in the past? We’ve done all this before, we don’t have time for him to learn. He needs to know and act. He’s been brought in too late though, we know this. We are down.
  3. True, but I’d say 3-5-2 has the least number of parts bent out of shape to fit after Monk set about building the squad for that formation. Except for the strikers of course, but Rhodes and Paterson wouldn’t exactly be fish out of water.
  4. Exactly my thought when I saw he'd come here. We could be passing Doncaster as they come up and we drop down, it's an enormous risk for his reputation.
  5. They all do at first Nah, happy for him to give Rhodes a run at this point...
  6. We lose games like that because of the players heads not their legs.
  7. He's done the right thing far, far too late though.
  8. Hopefully we don't play this formation as we don't have the players to do it. People were all over Pulis for doing that exact same thing. We don't have a left back, we don't have anyone who can play up front as a single striker. Didn't we have this same discussion about two months ago?
  9. Im going to hazard an educated guess and say - no, no and no.
  10. Manager in name only. If he was truly a manager and not a coach we’d surely have appointed Cook months ago.
  11. I also didn’t give credit to Hutch for the games we won with him on the pitch. Your selective quoting is incredible. I am not trying to have a go at JP in this statement, you’re jumping to defend him and I’m not even being critical. The style in which we have repeatedly been rolled over of late has been different to the past, it’s been a complete top to bottom team failure, not a single player position at fault. What’s so hard to grasp there?
  12. I do agree Hutch has looked better in defence but that stat isn’t really representative of the input these two players have. The recent form in particular where Joey hasn’t featured much has been a team capitulation, it’s not been down to any individual not functioning within their role. It wouldn’t have been fixed by moving some bodies around.
  13. When he’s played in defence he’s been one our most consistent, stand-out performers since he came back. It’s made it very hard for the manager to drop him, even for a rest. It’s a risk, but one he’s had to take.
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