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  1. Jamie_W


    We aren’t expecting to be winning cups, Jos. We expect our best squad to be picked and playing to the best of its ability. Your version of Wednesday is not achieving either of these things. We should thank you for giving some young players a chance, but in short, get out.
  2. Jamie_W

    Heard it’s Pardew

    I'd take it.
  3. Jamie_W

    Really Bruce ???

    Exactly, we are at a point similar to with Carlos - we just need something different to keep us from being relegated. Even if he’s only here a year, we need to put the breaks on this situation NOW.
  4. No, we cling to them for all we are worth so they will be available to a new manager.
  5. Jamie_W

    Is forrestieri injured?

    I don't think it makes a difference, team is fizzed, he won't change anything. We're at that place where something larger needs to change than the line-up to have any effect.
  6. Jamie_W

    Carlos Twitter

    100% agree. I would think it’s a very plausible, if unpleasant outcome.
  7. Jamie_W

    Carlos Twitter

    Remember his final months, we were just as bad as we are now. Carlos would give us a lift in the short term, but it’d go sour again quickly. His charm got us in trouble before, let’s not have it happen again.
  8. Jamie_W

    Nathan Jones

    The Colossus of Bogor Road!!!
  9. Jamie_W

    Paulo Fonseca

    I knew we were being optimistic with him in the frame but bloody hell... didn’t realise just how optimistic...
  10. Jamie_W

    Fans forum

    Guys, I think this chap met a chairman once. We’re all talking, but he’s actually done it, he only does it one on one, and he’s done it before.
  11. Jamie_W

    Fans forum

    This might be the end of all things.
  12. Jamie_W

    Poundshop Klopp?

    100% this. He'd get another Prem job easy.
  13. Jamie_W

    Hutchinson to QPR

    How do we know he’s rubbish? He hasn’t played?
  14. Jamie_W

    Where has it gone wrong?

    I think it's become clear that despite his introduction of some excellent youngsters, Jos should never have been hired in the first place. Someone who actually knows the league and what works here, please.
  15. De Bilde should be nowhere near any of these lists!