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  1. Giving jos time will see us relegated. He’s only given time to these young players because the others are injured, he’s fallen out with them or there not allowed to be play for financial reasons. To be honest the ones he’s given a chance too aren’t good enough anyway. I wouldn’t start any of the players you mention if I was manager, they would all be out on loan getting experience at a level there capable of playing at which currently isn’t the championship so in the the future there ‘best years’ might be with us if they improve.
  2. swfcjam

    Who Is to Blame?

    Dosent really work this poll. Because I blame Chansiri for bringing in Jos, Jos for picking the wrong team and his poo tactics week in week out, Carlos for signing said players and Doyen for forcing said players on us and then back to chansiri for allowing said players to be signed in the first place! The only people not to blame are us.
  3. swfcjam

    Alan Nixon

    Just says in the sun that we have met with Bruce already but haven’t yet decided to sack throw. Says reading are also interested in Bruce so we might want to be quick if we want him.
  4. I genuinely think he wants out as much as we want him out but he isn’t going to leave for nothing so wants paying off. He’s realised this job is too big for him and is way out of his depth.
  5. swfcjam

    Players at Preston Station!

    Heading to london to meet the rest of the players who didn’t play today for a Christmas do? Hooper, baker, Nielsen and Kirby all in London according to Instagram.
  6. swfcjam

    Fighting at blackburn

    Not to be pedantic but CP has goggles, stone island has a badge.
  7. What should we do as fans to force his removal? We can’t sit back and sleep walk into a relegation fight because that is where we’re heading with this clown in charge.
  8. We sold out what we were given and could of sold more. Comparing a Tuesday and a Friday is a lot different aswell. I’m sure we would sell out both tiers for a Friday night game in the capital.
  9. swfcjam

    Sheffield, city of students

    Dosent matter we hardly ever play at 3pm at home anymore!
  10. swfcjam


    Why would it go away? Because you said ‘westwood will NEVER EVER EVER play for this football club again’ ? People want to know why this would happen to one of the best, if not the best goalkeepers in the league!
  11. swfcjam


    They did 100% try to move him on.
  12. swfcjam


    Do you not think as fans we deserve to know why our best goalkeeper isn’t playing?
  13. swfcjam


    If the club or jos told us the truth about why Westwood is being left out and not lie to us, then people will understand why the decison has been made and can make a rational decision. Til then this will continue as he is our best goalkeeper and fans don’t understand why he is being left out. Simple really.
  14. swfcjam

    Down time.

    I’d be interested to know if this was a guaranteed break regardless of results. Happy for the lads to have a break after 3 straight league wins but had we lost those 3 games many fans would be unhappy to see the players jetting off around the world when they should be working on getting it right on the training ground. If they keep wining they can have as much time off and go where they like!
  15. swfcjam

    Another pathetic manager

    Pathetic is both actually