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  1. swfcjam

    Abdi & Jones

    If only we had got rid of Carlos after the hull defeat. What might of been.
  2. Cant find anything on twitter linking kone to us. He would be well out of our current budget anyway.
  3. swfcjam

    Possible player exit?

    Sell hunt and sign Sam byram on loan and buy venancio with the money?
  4. swfcjam

    Possible player exit?

    Jack hunt to Bristol city
  5. swfcjam

    Friendly today

    Won 3-0
  6. Philip Heise 27 year old German left back, plays for Dynamo Dresden in bundesliga 2. Linked with wolves last summer.
  7. swfcjam

    Acne Bard

    Against Ajax
  8. Left wing back number 1 priority if we're going to play this system.
  9. swfcjam

    FFP (again, apologies)

    Changed his tuna from last year
  10. swfcjam

    FFP (again, apologies)

    Maybe this story has been put out there to try and stop clubs asking us to pay ridiculously high fees for players because they think we've got loads of money. A bit of mind games from Mr Chansiri, I hope anyway!
  11. I'd only just composed my self from falling Half way down the stand celebrating the first goal when we equalised! wonderful scenes! I can't imagine what would of happend had jones scored!
  12. swfcjam

    Tickets selling fast

    I've just been down to the ticket office to get 1 more ticket in the north and all thats left are afew single seats dotted around. The ticket i got is in the end block t1 right at the front so there is no netting on the north stand for segregation! Glad to see the n/w corner and them being in the upper tier while suffice for this game!
  13. swfcjam

    Stevie May

    No poo poo Sherlock!
  14. swfcjam

    Ayo Obileye