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  1. Sensitive fella is Mr Chansiri! Stranger things have happend at our club. Won’t be as simple as a clerical error that’s for certain
  2. Chansiri making a point to the efl maybe? Other clubs owners have done a lot worse then try to financially support there club and not been charged with misconduct. Or maybe even making a point to the fans who criticised him recently. Without his money were in serious trouble.
  3. Was always going to happen after Ryan Needs joined at the start of the month. Wouldn’t even be surprised if Pep Clotet joins aswell at some point depending on his position at Birmingham.
  4. Don’t know much about buying websites but a quick search and www.RedBullSheffieldWednesday.co.uk would cost £9.99 to buy and £11.99 annual renewal. Worth buying?
  5. He could have. Quite afew people have seen him now.
  6. No it’s all done. He is at Hillsborough now.
  7. His stock is high due to his actions over Bruce and our back against the wall mentality because of it. How long can it last and can he use it to our advantage?
  8. Chansiri is in LA and paxaio was at Hillsborough today. Make of that what you will. ( I have no clue what that means!)
  9. It is because the reason he wasn’t used for the overlap is because his team mates don’t trust him to deliver a good ball into the box.
  10. We’ve learned it makes them both uneffective. Harris and forestieri on for both if staying in this formation.
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