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  1. Strange as tickets only went on sale to them on Wednesday lunchtime and are still available now.
  2. On the team sheet it says number 4 is a trialist and not named as Ben Hughes. Dosent mean the trialist isn’t Ben Hughes tho
  3. Bradley Foster derby u23’s keeper released at end of last season at a guess
  4. If you said £75 per person for the Dooley restaurant they would laugh at you. They quoted me £170 +vat per person for the Doncaster game. They said all prices are decided on a game by game basis as I wasn’t specifically enquiring for the Doncaster game. Not sure why they don’t just have a set price for each category of match and have the whole season available to purchase now. Would make a lot more sense to me but who knows why they do it this way.
  5. 7 subs have been named tonight for both Celtic and Hearts
  6. Palmer actually is sick but that doesn't mean he isn’t going anywhere. Borner is off back to Germany that’s done. Don’t know about Paterson
  7. Is there any information anywhere on what is actually included for that price?
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