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  1. No one would take a keeper they want as there number one on loan for a season or even 6 months like you say and accept a 24 hour recall clause. What would they do if we recalled him?
  2. We are just being used by the lad’s agent to get Celtic to raise the amount they are willing to pay in wages. Won’t be coming here unfortunately.
  3. I agree but if it was us i have a feeling Mr Chansiri would still be trying to get someone to pay us to do the work and it wouldn’t have even started yet!
  4. I feel shame for knowing the above
  5. There having them new floodlights fitted that are required for all premier league teams and a new media suite built inside the ground aswell.
  6. A fit odubajo is a HUGE improvement on Palmer. Heard odubajo has already signed so think Palmer is being signed as useful cover for both full back positions.
  7. Nixon says Westwood and Palmer close to signing there new deals and Lee is probably going to sign a new short term deal. So nothing we didn’t know really
  8. Bruce won’t want Adomah and Adomah wouldn’t play for Bruce either. Fell out over him not being offered a new contract at villa. He mimicked Bruce when he scored at h’boro this season.
  9. He would do well to walk to Elland road he is in Argentina!
  10. Did I say all games between fans with trouble makers? I have no knowledge of any other fixtures or when they may or may not be played. This specific fixture we are discussing I know for a fact over the past 2 season has been played midweek at the request of the police. I was told this by a police officer. Many other fans who regularly attend away games will no said police officer. I/he has no reason to make this up.
  11. Absolute rubbish. Us vs Millwall is a game both syp and the met police ask to be played on a midweek to stop trouble between the two sets of fans after disorder in recent years. Source.. Sheffield Wednesday football intelligence officer for syp
  12. How on earth has it got to now and nobody has ever mentioned us having an option on his contract? Should of been a no brainier to activate that if it was something we could do.
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