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  1. swfcjam

    Down time.

    I’d be interested to know if this was a guaranteed break regardless of results. Happy for the lads to have a break after 3 straight league wins but had we lost those 3 games many fans would be unhappy to see the players jetting off around the world when they should be working on getting it right on the training ground. If they keep wining they can have as much time off and go where they like!
  2. swfcjam

    Another pathetic manager

    Pathetic is both actually
  3. swfcjam

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    If Westwood plays one more game it triggers a new contract for him. This new contract would then take us over what our ffp guidelines say we can spend or breaches part of the embargo that says we can’t offer new contracts to players. (Just made this up now but sounds like could be true!)
  4. Attendance won’t ever drop below 20,000 as we have at least that many season ticket holders and they are counted regardless of if you turn up or not. Poor away following and high prices I’m going for 23,898 but hopefully I’m wrong and there is more. We need to get behind the team!
  5. swfcjam

    iFollow report as requested Watson.

    If watching a ‘live’ stream or a match via an app on sky online always rewind your TV 3/4 minutes so there is no delay if you have sky sports news on. And don’t check owlstalk or any social media either!!
  6. swfcjam


    We turned down 1.5m from Cardiff so I expect him to go for 2m+
  7. Westwood has gone. Will all be done by next week. Shame as he is miles better then both Wildsmith and dawson.
  8. swfcjam

    van Aken

    Awful today. Would rather start thorniley. How he was the best defender we could find out of 200 we looked at I’ll bever know!
  9. Worst kept secret in football. Not saying anything we don’t already no. Radio Sheffield have chose to tweet that at a certain time to stoke the fire. Will be made worse when Westwood isn’t in the 18 come kick off.
  10. Want it to be Westwood and Hutchinson. Expect it to be Wildsmith and Lees.
  11. Also they have a new ground that needs paying for!
  12. That big a prospect they let him leave on a free. Didn’t help Oldham much either as they were relegated to league 2.
  13. Back him unconditionally until proved either way. For once Wednesday need to back there man and not throw him under the bus.
  14. swfcjam

    Boycott Membership

    I’d guess that people are all already boycotting the membership. No body with a season ticket will buy one and the people who attend afew games a season will now just pay the exta money on the gate rather then buy membership or maybe not come at all. The latter i expect and attendances will be down this season. I’m not sure what anyone benefits from spending £90 on being a member this season.