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  1. How on earth has it got to now and nobody has ever mentioned us having an option on his contract? Should of been a no brainier to activate that if it was something we could do.
  2. Think I’d rather have 3 more points and be in top 6 but each to there own.
  3. Van aken is off back to Holland so we need another center half. That’s without the fact we may struggle to resign Hector.
  4. Swansea is £33 on kop for non members. Thats the same price as reading this Saturday. I think they should of lowered the prices for these games and the rearranged Brentford games aswell as we seem to have turned a corner on and off the pitch and larger crowds tend to help us. Building on the feel good factor can only help attracting fans in the long run aswell
  5. In his interview on the official site he claims to have been played out of position previously at right back and sees himself more off a centre half. If that’s the case we’re still short of a right back!
  6. He’s just turned down a move to Southampton and signed a new contract so he clearly thinks he can sign for a bigger club if he keeps improving. He may already be out of our reach.
  7. Thank god. We don’t have any defenders who are capable of playing out from the back. Shouldn’t of taken this long for someone to notice and change it.
  8. They could make 11 changes and play this line up Caballero Moses Cahill Christensen Zappacosta Barkley Drinkwater Loftus cheek Hudson odoi Morata Giroud Whatever team they select we’re gona have to be right at it from the start and hope for abit of luck along the way!
  9. Will sell out from 2pm today. Was only 300 tickets left at 9am this morning.
  10. If hector had made those mistakes and been as careless in possession against a good championship team we would of lost that game. I’d rather he gets them out of the way against Luton and dosent do them next week at Hull.
  11. Yes you have to have an account and either money in it or an open bet.
  12. Showing as live on paddy power aswell
  13. Having 3 teams interested should hopefully drive the price up as they try to outbid each other to secure his services. This deal could hold the key to solving our ffp problems. Would we miss reach? Yes. But Is he replaceable? Yes. We need to start running our club like many other successful ones have done in the past. Selling players while there stock is high and replace them while making a profit.
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