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  1. 7 subs have been named tonight for both Celtic and Hearts
  2. Palmer actually is sick but that doesn't mean he isn’t going anywhere. Borner is off back to Germany that’s done. Don’t know about Paterson
  3. Is there any information anywhere on what is actually included for that price?
  4. Season ticket sales announcement next week. Source - club shop employee
  5. What I can’t understand is if we are that short of cash flow to pay players why not get season tickets, new shirts, corporate and sponsorship packages, Danny Wilson Toby jugs etc all on sale and available ASAP to bring money in? Also encourage us to spend with competitive pricing. If the owner came out and told us how bad it is and that he actually needs our money to help (going back on what he has said previously about fans money!) then fans would get on board and support the club.
  6. was a payday loan company in 2013 under mandaric we turned. We’ve been sponsored by a betting company on our shirts since Mr Chansiri arrived.
  7. David kemp left Middlesbrough to retire to California in July 2018 and Jonathan Gould left Preston at the start of this season to move to New Zealand so think you may have seen some outdated information mate.
  8. Even without the points deduction we would still be 4th from bottom. How Chansiri thinks that’s acceptable and then talks of the playoffs I have no idea. If Monk isn’t relieved of his job soon I think we are in real trouble
  9. Seem to remember mandaric taking a loan out but assumed that was repaid when Chansiri took over. Obviously not
  10. He actually says it’s not bad news but not good news either. So it’s just news then?
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