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  1. Not going to argue about boardroom matters, just pointing out that when someone constantly gets negative comments they often evaluate if it's bloody worth it. Especially when your missus isn't keen or it and your not getting paid for it. Not sure what are next option would be are you?
  2. Grow up, try getting fu*ked mate. He gets moaned at for not bringing in the investment, he gets moaned at for a family holiday to Malta, he gets moaned at for reducing season ticket prices Get a fu8king grip
  3. A bet LS wishing he'd not bothered getting involved now.
  4. Think it will come down to new siginings for a lot of people, Adebola type signing's won't be enough.
  5. I'm in the north with a young un under 8 but too young for a season ticket. I'll save £45 but expected around £75 off this season. I think it will take a great deal of PR and a couple of really exciting siginings for the missing thousands to come back. Do feel for the South holders but I had to move in the early 90's when the zonal prices stopped.
  6. not 28,000 though is it (sorry turned in to Tonto to 2 secs)
  7. Flippin missed it!!! They're playing really well now, should go on and win
  8. I thought it may have been one of those modern director's who likes extra long slow mo's
  9. Which is just about every away match! Ps Weather update, pi$$ing it down in West Yorskshire
  10. in fairness it is their TV channel Can you imagine if we did the same and had JP doing the commentry
  11. Great conditions !!!! It's sunny in West Yorkshire
  12. Old match worn shirts from important matches, first match?, 35 cup final, 91, 93 etc etc
  13. I thought it was alot better yesterday aswell. Thanks to the chaps for putting cones down and across the line of traffic so no-one could park down the middle. Cheers
  14. More retro clothing including track suit tops from special times in the clubs history or the 70s. More use of the clubs old crests to t-shirts. I think we had a t-shirt several years ago which had each of the crests on one shirt.
  15. I always use the car park and I'm always there early (couple of quick ones in the Crown) the problem is that it only takes 1 car to park down the middle for the rest to follow suit. Maybe when people pay advise them not to park down the middle or lay a few traffic cones at the bottom to split the lines. Big praise for the guys doing it though.
  16. How about Tonto singing always look on the brightside of life
  17. Fair enough, I'm also a member but just thought it could help increase the numbers espeically if linked to the season tickets.
  18. It just may help get the increase in numbers that both parties want.
  19. Having never really being involved in the politics side of things or the rights or wrongs of the past, one of the things that seems to always be brought up by detractors is that the Owls Trust were linked to Bates etc, Wednesdayite are/were linked to Dave Allen Black ballons etc. I'm sure it's already been suggested but is it time for another name change to be linked with Lee Stafford? How about "The Forward Together Owls"
  20. Just a thought, could the club and Wednesdayite join together on season ticket forms and have a box included on the form if the season ticket holder would like to join the organisation?
  21. Thanks, fitted in last night, looks good in the car park inbetween all of the Leeds stickers.
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