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  1. I always use the car park and I'm always there early (couple of quick ones in the Crown) the problem is that it only takes 1 car to park down the middle for the rest to follow suit. Maybe when people pay advise them not to park down the middle or lay a few traffic cones at the bottom to split the lines. Big praise for the guys doing it though.
  2. How about Tonto singing always look on the brightside of life
  3. Fair enough, I'm also a member but just thought it could help increase the numbers espeically if linked to the season tickets.
  4. It just may help get the increase in numbers that both parties want.
  5. Having never really being involved in the politics side of things or the rights or wrongs of the past, one of the things that seems to always be brought up by detractors is that the Owls Trust were linked to Bates etc, Wednesdayite are/were linked to Dave Allen Black ballons etc. I'm sure it's already been suggested but is it time for another name change to be linked with Lee Stafford? How about "The Forward Together Owls"
  6. Just a thought, could the club and Wednesdayite join together on season ticket forms and have a box included on the form if the season ticket holder would like to join the organisation?
  7. Thanks, fitted in last night, looks good in the car park inbetween all of the Leeds stickers.
  8. Thanks for the info I'll give them a try.
  9. Living near Dirty Leeds ™ I've noticed how many cars have those big white car stickers of the their club badge in the rear windows. They are around 12 inch long and wide. I've seen similar Blades ones, do we have any?
  10. Same for me in the the north stand, around 4 seats are kept for "corporate" guests which never get used. Stops me bringing the wife and little un sometimes. On seconds thoughts it's probably a good idea
  11. We've only got 1 retro tracksuit top in the club shop. Why not bring out of full range of new style retro gear including the white top from the arsenal match from 79. Butka home shirt from the 70's, grey and purple away top from the 80's, Cup final tracksuit from 66 etc etc If we can only use one brand due to contracts ie all new ranges may currently have to be Lotto then why not add it to any new contracts going forward Just a thought.
  12. Have a great day, I hope collective we never let the club slip away from us again.
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