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  1. Kelham Island or Castle Market 45,000 Styled similar to the current with a Kop Call it Owlerton
  2. Some great stories. Mine is similar to many others as another Donny Owl. My Dad took me to lots of grounds and matches in the late 70s funnily enough except for Bramhall lane. My first visit to Hillsborough which i remember to this day as a 7 years old is the Arsenal cup match in 79. I blame being a Wednesdayite on chuffing snow balls.
  3. Real shame I always thought he asked the difficult questions and understood the fanbase better than all the others
  4. Im flying back from Rhodes for this match, unfortunately im likely to miss kick off by 3 days
  5. I had the misfortune to be near the back on a gang way and the amount of pills being dished out would have put boots to shame. That said not as annoying as a certain ex shareholders chairman slagging off every player going especially Dawson and Bannon
  6. Heard the first order will be hand delivered by DTaxis
  7. So the people who park on the pavement outside the Wednesdayite carpark and the ones parked up towards the railway bridge, are they legal or not?
  8. Cant wait for the positive spin on this one. Club well and truely shafted by them.
  9. Isn't part of being a club that they are all together from kids to senior players, learning and developing as one
  10. He doesn't always have the best of games but he always makes us tick. Keep him fit and he wont be far off next season
  11. If fit, big if, 3 center halfs in Fred Tom and Sam would be some line up
  12. Didn't they reduce our allocation last time due to fans not sitting down. Pretty sure that end holds 4,000 away fans unless we have been moved again
  13. Barry Bannan has just called all this cant play rubbish as errr rubbish
  14. The ref pointed to his watch to indicate it didn't go in. Either that or checking his apple watch that the money had gone in to his account
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